Part of USS Odyssey: To Hold Fire

The Vulcan Vigorous Vulnerability

Starfleet Academy - Mellstoxx Campus, Mellstoxx III, Mellstoxx system, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 77009.15
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“The logical choice of action is to accept that they are gone but to also to accept they were truly never there.” T’Rani said in a deadpan tone. “I do not see the value of reminiscing over the time spent with the isomorphic projections of the children we were instructed to care for.”

Vulcan cold and heartless logic. 

Years of working with colleagues who were Vulcans and supporting Vulcan patients had taught Horin that there was no point in trying to ever remind Vulcans that exploring their emotions was a good thing. Most of them believed that after  kolinahr their emotions were gone. 

T’Rani came across as an intelligent woman in her insights so far, but this one particular subject around the three children she and Counsellor Samris had co-cared for was one she didn’t want to discuss and review in anyway. 

Breathing in once, then twice, Horin eventually countered. “T’Rani, there is value in discussing what happened. You, Samris and other members of the crew were compelled to endure an action that was forced upon you without your consent while you were imprisoned.” She raised her hand up to prevent the Vulcan pilot from interrupting her as she continued. “One it is your duty to report on the matter to Starfleet, something I see you have not completed unlike your colleagues and two for you to resume your duties this assessment must be carried out to determine the impact your imprisonment has had on you. In my professional expertise and assessment of your situation, this is one of the crucial elements that I need to hear about and understand to properly assess you to be fit to return to duty.”

Inhaling deeply, the Vulcan pilot relented and agreed with a simple nod. “Very well counsellor. Where do you want to begin?”

Smiling at her victory, Horin picked up her PADD and prepared to begin writing her notes. “As always, from the beginning when you and Samris were told you would be looking after Mexie, Carleth and Amioko.”

“Captain Jyster informed us we would become a family unit shortly after the crew were placed into the valley of the Quirennal and Captain McCallister had concluded his negotiations. I understand clearly the logic of the captain’s decision to agree to us remaining on board to ensure everyone remained alive. In comparison to what we were being asked to do was not something that would cause long term physical pain to us. We had certain freedoms and were not placed in any form of jail. We were just not allowed to leave the designated area we were assigned to. The advanced technology that the ship had was enough of a deterrent, in my opinion, for us to take our time to truly analyse the situation we were in.” T’Rani shared from the armchair she was sitting in and considered her next words carefully. “On reflection, and this is something I have shared with Counsellor Samris and Lieutenant Tomaz, I believe if we did not take on the guardianship of the three children, then our whole situation would have been much more difficult to manage.”

“It’s interesting you say that, what was it about you being in the role of a mother to three alien children that made your captivity more manageable to deal with?” Horin probed as she listened carefully to the response. 

“As the children were of a young age, their actions were highly illogical, irrational and empowered by pure emotions. To paraphrase Lieutenant Tomaz, the time spent getting to know the children made being stuck there easier to cope with.” T’Rani explained. “Until they rested in the evening, one did not have the time to stop and truly reflect on our forced imprisonment. Parenthood was thrusted upon us without a moment to stop and think about it.”

“Talk to me about being a parent to these three particular children.” Horin stated. “I know they were advanced isomorphs, or holograms, but I assume that both you and Samris formed some connections with them if you were distracted by their actions.”

“Your assumption is correct, counsellor.” T’Rani answered. “I found Mexie’s obsession to want to explore everything compelling while Carleth had a flare for being artistic and Amioko was inquisitive in all that we did as a group. Samris always stated that this was what parenthood should be like and this was confirmed by Doctor Slyvexs and her husband on more than one occasion. I found Doctor Slyvexs’ insights on matters pertaining to parenthood to be insightful and helpful.”

“What do you now think about not dealing with Mexie’s obsession of exploring everything, Carleth’s artistic skills or Amioko’s inquisitive nature?” Horin asked. 

Her left eyebrow rose up into a typical Vulcan manner as she considered the question carefully. “It is still early days, but their absence has been perplexing to adjust to.” T’Rani remarked. “Since our return to the Odyssey, I have found myself waking up and reminding myself to return to my old routine.”

“So you are missing them.” Horin stated. 

Taking a breath in again, T’Rani considered the counsellor’s words carefully once again before answering. “I suppose I do.”

“Then let’s talk more about that then.” Horin said with another smile, glad she had finally got through to T’Rani about talking about this difficult transition she was going through. 

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