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Michelle Ortiz

Human Female

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Ensign Ortiz


Science Ensign
USS Columbia


Michelle Marie Rodriguez-Ortiz



Michelle Ortiz is a native of Southern California with a doctorate in paleoanthropolegy, and environmental geology. She is a recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship.


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Michelle Marie Rodriguez-Ortiz (b. September 2, 2363) is a commissioned officer with Starfleet with a specialty in science.  She holds doctorates in Paleoanthropolegy,  and Environmental Geology through the Oxford University’s, Department of Bioarchaeology, and an additional bachelor’s in Linguistics from Starfleet Academy.

She was born and raised in the Los Angeles area and has two younger sisters (Jennifer and Vivian) and one younger brother, Jose Jr. Her parents Maria and Jose Sr. now live in Upland.

Early Life and Upbringing

Los Angeles, California

Michelle Marie Rodriguez-Ortiz’s early life in the Los Angeles area played a crucial role in shaping her aspirations and character. Born on September 2, 2363, she was the oldest child of Maria and Jose Sr. Rodriguez-Ortiz, a family with a unique connection to the world of space exploration due to her father’s service in Starfleet.

Growing up in the vibrant and diverse city of Los Angeles, Michelle was exposed to a melting pot of cultures and ideas. Her parents provided a nurturing environment that encouraged curiosity and intellectual growth. Maria, a homemaker, and Jose Sr., a Starfleet tactical officer aboard the USS Hood, instilled in Michelle a sense of adventure and an appreciation for the unknown.

Her childhood home was in the Beverly Glen neighborhood of West Los Angeles, where she spent her formative years surrounded by the bustling urban environment juxtaposed with the natural beauty of the region. The juxtaposition of city life and the nearby Pacific coastline influenced her perspective and nurtured her love for both exploration and the mysteries of the natural world.

Attending University High School, Michelle’s early exposure to various fields of study laid the foundation for her later academic pursuits. It was during a middle school trip to the ancient ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum that she first felt the awe and wonder of archaeology. These experiences, combined with her father’s stories of spacefaring adventures, fueled her desire to contribute to the realm of scientific discovery.

Michelle’s family was a close-knit unit, consisting of her two younger sisters, Jennifer and Vivian, and her younger brother, Jose Jr. Her relationships with her siblings were marked by a mix of sibling rivalry and deep affection, which further nurtured her sense of responsibility and leadership as the oldest.

One of the pivotal moments in Michelle’s young life came during her junior year of high school. An archaeology internship opportunity in Montana allowed her to participate in a significant scientific endeavor: the excavation of an articulated stegosaurus fossil. This hands-on experience solidified her fascination with the past and the intricate puzzle of piecing together history from fragments of evidence.

All these experiences, combined with her diverse cultural exposure in Los Angeles, contributed to Michelle’s well-rounded personality, her open-mindedness, and her commitment to scientific exploration. As she grew older, her connection to her roots and her family’s history pushed her to excel in her studies and ultimately pursue higher education at prestigious institutions like Oxford University and Starfleet Academy. Despite the challenges and setbacks she faced during her Starfleet career, her early upbringing in the bustling and diverse city of Los Angeles remained a guiding force in her pursuit of knowledge, adventure, and understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Oxford University

Oxford University

Stepping onto the historic campus, she embarked on an educational journey that would mold her into the accomplished and multidisciplinary scientist she aspired to be.

Immersed in the world of anthropology, Michelle eagerly embraced her undergraduate studies. Her passion for understanding human culture and evolution flourished within the university’s rigorous academic environment. Engaging in thought-provoking discussions and attending enlightening lectures, she nurtured her hunger for knowledge.

Her academic curiosity led her to a unique path—pursuing dual doctoral studies in both geology and anthropology within Oxford’s renowned Department of Bioarchaeology. This decision demonstrated her commitment to a holistic understanding of human history and the geological forces that shaped it.

Interacting with distinguished scholars and fellow students from diverse backgrounds, Michelle thrived in a vibrant community that encouraged interdisciplinary discussions. These exchanges challenged her to think expansively and approach problems from multiple angles, a skill that would serve her well in her future career.

Beyond academics, her time at Oxford enriched her on a personal and cultural level. Interactions with individuals from various corners of the world deepened her appreciation for diverse perspectives. Fluent in several languages including English, Spanish, Klingon, and Vulcan, Michelle’s linguistic abilities became not just tools but bridges for understanding and diplomacy.

Friendships forged during late-night study sessions and collaborative research projects would prove enduring and influential. These connections showcased the power of shared passions and the importance of camaraderie in intellectual pursuits.

Africa Dig

Michelle in Kenya

Freshly graduated from Oxford University, Michelle’s thirst for knowledge and adventure led her to an archaeological expedition that would forever shape her career and contributions to the field. Kenya’s ancient landscapes beckoned, and Michelle eagerly answered the call, joining an expedition that promised to unveil the secrets of our distant past.

The Africa Dig, as it came to be known, was no ordinary undertaking. Situated in a remote region of Kenya, the expedition aimed to explore an ancient floodplain that held the potential to reveal insights into the lives of our distant ancestors. This region was suspected to have once been a thriving ecosystem, where early hominins, including the famous Australopithecus afarensis, walked the land millions of years ago.

The dig site was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The sprawling plains stretched out before Michelle like a canvas of time, with layers of earth preserving the stories of millions of years. Working alongside a team of dedicated and diverse experts, Michelle immersed herself in the painstaking process of unearthing fragments of our shared history. Armed with her knowledge of anthropology, geology, and linguistics, she brought a unique perspective to the excavation.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as the team meticulously uncovered fossils that had been hidden beneath the soil for millennia. Michelle’s dedication and interdisciplinary expertise were instrumental in piecing together the puzzle of ancient life. Her ability to interpret the geological context in which these fossils were found provided crucial insights into the environments our distant ancestors inhabited.

But the Africa Dig was more than just scientific discovery; it was a journey of personal growth and resilience. The challenging conditions of remote fieldwork tested Michelle’s physical endurance and mental fortitude. Yet, her spirit remained unbroken, fueled by the same sense of adventure and curiosity that had been nurtured in her childhood home in Los Angeles.

As the expedition progressed, Michelle’s linguistic skills proved invaluable in building connections with the local communities. Her ability to communicate with the people whose ancestral lands held these secrets fostered mutual understanding and respect. This intercultural exchange not only enriched the scientific endeavor but also highlighted the importance of preserving both the past and the present.

The discoveries made during the Africa Dig were groundbreaking. The team unearthed multiple examples of complete Australopithecus afarensis fossils, shedding light on the physical characteristics and behaviors of these early hominins. Michelle’s contributions to the project were recognized far and wide, solidifying her reputation as a multidisciplinary scientist who bridged the gaps between geology, anthropology, linguistics, and cultural understanding.

Starfleet Academy

Michelle Marie Rodriguez-Ortiz’s tenure at Starfleet Academy emerged as a transformative chapter, propelling her from the corridors of academia into the vastness of space exploration. This pivotal period witnessed her transition from a scholar to a future leader within the ranks of Starfleet.

Amid the Academy’s rigorous training regimen, Michelle’s academic prowess shone brightly. Her diverse background, honed through years at Oxford University, set her apart as a unique and adaptable cadet. Her studies encompassing anthropology, geology, and linguistic fluency granted her a multifaceted perspective, equipping her to confront an array of challenges.

Demonstrating not just academic excellence, Michelle exhibited adept leadership and a collaborative spirit. Engaging in group exercises, simulations, and field scenarios, she showcased an ability to harness her strengths alongside her peers. Her past experiences in varying academic environments translated seamlessly to her interactions with her fellow cadets.

Starfleet Academy’s diverse, interstellar cohort offered Michelle a rich tapestry of interactions. Engaging with cadets hailing from diverse planets and backgrounds, she absorbed a spectrum of perspectives that broadened her worldview beyond Earth’s confines. Her linguistic prowess, cultivated through years of dedicated study, facilitated not only communication but also the fostering of diplomatic connections among her peers.

Yet, Michelle’s Academy journey was not bereft of challenges. Navigating the demanding cadet life, encompassing intense training and coursework, posed obstacles. Nevertheless, her tenacity, cultivated from her earlier experiences in archaeology and academia, propelled her past hindrances, strengthening her resolve.

Underpinning Michelle’s Academy experience was a profound connection to her aspirations. Her resilience in the face of trials reinforced her dedication to exploration and discovery, echoing her initial fascination with uncovering the universe’s enigmas.

USS Indomitable

Akira-class USS Indomitable

Michelle’s assignment on the USS Indomitable marked an opportunity —to traverse the unexplored expanses of space and delve into the intricacies of the universe.

As a commissioned officer, Michelle’s multidisciplinary expertise became a cornerstone of the USS Indomitable’s scientific endeavors. Her background in anthropology and geology lent itself seamlessly to the ship’s research missions, where she deciphered the geological narratives of distant planets, unearthing their histories etched in stone and soil.

Her linguistic prowess proved more than a tool; it was a bridge between disparate cultures. Michelle’s capacity to communicate across languages facilitated diplomatic exchanges, forging interstellar alliances and ensuring peaceful interactions across species.

In the mosaic of the USS Indomitable’s diverse crew, Michelle played an integral role. Her experiences at Starfleet Academy provided her with an adeptness at fostering unity among individuals from different worlds and backgrounds. Her presence was an embodiment of collaboration, ensuring that the crew’s varied perspectives harmonized toward common objectives.

The voyage was not devoid of challenges—navigating uncharted territories, deciphering anomalies, and nurturing diplomatic negotiations demanded unwavering adaptability. Michelle’s resilience, a product of her academic and Starfleet journey, transformed these challenges into milestones of achievement.

Amidst the stars, Michelle’s tenure on the USS Indomitable crystallized her identity as a scientist, diplomat, and explorer. Her journey encapsulated the quintessential Starfleet ethos—venturing into the unknown, embracing diversity, and etching her name among those who charted the course for humanity and its allies through the boundless cosmic frontier.

USS Don S. Davis

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In the confines of the USS Don S. Davis, Michelle’s journey took a turn marked by disillusionment and stagnation. Initially stepping onto the ship with aspirations akin to previous assignments, she found herself confronted with a lack of opportunities that aligned with her expertise. The missions at hand seemed routine, far removed from the exploratory spirit she had embraced at the onset of her Starfleet career.

As a commissioned officer aboard the USS Don S. Davis, Michelle’s multidisciplinary expertise, found little resonance within the ship’s current scope. The repetitive nature of the tasks at hand, often centered around escort missions and trade disputes, starkly contrasted the vision of exploration and scientific discovery she had embraced throughout her academic and early Starfleet years.

A sense of disillusionment began to pervade Michelle’s experience. The promise of uncharted territories, new life forms, and the mysteries of the cosmos had seemingly dimmed. Frustration intertwined with her passion as she grappled with a stark reality—a stark contrast to the vibrant canvas of possibilities she had initially imagined.

Michelle’s disillusionment manifested in her growing disconnection from her work. The enthusiasm that had once driven her was replaced by a deep-seated dissatisfaction, leaving her questioning her place within Starfleet. The once-luminous beacon of her aspirations dimmed as she contemplated the prospect of resignation—walking away from a path that had once inspired her.

Amidst the stars, aboard the USS Don S. Davis, Michelle’s journey took an unexpected course. The ship, once an embodiment of opportunity, had become a canvas of frustration. As she grappled with her disillusionment and considered the possibility of resignation, she stood at a crossroads—weighing her dedication to her lifelong dreams against the stark reality of her experiences within Starfleet.

USS Altai

Mechanical spiders that were encountered by the USS Altai

The USS Altai provided Michelle with a fresh canvas upon which to paint her contributions to the realms of exploration and discovery. Deciding to give Starfleet one last chance she transferred to the Steamrunner-class USS Altai. The vessel’s mission profile promised a departure from the routine assignments that had sown seeds of disillusionment during her prior assignment. With renewed hope and a steadfast determination, Michelle embraced her role on the ship.

However, the voyage was not devoid of unexpected trials. A pivotal moment in her tenure aboard the USS Altai was the encounter with mechanical spiders—an event that would challenge her scientific acumen, resourcefulness, and capacity for teamwork.

As the ship delved deeper into uncharted regions, it stumbled upon a peculiar phenomenon—an array of mechanical spiders that defied conventional understanding. These intricate machines appeared to possess an intelligence of their own, evoking trepidation among the crew.

Michelle’s multidisciplinary expertise and history of tackling the unknown equipped her to take a leading role in understanding these enigmatic entities. Her background in anthropology and geology, bolstered by linguistic abilities acquired through her academic journey, became invaluable assets as the crew sought to decipher the origin, purpose, and potential threat posed by the mechanical spiders.

The investigation was punctuated by moments of tension and awe as the crew navigated the challenges posed by these mechanical beings. Michelle’s capacity to navigate complex scientific quandaries and cultural intricacies emerged as an essential element in decoding the motivations behind the spiders’ actions.

In time, the crew unraveled the truth—a web of interconnected purposes driving the mechanical spiders’ behavior. The encounter served as a testament to Michelle’s ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges, employing her multidisciplinary skill set to confront the mysteries of the cosmos head-on.

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Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2389 Cadet - Freshman Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2389 - 2390 Cadet - Sophomore Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2390 - 2391 Cadet - Junior Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2391 - 2392 Cadet - Senior Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2392 - 2397 Science Officer USS Indomitable
2397 - 2399 Science Officer USS Don S. Davis
2399 - 2401 Science Officer USS Altai
2401 - Present Science Officer USS Columbia