Part of USS Odyssey: Shattered Storm and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

The Big Day

USS Odyssey (NCC-80000), Paulson Nebula, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 77471.34 (21st June 2400)
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While Captain McCallister checked on his two sons that were hiding out in a nearby locked set of guest quarters, Lieutenant Commander Jen walked down the corridor. For the first time since this whole incident had started, he felt like his normal self. Wearing his own uniform, using his own tools from this time period, everything felt normal. Though knowing that he may witness something that was about to happen in his near future was a bit weary and made him feel awkward. 

The words of Admiral Duncan continued to ring in his ears, the fact it had to be him in this timeframe made him feel uncomfortable. What was going to happen? Trying to think logically about it, he assumed that he was in a safe situation or the admiral would have made more of a thing when the captain had decided he would go in and check on his sons while Jen finished their work. Apparently on deck twelve, where he was now, in the forward section shortly after returning to normal space the crew started to install the conduits necessary to assist with the chroniton field. It was located just outside of the Auditorium. Wondering if he would bump into anyone, Jen remained cautious as he turned the corridor and down one of the junctions, following the route laid out on the map he had on his tricorder in his hands. 

The map indicated that the room, which normally served as a small area off from the Auditorium for smaller private functions, was coming up. Without thinking he pressed the button to give him access and he walked in straight away. As soon as the doors closed behind him he looked up and he was surprised to see who was there waiting for him. 

“Hello stranger.” Spoke the friendly tones of one Tobias Court. Standing there, wearing a full dress uniform and showing he wore the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer with the extra dot on his rank insignia, Court had a huge smile on his face. 

Returning the smile, Jen felt a bit nervous as he tried to work out what was going on. The room had two large bay slanting windows on one side, a replicator on another wall and a long oval glass table in the middle with eight chairs around it. On a lower section that was accessed by a few steps, a set of sofas were curved into the deck, allowing for guests to sit on them and gaze out at the sight coming from the huge windows. The table itself had a few snacks on it along with empty champagne flutes, bottles of champagne and a number of boutonnieres sitting in a wooden-looking tray. Unable to determine what event was going on, Jen had to find out. 

“Tobias, what’s going on?”

Lifting his hands to either side, he answered his former boyfriend and colleague. “My wedding.”

“Your wedding?” Jen repeated as he put his tricorder away and stashed it into the pouch hugging his hip. “To who?”

Court leaned his head to the left to one side and gave Jen a look showing he couldn’t believe that Jen wasn’t able to work that one out himself. “Really Lukiz?”

Jen then realised. “To Max?”

“Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!” Court replied sarcastically. “I know this is probably a lot for you to take in but you told me to be direct with you.” The master chief then paused before speaking. “Well, you will tell me to be direct with you.” He rolled his eyes. “Time travelling is ridiculous.”

“So you’ve been briefed on what I’m doing here?” Jen checked.

“Uh-huh.” replied Court. “And I’ve got orders to assist you, but I suppose you need to inject me with that potion that will help me become immune to all of this time travelling mess!”

Jen just nodded and took out the hypospray, loaded it with the serum and walked over to Court. As he pressed the device against his neck, their skins lightly touched and Jen was reminded of a time when the two of them had been closer. That relationship had felt like a lifetime ago. They had been young and foolish, it was a whirlwind of a romance and ended harshly. Releasing the hypospray away from him, Court smirked as he rubbed his neck. 

“You’ll look…” Jen paused as they separated. “…you look handsome.” 

Court blushed at that remark. “Thanks Lukiz.” He took in a breath before exhaling. “I know this is awkward but from my perspective, you are all fine with Max and I. We are genuine friends.”

“I know,” Jen said, assuring Court that he could remain calm in this situation (though he felt differently on the inside). “I suppose I’m still getting used to everything I’ve experienced today.”

“Nothing like a good time travelling mission to muck you up!” Court commented on, trying to lighten the mood further. “Before we do what we have to do to those conduits, I want you to know that you’re probably thinking that Max and I have barely known one another and that we’re rushing into this at slipstream velocity, but I promise you that’s not the case.”

Holding his hands up in surrender, Jen tried to stop Court from explaining himself. “Tobias, you don’t need to explain anything to me.”

“I do.” Court said.

“Aren’t you meant to say that to Max at the end of the ceremony?” Jen teased.

Chuckling at that, Court shook his head and walked over to the table with the champagne flutes and buttonholes waiting to be used. “This is ridiculous Lukiz.” He said turning to face Jen. “We broke up a long time ago, and yes I’ve said it before but when you joined with the Jen symbiont, I understood your duty as a Trill to protect it, but when I lost you: Lukiz Smyth, my world did come to an end. But our time apart and then back together here on the Odyssey has not changed how important you are to me and I know Lukiz that you’ll find the same happiness I have with Max. You’ll have a place in my heart.”

“And the family you’ll have.” Jen added.

“Hey, spoilers!” Court remarked with a smirk. “Temporal Prime Directive and all that stuff! But I figure that Jorgeh and Wylem will remain with us.”

“You’ll continue to be the great dads you are now.” Jen assured him. “But back to what you said, yeah I know I hurt you when I left you to deal with my joining.” He took a breath. “But like you have for me, you’ll be here,” He said motioning to where his heart was, “forever.”

Court walked over to Jen and pulled him into a close hug. “Thanks Lukiz, I appreciate that.”

“As do I.” Jen replied before they let go. “Now, fancy showing me how to bring this conduit online before you need to head down the aisle and say ‘I do’ to the right guy?”

“It’d be my pleasure.” Court said as he led him over to one of the walls and pressed a button for a panel to hiss off from its hinges to reveal a piece of technology that Jen had never seen before. 

The two began their work together and for the first time in years since his joining, Lukiz Jen felt he could be himself.