Part of USS Denver: Mission 2: Valhalla

Chain of Command

Starbase 75, Betazed System
June 20, 2374 13:00
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It’s been an unusual and weird past three weeks.  The Denver was getting a minor refit with more powerful weapons,  and of course, the repairs were coming right along.

Between the official inquiry and debriefings, Rebecca had little time to spend with her family.  The inquiry ultimately found that she and the crew had operated exemplary given the circumstances, and was promised that they would all receive commendations in all of their records.

Commander Lovecroft’s team, despite officially being on leave, had opted to put their backs into the job of getting their little ship space worthy again. Because of this, they were nearly two weeks ahead of schedule.  Despite that the Denver still didn’t have a captain, nor had it replaced any of the engineering officers lost in the battle. 

Then there was a sigh of relief when she received a message from Admiral Quinn Dailey that the Denver’s new captain had been found, and that she should bring Cheon Kyo with her to the station’s wardroom, and be in full dress uniform.

She met Cheon on the turbolift on the way to the wardroom and she nodded to him in his dress whites.  “Well, this could be interesting,” she started making small talk.  “I’ve never known Admiral Dailey to be so vague.”

Cheon twisted his neck as he tried to pull the collar on his dress whites, trying to make room for his neck. “God it has been ages since I have had a reason to pull these out,” he stated as he continued to try and stretch the material ever so slightly. “I am hoping that this new Captain will be able to handle us,” Cheon stated as a grin formed over his mouth. 

“Maybe you, but I am a model officer,” she jokingly replied. “Let’s just hope we have a good CO.”

“Indeed,” Cheon replied as he stood next to his closest friend; next to his wife.

The lift slowed and the doors parted and the duo made their way into the corridor and entered a set of doors on the right.  The wardroom was silent and nearly empty. Just Admiral Dailey and his adjutant a dour-faced woman in her fifties stood at the head of the long table.

“Commanders come in,” Dailey greeted.

“You have found our new CO?” Rebecca asked.

“I have.  Just got the go-ahead from San Francisco this morning.”

Rebecca thought that was an odd turn of a phrase. Promotions and ship assignments did ultimately have to get approved by Starfleet Command,  but those were generally just rubber-stamped in situations like this.  “Yes, sir. Of course sir.” She eyed Captain Hildegard with suspicion.   She seemed competent enough, but she was an administrator, not a starship captain.

“Commander Rebecca Rose Talon,  it is my pleasure and privilege, on this day, to promote you to the rank of captain,” Dailey said as he pinned the fourth pip to her uniform.  “And in light of your extraordinary leadership skills, you requested and required to take command of USS Denver effective immediately.”  Dailey extended his hand and shook it. “Congratulations Captain.” Dailey pinned a fourth pip to her collar and the tow shook hands.

A smile crossed Cheon’s lips as he listened to what Admiral Dailey had said and thought he had made the correct choice for the Denver’s next Commanding Officer.

Rebecca was floored and managed to mutter a “Thank you, sir.”

“Now, you need a first officer.   Do you have anyone in mind?”

She glanced over at Cheon and nodded, “I do.”

Cheon had noticed the sideways glance from Rebecca, but he hadn’t heard what Dailey had said to her before the glance.

Dailey laughed a took a black pip box Hildegard was handing to him, which he transferred to Rebecca. “I hoped that was your answer. I think this would mean more coming from you.”

 “Yes sir,” she said taking the box from Dailey. Turning to Cheon and smiling, “You ready to turn in your yellow uniform for a red one?”

His gaze was drawn to the black velvet box in Rebecca’s grasp, and his thoughts were racing. ‘Am I really prepared to take on this? Is there anyone else more qualified?’ he wondered as he stood there steadfast and blank for a moment. As he looked at the full, silver pip that lay in a field of black in the box that she held out in front of him, he nodded autonomously to her comment.

Rebecca pulled off the black half-pip and replaced it with the solid one and extended her hand, “Cheon,  you have already been my XO through this. You deserve to have it made official.”

“Just doing what I was trained to do, Captain,” he said in a humble but teasing tone of voice as he shook her hand. He knew that she was correct in the matter, there was no one else that could fill in the Executive Officers position better than he could, after all the only other person who could do it was not his Captain and Commanding Officer.