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New Home, New Roommate

Quarters, Starbase Bravo
January 2400
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Nilah had arrived aboard Starbase Bravo and was shown how to get to her quarters by the Deck Officer, she knew she had a roommate which was fine as she was used to it during the Academy. She wondered what she was like, once she entered looking around she hadn’t noticed anyone being here yet. “Mmm, looks like I am the first one to arrive,” Nilah replied as she took a small tour of the quarters and found her bedroom which was a bit bigger than her dorm on the Academy campus. She began to put her belongings away, setting up her room the way she liked it, she noticed she even had a small library shelf along one wall which was perfect for her books. She enjoyed reading anything engineering-type books, studying different things whenever she got the chance.

After being escorted by Sonja to the appropriate section and parting ways, she confirmed the number on the tag mounted to the door. “Yep, this is it.” She said to herself.

She keyed in the access code she was given for the room. The door hissed open and she quickly realized she was not the first to arrive, noticing the faint sound of her roommate coming from an adjacent room. Not that it bothered her. She’d nearly been late arriving on the station as it were. Having only a short amount of time before she needed to report to the medical facilities, she made way for the other room opposite from where the sound was coming from after calling out to the unknown voice “Hello?”

Startled by the sound coming from outside her room she got up from her bed and walked out to see a woman standing in the doorway of the other bedroom about to disappear out of view, “Ah you must be my roommate.” She replied with a smile looking at her. “I am Ensign Nilah Virahl,” she said as she extended her arm out towards her with a smile.

Hannah turned around at the sudden, unexpected response of her roommate and returned the handshake quickly but firmly, immediately releasing it after doing so. “Doctor Hannah Murphy. Well…resident doctor. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am happy to chat in the short time I have available, but you’ll have to excuse me while I put away my things while doing so. I need to be at the main infirmary in about thirty minutes. It took me forever to find these quarters. Thankfully an old friend of mine ended up on the station and helped me find them.” she said as she dipped into the bedroom, steadily increasing her voice for Nilah to hear.

“My mom is a doctor back on Trill,” Nilah replied as she followed her to her bedroom. “I am on beta shift, hoping to work in the shipyards” She added as she stood there at the door. 

“My dad is a doctor too. He’s the reason I got into medicine.” Hannah said, replying to the comment about Nilah’s mother while she hung her spare uniform in the closet. “Hopefully I can be as great a doctor as he was. That is if I can make it through these next few weeks. My schedule is all across the board in order to get familiar with station life at all hours of the day before settling into a standardized rotation.”

Moving around to the bed, Hannah then placed two photos on her bedside table. One was of her and her parents during their trip to Machu Picchu, the other, her Alaskan Malamute that she’d left with her parents due to the uncertainty of canine life aboard a station. “There! That should do until the rest of my belongings arrive.”

“My dad works for the Trill Science Ministry as a scientist, I am the only one that decided in engineering as well as joining Starfleet,” Nilah replied as she saw the pictures and smiled. “Beautiful family and pet,” she added with a smile. She never had a pet growing up not that she didn’t want one but her parents didn’t want any in the house and she was alright with that. “I am hoping to get assigned to the shipyards,” she added as she stood there looking at her. For being a shy and reserved person she sure wasn’t acting like it.

“I’m sure you’ll get it if you put your mind to it,” Hannah replied.

Hannah was really beginning to enjoy the company of her new roommate and would have loved to sit and get to know her more. However, time was rapidly running out and if she stayed she was going to be late for her first shift and she did not want to let her commanding officer down before the two had even had a chance to meet. She and Nilah exchanged a few brief parting pleasantries, grabbed her lab coat from the edge of the bed, and scurried out the door with the hope that she wouldn’t get lost on the final leg of the beginning of her Starfleet career.