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USS Denver: Mission 2: Valhalla

The Denver is repaired and the crew settles into their new roles.

Mission Description

Limping into Starbase 75 the USS Denver and what remains of the Seventh Fleet try to put the pieces back together and come to terms with such loss. With no one else to replace the late captain, Commander Rebecca Talon is promoted to captain and given command of the Denver. 

About the Mission

USS Denver
Total Stories
Start Date

25 April 2022

The New Chief of Security

USS Denver: Mission 2: Valhalla

Captain Rebecca Sandoval stepped away from the replicator in her office just off the bridge.  The walls were still bare and the desk lacked any personalization.   A crate sat on the deck at the end of the desk containing Captain Fitzpatrick’s personal items waiting to be shipped away to [...]

21 April 2022


USS Denver: Mission 2: Valhalla

Crewman Aoife Mckenzie stared at the screen before her as she ran a diagnostic on the shield emitters.   The Denver had taken a ridiculous amount of damage at the Battle of Tyra, and in the aftermath that they were doing a refit on the ship. The yard engineers were busy putting deck five back [...]

16 March 2022

To Fallen Heros, and Lost Friends

USS Denver: Mission 2: Valhalla

The Drunken Sailor Pub was one of those out-of-the-way locations on Starbase 75 that rarely attracted Starfleet unless you were part of the station.  It was managed by an aging human of Irish descent and his younger, by a good three decades, and decidedly greener Orion wife.  There were [...]

17 February 2022

Bravo Flight Leader

USS Denver: Mission 2: Valhalla

Captain Rebecca Sandoval shuffled through the piles of PADDs containing crew requisitions,  transfers, and supply requisitions.  It felt like an never ending job. Finding the one she was looking for she smiled. “There you are,” she said in satisfaction to the empty room.  She [...]