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Profile Overview

Felicity Bowen

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Felicity


USS Neptune


Felicity is known for her fiery spirit and skill behind the bar. She is the moral booster for the Tesla and a personal friend of Savik. Her personality can sometimes make her seem unfriendly and her appearance isn’t what you’d usually see on Starfleet ships. She enjoys flirting with the Captain due to her relationship with him. She works as a double agent unknowingly to her old friend Michelle Oliver and reports all information to Michael.


Felicity was born in the sprawling state of California and grew up in the state. Her parents did not really care about what she did. From a young age she had enjoyed the nightlife of California and learned just what she could do. Her life was wonderful even without parents who really cared she had friends who taught her what she needed to know.

Once she was of age she became a bartender at a bar frequented by Starfleet cadets and officers. She became a morale booster for many and really found what she loves to do. She was quite a wild personality and decided to change her look. She first met Savik and Ryder at that bar. She had immediately taken a liking to Michael and began to attempt to flirt with him.

Felicity was persistent, but never got anywhere other than an occasional blush or hug from Michael. He told her he loved someone else, but never stopped coming into the bar. She believed he was torn and always showed his affection to her but in a way not easily noticeable. Felicity became an informant between cadets and officers to other individuals when they came into the bar.

She was known for making the best drinks in the area and many people came to see her skill. She also became close friends with Michelle Oliver who would come to trust Felicity more than she ever should have.

Felicity became the owner of the bar shortly after and was starting to branch out when she was surprisingly asked to become the bartender on the USS Tesla.

She was going to refuse the posting until she saw who was the Commanding Officer of the Tesla. This could be her chance for more. She left the bar in the hands of her capable manager and joined the Tesla.

She was contacted by Michelle to spy on the Tesla for her and agreed, but unknowingly to Michelle was going to double cross her and report the information to Michael.

Felicity would be the one thing Michael had not expected.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - 2400 Bartender USS Tesla
2400 - Present Owner of Scarlet Fire Brewhouse USS Neptune