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Part of USS Neptune: Darkness Comes Swiftly

Out Of Tragedy Rises The Neptune

USS Tesla
December 20, 2399
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(USS Tesla)

(Ryders Personal Quarters, 18:00)

(Starbase Bravo)

Michael was exhausted because the last mission had been taxing and he wasn’t sure if they would get the Tesla back to the Starbase. The last mission destroyed the ship’s integrity and now it was going to take months before the ship would be ready to fly again. Michael was worried about what was to happen next. 

He was sitting at his desk trying to figure out what he should do for his crew when he heard a chime on his personal computer. 

The holographic representation of Rear Admiral Zack Marshall-Bennet appeared.

Ryder was shocked to see the Rear-Admiral; it wasn’t the first time he had met the Admiral, but he had gotten paperwork from him and knew the man from that regard. 

“Admiral! What can I do for you?” He said somewhat shocked. 

Smirking at the captain, Bennet greeted the man. “Michael, how’d you like a trip on another ship?”

Michael raised his eyes. “Another ship really, Sir? Which one if I may ask?” 

The Neptune, in fact.” Bennet answered. “It would seem there’s been some shake-up and she’s in need of a new captain. You’re my nearest experienced captain, so I want you to take command of her. Get the lay of the land and prep her for launch. You can take the crew of the Tesla with you to supplement who is already there.”

Michael’s eyes widened in surprise “Yes, Sir! I’ve never stepped foot on a Vesta. I may need some information so I know where to get started.” He said with a chuckle. 

“I’m sending you everything we have on the Neptune, but I don’t want to spoil too many surprises.” Bennet shared with a wry smile. “I’ll be joining you for the commissioning ceremony and the official handing over of command to you.”

Michael nodded “I’m honored, Admiral.” 

“I’ll have my office coordinate with you shortly. Bennet out.” The admiral finished and his holographic version disappeared. 

Michael knew it was late, but he figured he should make an announcement to the crew. He tapped his comm badge “All Senior Officers available to the Conference room.” He said as he walked out of his quarters and quickly made his way to the conference room. As expected he was the first to arrive. He pulled up the Neptune’s logo and put it on the screen as he waited for the crew to arrive. 


(USS Tesla)

(Scarlet Fire Brewhouse)

Amanda had some free time and was spending her time in the Brewhouse drinking some exceptional Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It has been some time since she had been given the ability to just sit back and after the last mission she needed it. She was taking a sip when she heard the combadge chirp. She sighed after hearing the message. ‘Iz hay rilly makin’ us come tuh uh meetin’ thus late?’ She thought as she stood up looking over at Felicity. “Keep mah bottle Ah’ll bay back”

Felicity nodded as she wondered why the officer would be leaving this late just to come back. “I got you Amanda!” 

Amanda smiled and walked out of the Brewhouse quickly making her way to the conference room seeing Ryder she smiled and took her seat. 


(USS Tesla)

(Ruvoks Quarters)

Ruvok had been trying to meditate for the past few hours, but the attempt was failing because he couldn’t get the last mission out of his head. The hunt had almost killed him, but he beat the odds. He thought of Sumiko; he hadn’t been able to talk to her because she was on a mission, but he wanted to let her know what had happened. He was about to write her a message when he heard a combadge chirp. 

His eyebrow raised ‘What could that be at this time of the night?’ His question was answered when he heard Michael’s announcement for the senior staff. He knew the announcement had to be important for the Captain to disrupt the staff’s usual evenings. Ruvok quickly got his uniform on and made his way to the conference room. 


(USS Tesla)

(Kra’vaak’s Quarters)

The day had been long and Kra’vaak was exhausted, but he wanted to make sure he was in great shape for an upcoming Bat’leth tournament. He had won many tournaments and had to keep the streak going he had just grabbed his Bat’leth when he heard the chirp. He sighed and activated it to hear Michael requesting his presence. 

Kra’vaak had known Michael for a long time and knew there had to be a good reason for this unexpected meeting in the evening. He quickly composed himself and headed for the conference room already seeing many familiar faces. He nodded and waited to see what the Captain was wanting.


(USS Tesla)


Tahir had been hard at work with the yearly ship physicals and the information comprised in all of them. He had been working on them for the past few weeks and he was still lacking some crew. He was actually currently waiting for the next patient a new addition to the crew. Commander Peng the ship’s new Chief Science Officer. He watched as the new officer came through the doors and smiled. 

“Hello Commander, I will try to make this as quick…” before he could finish the sentence he heard the chirp on his and Peng’s commbadge.. They both listened for the call of all senior staff and looked at each other before shrugging.

“Looks like the physical is going to have to wait Doc.” Peng said with a heavy accent. 

Tahir smirked and nodded “Shall we?” he said motioning for Peng to go ahead. 

Peng nodded and led the way he had just arrived on the Tesla and was not well acquainted with the ship or the crew for that matter. He hadn’t even met the Senior Officers yet. That was supposed to be tomorrow but looked like that was going to change. He walked into the room with the doctor on his heels and sit down with the doctor sitting next to him. 


(USS Tesla)

(Officer’s Meeting Room)

Michael was pleased to see the quick response from the majority of the members of the Senior Staff. He knew his XO and a few others were off the ship with his approval. He would inform them as soon as they returned though he was sure they would hear the rumors upon arrival back. 

He looked at the group and smiled “Before I say anything I want to welcome Commander Xiao Peng, the ship’s new Chief Science Officer, and Second Officer, and not a moment too soon.” 

The looks from around the table were humorous to Michael. He keyed the screen and saw their eyes widen. “This is the USS Neptune and we have been asked to transfer to her. She is state-of-the-art and the newest variant in the fleet. We will begin the transfer immediately. I want you to begin getting your departments ready for the transfer. I will get you more information when I get it. I suggest you go get some rest the next few weeks will be busy for us.”

Ruvok nodded at the information and knew he needed to let Sumiko know about the exciting change. He nodded at the Captain and departed back to his quarters. He needed to message Sumiko, but he wanted sleep currently. So that was his decided course of action.

Amanda about passed out she had not expected such news to be announced. She had seen the Vesta classes specs and wanted to test her abilities and now she would have the chance to do just that. She knew the Captain wasn’t wanting questions so she made a mental note of what she would have to ask him when the time came. She nodded to the other staff bidding them goodnight and proceeded back to her quarters.

Kra’vaak just smiled and pounded the table which Michael just shook his head at. The information was not expected, but a ship that big would have to have an office for Kra’vaak, and for that he was excited. He knew that was a weird thing to be excited for, but that was his current feelings. He looked at the other members still in the room and could tell they were surprised. He looked at them “Best meeting in a while eh?” he said with a booming laugh. He stood up and walked out of the room heading for the gym to practice for the tournament.

Tahir and Peng looked at each other in utter disbelief being the two on the ship who was the newest the information was not expected as they had not even figured out the Tesla yet, but all things considered, it was best now they would learn on one ship and it would be the main one for them. They smiled at the captain with Peng shaking his hand before the two departed chatting amongst themselves.


Michael smiled and headed back to his quarters there was someone he needed to message and they needed to know before anyone else. That was the man who had taught him everything he knew to be in command, James Preston McCallister. He knew it was late, but he hoped that James was up. 

He activated the call and waited with bated breath to see if he would answer. The call had to go through many of the Federation’s deep subspace relay stations and then through the hyper-subspace relays deployed into the Delta Quadrant for McCallister’s ship to pick the call. Eventually, it went through and the image of Captain James Preston McCallister sitting in his ready room on the USS Odyssey appeared. 

“Captain Ryder, to what do I owe the pleasure?” McCallister said with a smirk before he picked up what appeared to be a mug with a hot beverage in it. Most likely tea. 

“I have some good news and some somewhat shocking news. I was asked to take command of the USS Neptune.” He said with a glint of excitement. 

“Congratulations Michael, who would have thought all that time ago that one of my senior cadets would be taking command of their second command so quickly. What do you know about the Neptune?” McCallister wondered. 

Ryder shook his head “I know absolutely nothing about the ship.” 

Chuckling at that answer, McCallister shook his head that his former star pupil had yet to look into his new command. “That’s not quite the adage you want to have going in Michael.” McCallister advised. “What about the crew? Do you know any of them?”

Michael nodded “I mean I only know the little bit of information I’ve researched, but a lot of the information is not openly accessed. I do know the crew because the Tesla crew in transferring to the ship with me.”

“Well that seems fortunate.” McCallister remarked. “I hate to rush our call, but we’re in the Delta Quadrant and I’m about to lead a shuttlecraft mission in exploring an uncharted nebula. Was there anything specifically you needed from me?”

Michael suppressed a frown. It wasn’t like McCallister to rush, but he understood and shook his head. “Nothing else, Sir just wanted for you to hear the news. I’d love for you to come visit once I’m settled.” 

“Once we’re back in your neck of the woods let’s organise something. Good luck and well done. Odyssey out.” McCallister stated before closing the channel. 

Michael smiled as the call ended before he got ready to head to bed and prepare for the next day.