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New Captain?

Devron Fleet Yards / USS Saratoga
January 2400
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Arzin had woken up early as everyone else was still asleep, he wanted to make breakfast before they made their way over to the Saratoga as well as get their belongings over as well. They also still needed to see Linha off as she makes her way back to the Academy. 

After getting dressed he made his way out into the living area where the crates were located. After taking care of their crates, he walked into the kitchen to begin preparing breakfast. Since they had already packed everything he replicated what he needed for that morning’s meal.

It would have been easier to just replicate everything already cooked, Arzin enjoyed the art of actual cooking. Growing up on Trill, he always cooked everything which he learned from his grandmother and mother. After getting what he needed he began to prepare and cook the meal.

“Morning dad,” Linha said as she emerged from her bedroom.

Looking over his shoulder at his daughter, “good morning sweetie.” Arzin replied seeing her in her cadet uniform and smiled.

“I got a bit of good news this morning,” Linha said walking up to him.

“What is the good news?” Arzin asked looking at her for a brief moment before turning around to keep an eye on the food.

Just as Linha was about to speak Azras walked out looking even more tired than when she went to bed. Good thing Arzin had already a pot of coffee made and ready, “What good news Linha?” Azras asked as she caught that as she was walking out of the room, she walked to get her cup of coffee.

“I just got a letter from the Academy, I am going to be stationed on a ship for my sophomore year to get some in-person learning.” Linha replied looking at both of them with a smile, “I’ll still have some other classes on the ship that I’ll have to do as well.” She added taking a seat at the table.

“That is wonderful, do you know what ship you will be assigned to?” Azras asked after she took a sip of her coffee.

“The Saratoga,” Linha said with a huge grin.

Arzin looked at her, “wow that is wonderful.” He replied as she finished cooking and prepared the plates just as Yadri walked out.

“What’s wonderful dad?” Yadri asked rubbing his eyes trying to wake up before taking a seat at the table next to his older sister.

“Your sister is going to be on the Saratoga for her sophomore year doing some live training,” Azras replied as you could see the excitement on Yadri’s face.

“Yay!” He exclaimed as he hugged his sister.

Linha smiled at her brother while hugging him back, “oh mom.” Linha said before she paused for a moment, “do you think I can just stay with you guys instead of getting my quarters?” Linha asked looking at them as Arzin placed the plates in front of them.

“That will be alright,” Azras replied as she knew there was going to be plenty of room.

“Thanks,” Linha replied with a smile.

They continued to chat about different things while they ate, once finished Yadri cleaned up placing everything in the replicator to be recycled. After getting ready making sure everything was accounted for they all headed off towards where the Saratoga was docked. 


Tianna Anai and moved over to the Saratoga from the Vesta, deciding to open a new restaurant here called ‘The Hillside Country Bar & Grill’. Though things were going to be a bit different as it was going to be open twenty-four hours a day instead of only a few hours like her previous restaurant on the Vesta.

Most of the senior staff was there sitting at one large round table at the far corner so they can chat a bit more privately. “Can you believe it?”  Deza Airje replied as they all finished ordering their food. 

“Why couldn’t she have said goodbye in person instead of a message only after she already left?” Odan replied a bit annoyed and hurt, they have been through a lot over the past year.

Chon’al just sat there not saying much of anything, Teila looked at him as she had a feeling what was wrong but choose not to ask. Though that didn’t stop Dazra from speaking up.

“Why the long face Chon’al?” Dazra asked as that was probably the wrong question she could have asked.

Chon’al stood up angry, “mind your own business,” Chon’al replied getting up and storming off.

“Really Dazra, did you have to ask that…” Teila replied looking at her who gave her a confused look. “Are you that blind and not notice that the Captain and he were seeing each other? She probably broke up with him or something had happened between the two,” Teila replied before getting up herself and walking after him.

Dazra just stared at the doctor as she walked off after Chon’al then looked to the others, “what?” She asked as the others just shook their head as their food arrived.

“Wonder what the new Captain will be like?” Jheria said looking at the others who were sitting there eating their food.

“I am not sure, haven’t gotten much information yet,” Jeesa replied after swallowing the food she had in her mouth. 

“Let’s hope she or he is like our last Captain,” Damir commented though he’s been here the shortest time of them all. The others nodded in agreement as they continued to eat their food.

“We will just have to wait and see,” Deza commented before a voice came over the ship’s comm.

“All senior staff is to report to the staff observation lounge in thirty minutes,” came a voice they were unfamiliar with.

“Wonder if that was our new Captain,” Odan replied.

“What gave you that clue,” Deza said chuckling as she finished her food just as the others did as well.

He rolled his eyes as they got up from the table and headed to their departments to get some status reports ready before the meeting with hopefully the new Captain. Tianna’s staff came to clean up the table as they seemed to have been in a bit of a hurry to leave.