Part of Endeavour: The Risan Beachhead


Endeavour NX-06
Friday 8th April 2157
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Taking the phase pistol out of the weapon’s locker and attaching it to the left of his hip, Captain Campbell had considered taking another one to his right side but just felt that was perhaps overkill. That said, their last ordeal with an alien race had almost killed him, so the pondering of taking more arms was not a daft thing for him to consider. Ignoring the idea, Campbell closed the locker after pulling out the tricorder and communicator he would need. Unzipping his pockets in his arms then the ones in his trousers, he put both devices away. Turning around he saw the others doing the same. He wondered what was going through their minds at this point.

For Leonov, it was unclear. She was not an expressive woman at the best of times, and right now she was pulling and equipping her gear without much indication of either discomfort or confidence. At most, it was plain she wasn’t about to strap more weapons to herself, but the snug fit of the phase pistol in her holster was double-checked, the scanner and communicator secured to not come loose, and she made ready without comment.

Antione was not sure what was happening. He had always looked like the person no one could relate to, but he was more relatable than people thought. His eyepatch intimidated people and he wasn’t sure why. He wasn’t a pirate from the past, regardless he strapped his gear on and wondered just what might happen during this mission. He double checked making sure he had all his gear, once he was satisfied he snapped back to the reality around him.

Scott stood there for a minute or two, staring at the phase pistols. Knowing what little he did about the Risans, it was almost unfathomable that they would need to bring weapons aboard a ship with a species devoted to the art of pleasure. However, it was protocol to equip sidearms on missions into unfamiliar territory. If the Risan ship was attacked by Romulans, and after what they suffered through with the Orions, it would certainly help put his mind at ease having it close by.

“Are you guys ready?” Campbell asked after a moment.

“Of course, Captain,” was Leonov’s simple response.

“Yes, Captain,” came the calm response from Ricci

Snapped back to reality with the captain’s query, Scott quickly stuffed a phase pistol into the holster attached to his thigh, and pocketed a communicator, giving an affirmative nod to Campbell.

Before they could leave the confines of the locker room, the door swished open with Major Caidin entering with her detachment deputy one step behind.

Campbell didn’t have a moment to say hello to the major as his husband instantly gave him a death glare and pulled him by his arm to go further into the locker room away from the others.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Trommler questioned.

Surprised at his husband’s demeanour, especially in front of others, Campbell pulled Trommler’s grip off from his. “I beg your pardon Fynn? Do you want to try that again?”

“No, I don’t.” Trommler replied bluntly. “You’re about to board an alien vessel and you’re still recovering from the injuries that the Orions gave you.” He then pointed at the mild bruising around Campbell’s eye and below his lip. “So, I’ll ask again, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“My job.” Campbell said, almost growling.

“And I’m doing mine as your husband.” Trommler said, still in a stern tone. “Let Katya lead the team while you monitor from the bridge.”

Shaking his head and keeping his voice low, Campbell declined the suggestion. “The answer is ‘no’.” He was truly annoyed now with Trommler with his entire attitude. “Now don’t make me pull rank on you.”

Sighing heavily, Trommler shook his head. “You’re unbelievable sometimes Olly.” He whispered before exiting the room.

Turning to look at everyone else, Campbell gestured for them to depart through the use of his hands.

“Threatening to pull rank on a MACO, Captain? What am I, chopped liver?” Major Saorise Caidin commented as she turned around from the equipment locker, strapping a hard-cased backpack around her camo-covered torso.

She winced slightly as the added weight on her shoulders caused her neck a mild cramp. “…though given that I just left Doctor Wishmore’s tender ministrations myself, the El-Tee might have a point…” The Major continued, her voice falling back into it’s almost Vulcan-like coldly calculating calm, “…between yourself and both Commanders Leonov and Mitchell, this away team might be a little heavy on the command officers for this vessel, especially for an away team heading into an hazardous scenario filled with too many unknowns and too little advanced recon…Logic would dictate that at least the principal commanding officer remain on board in such a scenario, to better react and issue orders should the wider situation alter…and to avoid the loss of a higher valued Starfleet asset should the worse occur.”

Leonov’s gaze on Trommler had been cool enough, and now it swept to Caidin. “I think the commander of this starship to which we’re all assigned can pull rank as he pleases, Major. On you, as well. And let’s not couch our analysis in ‘logic’ as if debating the captain is a matter of objectivity.” She looked at Campbell. “If you want me to take point on the mission so you can monitor the bigger situation from the bridge, Captain, of course I’ll do this. If you want to personally handle Starfleet reaching out when there are a lot of political unknowns, that’s your prerogative, and your protection’s our responsibility.”

Caidin raised an eyebrow at Leonov’s critical response, but otherwise shrugged it off and began running the standard checks on her pulse rifle. Campbell’s protection was technically Mitchell and her responsibility as the security and combat specialists, not the science officer’s…and the most effective protection against a potentially hazardous situation, was to simply avoid it in the first place. The Major herself had felt the urge to start quoting field team protocols to the Commander, but had stopped when she realised that those protocols were for the Vulcan High Command, not Starfleet or United Earth Forces…the things you pick up out here…

Annoyed that little domestic with his husband had caused some friction between his senior staff, Campbell chose to refrain from what he wanted to say. Instead he turned to his first officer and smiled slightly at her. “Thank you Number One, but if the Romulans did attack the Risan ship then I need to be on the frontline to work out what had happened before we see another world pulled into this war.” He looked at the major, “and next time you wish to debate Starfleet policy on landing parties Ms Caidin, I suggest you have your superiors discuss it with mine.” Taking a breath, he told everyone to carry on in their direction of heading to the docking port. 

Minutes later they were at the hatch where Campbell put the commands in to open the door for them to board the Risan vessel. Unlike the Earth vessel, the Risan ship’s corridors were a lot wider and higher. Unable to determine if the design was by choice or for pure atheistical reasons, Campbell chose not to think too much into it. The corridors were pure white. White-marble like flooring, thick white-marble columns for bulkheads and the walls were white. Though it felt quite clinical in nature, the way the warmer lighting was placed did help keep the environment appear welcoming. Campbell didn’t like it. 

Some of the lights did flicker, showing the damage sustained to the ship’s internal systems. A nearby pair of doors rolled back, allowing for a very tall and slender woman to almost glide in. Wearing a sleeveless pure white roll neck top, which looked like it had a cape attached to her shoulders that moved behind her gracefully as she walked, the woman approached them with a welcoming smile. “Captain Campbell?” She said in a soft tone. “I’m Captain Jarandis, welcome aboard the Furanda.”

Returning with his own smile, Campbell shared his own greeting by introducing his crew before getting down to business. “I was expecting to see more of your ship damaged from what we saw on the exterior.”

Shaking her head, Jarandis explained to them that their cruise ships are designed to have a double hull to ensure the highest safety for their guests. “Our ships are designed to withstand most pressures, they do take a long time to build though.””…I would imagine so.” Major Caidin said somewhat absently. Her eyes had not stopped panning across the interior and it’s occupants since they had boarded…the missing signs of battle was somehow more worrisome for the MACO than if the Furanda had been an actual active kill zone. The Risian cruiser to her, was like the cat in Schroedinger’s Box. It somehow existed in two opposing states at once and that logical disconnect contributed to her unease. The stiffness and micro pains that still flared up across the entirety of her body, did not help in alleviate such feelings. While her carbine was kept low in a secured position, laying flat across her torso, barrel down; “Hex” kept a hand resting on it at all times, just incase.

“Well my crew and I are happy to help in whatever way you need it.” Campbell stated as she suggested they move away from the docking port and towards a nearby long window which had sofas by it. 

She approached a nearby wall panel and called for some of her crew to join her. Jarandis has tanned skin, probably from her time spent under the Risan suns for so long. He reckoned she was in her late fifties but her stunning appearance was mesmerising. In a few seconds they were joined by a Risan man and another woman. The man was extremely muscular, this showed through his white vest like top he wore. His piercing blue eyes were extremely dreamy. While the woman had similar coloured eyes but had long curly blonde hair, unlike Jarandis who had short brown hair. “Captain Campbell, this is my first mate, Carun and my chief facilitator, Havol.” 

Intrigued by the last job title, Campbell turned to Havol and asked her what her job details were. “What does a chief facilitator do?”

“My job is to facilitate every need for our guests.” Havol said, but it almost sounded like she was singing it. 

Carun then spoke up. “Havol is one of the finest members of staff we have. If we have time, perhaps she can show you what services she can provide for you, Captain Campbell.”

”…don’t suppose you’d happen to have a good massage therapist on board.” Saorise commented with an uneasy chuckle as she adjusted the hardcase strap that was starting to bite into the stiff musculature of her shoulder.

The Risan woman indicated with a soft nod but Captain Campbell interrupted that exchange. “We’re here to help them.” He reminded his MACO leader in a stern but low voice. He turned back to his counterpart. “Show us where you need us most and I’ll get teams over at once.”

Jarandis bowed her head and gestured for them to follow her colleagues as they went further into the ship to see what the Romulans had done to them.