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“Welcome, would you like a drink?”

Starbase Bravo
January 2400
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“What is your name?” the Chief of Staff said, “My name is Jowu Miw, but I’m Bajoran, so.. Yeah, you probably already got that.” Her face immediately turned red. “Got that, ma’am.” “Yes, yes, ma’am,” Miw responded with a sarcastic tone.

[Several hours later]

Miw arrived at his quarters, and entered. The contents of the room did not surprise him, seeing as the room looked a lot like her academy dorm, only bigger. “Hmm.” he mustered to himself, whilst thinking about what he was going to do after he had gotten settled in. He then started to unpack, and after he had done that, he walked out into the corridor, and started thinking about what to do. “Fuck it, sickbay. Guess I’ll get to know my colleagues.” he muttered to himself. He then found the nearest turbolift, and rode it all the way to the main Promenade.

When he entered Medical Station 12 on the Main Promenade, he was a bit surprised to say the least. Seeing as this was one of the medically least important places on the station, it was very well equipped. Several biobeds, an office, and a quite spacious waiting room. A human female in matching teal uniform and lab coat caught his attention upon entry.

Unsure if the man before her was science or medical, she introduced herself, “I’m Doctor Hannah Murphy. How may I be of assistance?”

“I’m going to be working with you. You should also know that I call dibs on the chair closest to the wall, seeing as no one has taken it yet.” Miw had evidently decided to take the cold approach with his new coworker.

“Be my guest. I’ve not decided on any particular office as of yet. I’m still getting situated. Chances are I will be spending a great deal of time in the main medical facilities in Sector H.” she replied. Hannah had been touring the various medical stations aboard Starbase Bravo, familiarizing herself with the facilities she might be asked to attend during her residency depending on the schedule for the day.

“Great. Just know that if I need your help in more severe cases, I will call you.” Miw replied. He then walked into the office, and immediately sat down in the chair which was nearest to the wall. “I don’t like this chair.” He then took one of the phasers, which was mounted to the side of the office, and evaporated the chair.

Hannah looked at her colleague in shock and disbelief. No doubt he violated a number of safety regulations and station security would soon be paying them a visit. “That was rather unorthodox. Would it not have been easier to request a new chair?” she asked.

“No, you see, I have some.. rather unusual preferences for chairs, so I usually get rid of the standard, and replace it with one, which I have constructed.” Miw replied in the calmest of voices.

“Well, if that’s what works for you, I’ll leave you to it then.”

“Actually, would you like to go out for a drink later? I want to get to know my new colleague. And I also want to figure out where on this hunk of metal one can acquire cheap alcohol.”

Not being completely sold on the idea of drinks, Hannah wasn’t sure she really wanted to go. She’d only just arrived, and within an hour of being on the station, managed to get herself lost locating her assigned quarters. She very much wanted to just crawl into bed and forget about the day. “If it’s all the same to you, perhaps another time. I haven’t exactly had the greatest start to my day so I doubt I’d be the best of company right now anyway.” she said, respectfully declining the offer before returning to the patient area to study the rest of the facility.

Miw then walked out of the station, and walked into the nearest bar, “Downtime”. He sat down at the bar, and the owner, Skal, said “Welcome, would you like a drink?” Miw cheered up a bit. “Bottle of Bajoran springwine, stat.”