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Just Guiding the Way

Starbase Bravo: Promanade
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After his run-in with another new ensign, Azir started back on his task of finding a deck officer. As he rounded the corner of the hall he found a young man about his age with padd. Azir figured he might be one of the deck officers for the station. He made his way to him straightening his tunic and adjusting the bag on his shoulder.

“Are you the deck officer?” he asked as he approach the man hoping this wasn’t just someone going over a checklist, that would be just another highlight of his day so far. If it wasn’t for the one pip on his collar he would wonder if he was still a cadet with the way his day had gone.

Steven was going over a few last minute details when someone in a yellow shoulder top tunic stopped in front of him and asked that question. He noticed the single pip which put them pretty much at the same level of authority. “Why yes, Ensign, I am. How may I help you today?” He asked, lowering the padd down and placed his right hand over his left hand.

Azir smiled, “Ensign Azir Wolfguard, I just arrived on the station and I’m not sure where my quarters are sir” he asked using a more formal tone as he was not officially on duty.

Steven wondered why the same ranked officers are calling him ‘sir’, formal or not. “Just Ensign will do, we’re the same rank and all.” He said but shrugged his shoulders anyways. “Do you have your orders with you?”

Azir slid the bag off his shoulder and reached inside pulling out a padd with his orders. “Here they are,” he said as his eyes slowly drifted around at the size of the station.

Took the padd from the other Ensign, went and entered his orders into his holo display from his padd and the nav points generated. Steven then went and selected their location to Azir’s quarters then to where he had to report in. Once done, a route was automatically generated with directions. Afrer that, he swiped the display over to Azir and handed the padd back. “All right there, Ensign. Just follow the directions and you can’t go wrong! There anything else you need?”

“No ensign, thank you very much,” he said taking the padd into his hand and looking down at it.

“Welcome to Starbase Bravo and don’t get lost!” Steven told the man before he left. “I’m sure I’ll see him again. Maybe.” He thought over the compliment of personnel on the station and shrugged his shoulders.