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Part of USS Denver: Mission 2: Valhalla

Bravo Flight Leader

Captain's Ready Room, USS Denver
June 21, 2374 09:00
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Captain Rebecca Sandoval shuffled through the piles of PADDs containing crew requisitions,  transfers, and supply requisitions.  It felt like an never ending job. Finding the one she was looking for she smiled. “There you are,” she said in satisfaction to the empty room.  She glanced over it and then pressed the comm, “Lieutenant Stephens would you please report to the ready room.”

Thomas walks into the ready room and stands at attention Lieutenant Stephen’s reporting for duty. Ma’am.”

Rebecca smiled at him, “Relax Mr. Stephens before you strain something. So, I got something from Admiral Dailey this morning concerning you. I thought you might like to hear it.”

Thomas stands at ease. “Yes ma’m. I would like hear what the Admiral has to say.”

Rebecca nodded, picked of a PADD, and entered commands.   After a moment she started read from it. “By order of the President of the United Federation of Planets in accordance with Starfleet Command Lieutenant Thomas Stephens is awarded the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS, Starfleet’s highest honor for gallentry, and skill during aerial or space flight.

“On Stardate 51345.2, Lieutenant Stephens piloted a badly damaged runabout from the USS Denver into and through enemy controlled space. He successfully eluded enemy patrols and was able to reach Federation space to get help for the stranded crew of the Denver.  It was his expert piloting and bravery that directly saved the lives of his shipmates. Signed: Rear-Admiral Quinn William Dailey, 7th Fleet, Commanding.”

Rebecca set the PADD down and picked up a black box opened it to reveal the medal and handed it to him, “Congratulations Lieutenant.”

Thomas has a shocked look on his face. “Captain. I uh. I don’t know what to say. I was just doing my job. It wasn’t anything special”

“You saved lives, mine included. Sounds special to me.  Congratulations Thomas.   There’s one more thing.  They are currently gutting Shuttlebay 2 and surrounding bulkheads to make room for six Peragren-class fighters of the newly formed 335th Fighter Squadron.  We are taking on twelve pilots and a handful of crew chiefs. I want to keep you on the helm, but I was hoping you would be willing the leand Bravo Flight as well.”

“That sounds amazing Ma’am. I love to fly and those fighters are much more maneuverable and capable than large ships like the Denver.” Thomas replies.

“Good to hear Thomas, ” Rebecca said with a smile. She dug around in the pile of stuff on her desk and found the unit patch she was looking for and handed it to Thomas. “I hear the pilots are adding these to their flight uniforms.”


Thomas takes the patch “I like it. I think it will look good” he says holding it up to his shoulder. “Are the other pilots already onboard? I should introduce myself”

She consulted her computer monitor,  and nodded, “A few have, including your crew chief, a Master Chief K’meck.”

“I will go introduce myself, unless you have more for me?”

“No, Lieutenant.  You are dismissed,” Rebecca said with a smile.