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Stop Along the Way

USS Saratoga / Starbase Bravo
January 2400
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“I need those supplies over there,” Zoran said as Linha arrived with some more medical supplies.

“Aye sir,” Linha replied as she brought them over in the far corner out of the way but accessible if they needed to access it quickly. Both infirmaries were busy with getting things ready for what might happen once they reach Aarius IV. 

“Alright, I would like you to start going over the inventory here to make sure we have everything that we might need in any type of emergency.” Teila began taking a deep breath before continuing. “If we are missing anything please go get it from the medical storage supply,” Zoran ordered as she handed her a padd with the list.

“I will get this done right away sir,” Linha replied as she walked off to begin to make sure that all supplies were accounted for.

Teila made her rounds to make sure everything was set, she was a perfectionist when it comes to preparations as she didn’t like to be unprepared for an emergency at least ones that they knew about. There would be times when emergencies would happen without any type of warning, she had learned to adapt in those situations. 

Once she was satisfied that everything was set up and prepared, she walked back to her office to finish some of her reports that she has been neglecting the last couple of days while they were preparing. 

Lieutenant Riahya had entered the main infirmary after finishing her tasks in the secondary infirmary that was located in the saucer section. She didn’t realize that there would be a Cadet working with them as she spent more time in the secondary infirmary than she did the main.

“You’re not supposed to be here Cadet, what are you doing?” Riahya asked in a bit of annoyance in her voice.

Looking up from what she was doing she looked at the older Bolian doctor that was standing beside her. “I am making sure all supplies are accounted for,” Linha replied looking confused as to why she was giving her the attitude she was.

“That is not your job, you need to leave.” The Bolian woman spat before crossing her arms across her chest as she waited for her to do what she was told.

“Sir, I am on…” she began before she was interrupted by Teila as she heard the commotion that was going on from her office as the doors were open.

“What is going on?” Teila asked looking at both Linha and Riahya.

“ Just the person I want to see,” Riahya replied looking at Teila before she continued to speak. “Tell this Cadet that she isn’t supposed to be here, she doesn’t seem to want to listen to me,” Riahya said rudely and annoyed by the situation.

Raising an eyebrow at the woman looking at the Cadet for a moment before she turned her attention back to the Lieutenant. “She is supposed to be here, she is on her medical cruise,” Teila replied as she looked at Riahya before turning her attention to Linha giving her a nod that she can continue her work.

“Oh really, she is only a second-year cadet why is she on her cruise this early in her studies?” Riahya asked not wanting to believe or accept that a lowly Cadet would be serving with them. This was a place for real doctors not doctors in training. In her eyes, they would just get in the way.

“That is none of your concern, if there is a problem I suggest you take it up with Starfleet Medical. Now I suggest you meet me in my office!” Teila replied as she would not tolerate that kind of attitude in her department.

“Humph,” she said as she stormed off towards Teila’s office.

Teila sighed as she looked at Linha, “I apologize for her behavior.” Teila said with a smile.

“It’s alright,” Linha replied with a smile as she continued her work.

Teila walked off back to her office to deal with Riahya, she didn’t appreciate her attitude towards other crewmembers. This wasn’t her first time having an attitude towards others. There had been many complaints about her with her attitude towards other members of the medical team as well as patients that would come in.

Deza Airje was sitting at her station quietly as they traveled, they were due to arrive at Starbase Bravo in the next few minutes. Everyone was busy preparing for what would await them once they entered the Paulson Nebula. 

“What do you think caused these strange ion storms in the Paulson Nebula?” Odan asked breaking the silence that befell the bridge.

Shrugging her shoulders as she turned to face Odan “I am not sure,” Airje spoke up looking back at the Commander.

“It seems that it’s also creating weird subspace rifts to form where an ion storm originates,” Chon’al spoke up looking at the rest. Chon’al had been to the Paulson Nebula a time or two throughout his Starfleet career and these ion storms were very unusual for that nebula.

“Hopefully we will get to study one as we make our way to Aarius IV, or at least be able to get a quick scan of one at a safe distance,” Damir spoke up from the science console as Atur nodded from the secondary science console. 

“Will just have to wait and see, we might just very well get caught in one of the storms on our way,” Dazra replied as everyone just rolled their eyes, she always seemed to find the bad in every situation and exploit that before looking at the positive side of things.

“Why do you have to be so negative?” Airje asked looking back at Dazra as she shook her head before turning back to her console as they were approaching the station.

“Why sugar coat things? We don’t know what will happen so why say things will be positive when we all know it can go one of many different ways.” Dazra replied standing there looking at Airje, they haven’t been on the best of terms since the beginning. She didn’t care she was just here to do her job, she wasn’t worried about pleasing anyone else.

Airje was going to speak up but decided against it and just kept monitoring the area as they traveled. 

“What do you think the new Executive Officer will be like?” Odan asked quickly changing the subject hoping to stop any more confrontation between the two women. 

Shrugging, “she’s a Vulcan so I am sure she won’t be that interesting.” Dazra replied as Airje just rolled her eyes at the comment though she didn’t respond.

“Well that wasn’t nice,” Odan spoke up. “Just because she is Vulcan doesn’t mean anything.” He added as he stood there looking at Dazra then at the others who just shrugged. 

They continued to chat while they worked, time went by as the ship came out of warp right by Starbase Bravo just as Azras walked out of her office. “Report,” Azras asked looking at Airje.

“Sir we have arrived at Starbase Bravo, and we have been given clearance to dock,” Airje replied looking back at the Captain.

“Bring us in,” Azras replied as she took her seat.

Airje nodded turning back around to begin docking procedures which would take a few moments. Once they finished they sent word to the Starbase that they were ready to receive the remaining crew and supplies that were requested.

“Sir, might I suggest that you head down to the docking port to meet the first officer,” Deza suggested looking at her. “To make a good first impression,” Deza replied as the others looked up.

Azra nodded in agreement as she would be arriving with them, “good idea Commander.” Azras replied as she made her way toward the turbolift and gave her destination as the doors closed shut behind her.