Part of USS Heracles: Operation: Stormbreaker and Bravo Fleet: The Stormbreaker Campaign

From Vulcan, To Paulson Nebula with Love.

Location: Beta Quadrant - Earth, Vulcan, Heracles
Stardate: 74986.31 Time: 1241 hours
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From Vulcan, To Paulson Nebula with Love

Stardate: 74986.31

Time: 1241 hours

Location: Beta Quadrant – Earth, Vulcan, Heracles


Vausees was lying on a beach towel when a shadow suddenly enveloped her. “Sweety, you’re blocking my sun,” she said, mistaking Debrah for standing over her. She opened one of her eyes and realized it was someone else, a stranger to her. “Can I assist you?” she inquired of the person standing over her.


“Captain Vausees Vax, I presume,” a male voice from the person standing over her said.


She sat up, alarmed, and observed a middle-aged man standing there.


“That depends on who you are and what you want,” she said as she sat there, turning her head to look for Debrah. She saw her a little further down the beach, talking with someone. Her eyes narrowed as she returned the man’s stare. “Well?”


A PADD was handed to her by the man. “You are immediately ordered to return to the Heracles, no questions asked.”


Vausees had her mouth open and was about to object when Debrah looked over at her. She rose to her feet and stared at the man. “Get out of my sight,” she said simply as she began to walk away.


“I’m afraid I won’t be able to do that, Captain,” the man told her.


Vausees came to a halt, turned, and faced him. “You’ve got two seconds to get out of…” she went to a halt when she felt a familiar hand on her waist.


“Sir, you are not required to follow us to the shuttle that is waiting for us,” Debrah said, looking the man in the eyes.


“With all due respect, I have orders to make certain that you both board that shuttle.”


A voice was heard suddenly coming from the PADD in Debrah’s hand. “Let them go, Ensign Somer.”




“I’m not fond of repeating myself, Ensign. You’ve got your orders.”


“Sir, yes,” Somer responded as he motioned for the other officer, but he found himself alone. He looked at them for a moment, wondering, ‘Who are you two?’




Vausees looked at Debrah, crying as she looked at her fiance. Debrah kissed her, wiped away her tears, smiled, and lipped out, ‘I know.’ Vausees shook her head after wiping her eyes again. “The burden of being a captain can be a little bit annoying at times.”


“I know,” Debrah said as she zip-locked their duffle bags.


A few minutes later, they were both sitting on a shuttle as it jumped from the ground, its thrusters activating. “So much for our vacation,” Vausees sighed as she looked down at their bungalow.


Debrah snatched her hand in hers. “There will be many more in the future. Besides, you and I both know that the Fourth Fleet would not have cut our vacation short unless it was necessary,” she explained.


When Vausees looked at her, she knew she was right. Something was wrong, and no one knew what it was. This bothered her, and she was determined to find out what was happening.




As they approached Vulcan, Cody said, “Lieutenant Jonton, notify the Vulcan defense that we are approaching the planet.”


“Aye, Commander,” Jonton replied as he dispatched the message to Vulcan. A moment later, they received a response confirming them. “They recognize us, Commander.”


Cody told Trever, “Take us into orbit, Mister Nief.”


Trever nodded, his hands flying over the console as he entered the commands for the Heracles to enter an orbit with Vulcan. “We’re in orbit now, Commander,” he said.


A shuttle exited warp and headed for the Heracles a split second later.


“We’re being hailed,” Jonton said, bringing the hail to the viewscreen. On the screen was Vausees.


“Nice to see you, Captain,” Cody said, looking at her.


“Commander, we’re on our way to the main hangar. Meet me in my ready room,” Vausees said as the viewscreen returned to the planet’s view.


Cody paused for a moment. His thoughts wandered to what she might have wanted. He moved toward the ready room after realizing he couldn’t figure it out.


***Ready Room***


As Debrah took up the Tactical station, Vausees entered the ready room.


“Report,” she said, looking at Cody, who was waiting for her in the ready room.


“Everything is fine on the ship, Captain,” he said.


She sat down behind the desk and looked at him. “That’s not what I’m talking about, Commander.”


“Captain?” Cody asked after a glance at her.


“Why was I summoned from my vacation, Cody?”


“Captain, it’s on your computer.”


The orders to head for the Paulson Nebula were seen when Vausees tapped on the monitor. She kept reading and saw the designs for the device that would be used to close the rifts. She raised her head to look at Cody. He gave her a nod.


She reached over and tapped the holographic intercom icon. “Lieutenant Nief set Warp 7 for the Paulson Nebula.” She tapped the icon once more and leaned back in her chair. She closed her eyes briefly as the stars outside the room began to move, then stretched out as the ship entered warp.