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Profile Overview

Akira Rowe

Half Human and Half Klingon Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Rowe


Chief of Operations
Starbase 415


Akira Torak Rowe



Lieutenant Akira Torak Rowe is currently serving on board the Starbase 415 as the Chief of Operations. She had once served on board the Europa, Columbia, and Sovereign as Chief Operations Officer. Having a starbase posting was much less than she had expected to happen in her career, over being assigned to a Luna-class, Galaxy-class, and Sovereign-class.


Akira Torak Rowe was born on a Klingon border colony world just near the triangle of neutral space between the Klingon, Federation, and Romulan Republic Space, or at least the year she was born, was still the Romulan Star Empire. Her mother was a former Starfleet Officer who was all about botanic life, researching and studying plants was her passion, as well as rescuing various plants that were on the borderline of extinction, in an attempt to preserve and hopefully spread it across a world of its own. Her father, on the other hand, was a warrior of the Klingon Empire, who served with honors and took his duties very seriously. The moment he was given command of his own cruiser was the happiest moment in his life, not even milk runs could diminish the glory he felt of having his own command.

So what brought them together? Her mother, Sarah Rowe, was serving on board a research vessel that had traveled too far into the neutral area of space between the three large factions and was attacked by an unknown vessel. Commander Torak, responded to the distress call but by the time his ship arrived, the attacker was gone and Rowe’s vessel was on the verge of a warp core breach. So, Commander Torak rescued as many as his ship could transport before the core overloaded and enveloped the research vessel. Rowe was surprisingly fine, but she refused to leave her friend’s side who was gravely wounded it took three warriors to pull her away, at least they tried until she knocked the three of them unconscious and returned to her friend who was dying. When Torak was notified of the situation, he went to sickbay and shot her with his pistol on stun so that his medical staff could at least try to save her friend’s life.

A little odd for the two of them to fall in love, isn’t it? Well, it wasn’t right away. When Torak was able to talk with Sarah, he complimented her on her strength but scorned her for her inability to show that same strength for her friend, who his doctors were able to save. It was there that the two of them fell in love. At least…what Akira was told by her mother, was that her father fell in love because of Sarah’s eyes and that she fell in love with him because he showed more compassion and caring for her than any other man she’s met and she knew that when Klingons meant something, they mean it to the core. Now her father says, her mother fell in love with him because of his strength and skills as a Klingon Warrior, and he fell in love with her because of how strong of a woman she was, stronger than any Klingon female he had ever met. And thus they got together, had a Klingon wedding, and settled on a Klingon border colony world where Sarah Rowe left Starfleet and managed their home and garden, while Torak continued his duties as an Officer of the Klingon Empire, who visited home quite often. And thus, Akira Torak Rowe was born on December 23, 2376.

Unfortunately, two years later, the colony was attacked by rogue elements of the Romulan Empire, least was the official statement sent to the Klingon Empire long after the attack happened, but Torak and many others refused to believe it. Nevertheless, Torak didn’t hear about the attack until hours later, and by the time he arrived, it was too late, the colony was in ruins. Now, his Klingon heart and voice roared with anger and demanded vengeance but his subconsciousness told him to search the home, to see with his own eyes whether his wife and daughter were alive or dead. So with much protest from the crew, Torak and a small party beamed down to his lands and searched his home, where he found his daughter, alive with a few cuts and scratches, crying over her mother’s limp body.

Akira grew up the rest of her years without her mother, under her father’s care, on board his vessel. It was harsh and rough for her, as the military cruiser was no place for a child, no comfort, nothing of the sort that a little girl needed. But the crew did pitch in to help teach her and take care of her, and as she grew older, the more she learned from the crew, eventually, she started to help out around the ship. But when she became the age of sixteen, her father became more difficult with his training sessions, sessions that he started out with her when she was twelve. She had learned almost everything she needed to know on how to use Klingon hand weapons, the Bat’leth and the Mek’leth, but her father pushed her and pushed her until one day, he nearly severed her right hand. As much as her father tried to apologize and explain his reasoning for the increased training, Akira wanted nothing more to do with him and insisted that he send her to her grandparents on Earth. A man who loved her and her mother with all his heart obeyed her requests and sent her away to her grandparents.

By the age of eighteen, Akira had spent enough time around her grandparents to learn enough about her mother, the history of Earth, the Federation, and Starfleet that she took the entrance exam and passed. From there on, Akira joined Starfleet Academy in 2394. Now not much could be said about her academy years, except that she would sleep around four to six hours a day and spend the rest of the day studying and training, making zero friends, and focusing on her work, assignments, and exams. She even applied for advanced training in multiple fields while her main focus was Operations. These fields included Flight Controls, Hangar Duties, Sensor Operations, Communication Operations, Transporter Operator Duties, and more. Every chance she got while at the Academy, she took on extra duties that she could to further add experience under her belt, which put a lot of strain on her, to the point that it did draw concerns up to the point that a counselor did get involved but somehow Akira managed to convince them that she was fine and simply wanted to better herself and push herself to be the best. With that, she graduated from Starfleet Academy in early 2398 at the top of her class and was then given the choice of her own assignment. Thus she chose the USS Paris.

Unfortunately, after a month or two on board a vessel, Akira would immediately request a transfer to another starship…and then another…and another until she came to a ship called the USS Centaur in late 2398, where she met Captain Carter. At first, she thought she felt at home on board, enjoying the small old vessel, having to self-diagnose systems and get her hands dirty to make sure things were working properly. She really felt at home. But after her third month on board, before she heard about the set of new officers that Carter had acquired, she requested an immediate transfer. Captain Carter did try to convince her to reconsider, but she would not change her mind and thus, transferred to the USS Adelaide, where she has been on board for a couple of months but is now already seeking immediate transfer to another vessel.

To her surprise, when she received her next assignment, she also ended up receiving a promotion. Of course, upon examination of the promotion letter she received, it was due to the period of time she has served in Starfleet, and the accumulated work she has done on all vessels she had previously served. Plus there was a recommendation from Captain Carter, which she did not entirely expect. Nevertheless, she is now currently serving on board the USS Europa as the Chief Operations Officer.

After one mission on the USS Europa, Akira, among other members of the crew, was transferred to the USS Columbia. This transfer, was not entirely Akira’s doing for once. Though she did believe that her initiative and enthusiasm of trying to prove that she is capable of doing a job that was likely meant for someone at a higher rank than her, to a Captain who had left, probably should have not presented her work to a Fleet Captain that quite frankly, did not choose the crew. Basically, she was trying to impress a Captain that was no longer there, and impressing someone else with a task meant for another person was counterproductive, the proof was in the pudding when she had to deal with a certain officer whom she hopes to forget. Nevertheless, she refrained from doing any more ‘improvements’ and just followed orders like a good soldier until the mission was completed.

Akira Rowe was then hand-picked by Captain Henry Maxwell, promoted to Lieutenant, and given Chief Operations position on board the USS Sovereign. Only a year later, after the Sovereign‘s last mission during the Blood Dilithium crisis, Rowe was once again hand-picked to be Chief of Operations on board Starbase 415.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2394 - 2395 Operations Training Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2395 - 2396 Operations Training Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2396 - 2397 Advance Operations Training Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2397 - 2398 Advance Operations Training Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2398 Operations Officer USS Paris
2398 Operations Officer USS Odawa
2398 Operations Officer USS Delhi
2398 - 2399 Operations Officer USS Centaur
2399 Operations Officer USS Adelaide
2399 Chief Operations Officer USS Europa
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2400 Chief Operations Officer USS Columbia
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2400 - 2401 Chief Operations USS Sovereign
2401 - Present Chief of Operations Starbase 415