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Part of USS Europa: And the Cradle Will Fall

Into the Darkness

USS Europa, Airlock to the Eldara
MD02 - 2330 Hours
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Natalya had made sure to round up her team and make sure each one of them was armed and suited up before they made their way over to the Eldara. She had taken the main group to search the ship, but she knew that if needed she could always contact the Fleet Captain.

The group arrived on the ship and Natalya looked at all of them. She knew that some officers liked to stray in exploration, but she ran a tight group.

“Listen up we’re here to do the task assigned of us that being said do not stray from your assignments regardless if you feel you should try something else or not.

She looked at Kyo and Rowe “You will scour the main living quarters of the ships for survivors. If you see anything suspicious report it immediately. Do you understand?”

Jolie nodded as she looked over at the Commander. She understood what was being expected of her, but she also knew that if things turned grave, she would react appropriately, whether that meant returning fire or relaying that they were under attack, unless the latter would have put her or Lieutenant Rowe in danger. She would be damned if she obeyed another order that resulted in the death of another member of her team.

Akira checked her holster once more, making sure the phaser was there as if she really thought she forgot it, but it was a matter of reassuring her Klingon half that she was ready to fight, not flight. But while her hand was checking the holster, her eyes were on her tricorder readings, having been actively scanning since they got on board, but she remembered to keep her ears open and listen. She looked to the First Officer and nodded her head, “Understood.” She then looked to Kyo and waited for them to take the lead.

As she took her weapon from its holster, Jolie double-checked that the setting was set to a mid-level stun, just in case someone was on board. She nodded as she looked over at Akira.

“Let’s go,” she said as she handed the young Lieutenant a wrist light. “You’ll need this because the main living quarters are down,” she said, motioning to the darkness visible between a half-opened door leading to the corridor where the main living quarters were.

She looked at the medical officers “You will go to the medical section and look for any information of the crew or any attack that may have befallen them up to this moment. If you find anything make sure and log it and report back to me. Do you have any questions?”

Eddie shook his head. “Let’s get a move on,” he said to the doctor. The two moved out of the staging area into one of the connecting corridors. The ship had an eerie vibe to it and as the two proceeded further inward, Eddie felt a chill run up his spine. They rounded a corner to find a body lying on the floor in a heap. Eddie knelt down to check the man’s pulse and found none, only to turn the body over and revealing severely scorched burns. Eddie immediately recognized is as a kill shot, but the question was, from what weapon. “We should probably get this body transported to the Europa for autopsy,” he suggested to the doctor, looking at his companion for confirmation, who assented.

She looked at Etah and Beckman “You two will follow me to the bridge and we will begin the process of trying to figure out what happened here. The ship records will be a good start.”

“Sounds good Commander. Hopefully, find something useful up there,” Willow said, then offered Etah a wry smile through the visor of her EV suit. “Without main power, it’s not that far. Especially if we turn our boots off.”

Etah squinted his eyes, nodded his his head briefly and issued a noise that sounded like he was saying the beginning of the word error but drawn-out “Errrrr.” It was a noise commonly made by enlisted security personal. Etah sometimes forgot that he was now an officer and a Psychiatrist. Some habits just stick with a person.

She nodded “Good if there are no further questions shall we proceed?”

Etah nodded again, indicating with his body language that he accepted and understood the information and was ready to move foreword with the mission.