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Old Flames

USS Tesla Scarlet Fire Brewhouse
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Michelle watched as the ship disappeared into the depths of the base and smiled it was time to contact her secret contact on the Tesla. An old friend and someone she knew she could trust. She had met Felicity while in the Academy and came to trust her with many pieces of personal information. She had been in contact with her but had not quite eluded to why she needed information about the Tesla. The whole plan she had thrived on being able to know where the Tesla would be at all times.


She quickly made her way to her personal part of the base and sealed the area off from any possible eavesdropping. She opened a comm channel to Felicity hoping she would answer.


((On the USS Tesla))

((Scarlet Fire Brewhouse))


The newly remodeled bar area on the Tesla was cozy, but also a widely popular area when officers and enlisted were off duty. It could have been to the inviting atmosphere, the perfect drinks, or the attractive redhead behind the counter, regardless Felicity made sure the crew was always comfortable in the Scarlet Fire Brewhouse. Felicity had programmed the food to be like traditional bar food and a very inviting area. She had tried to make it as close to her old bar in San Francisco but knew it needed its own special touch. She had tried to make it as cozy as possible and unlike most Starfleet ships she made it look as close to an actual bar as she could with the drinks behind her on shelves. She always had a piece of ambient music playing and found herself currently humming the toon that was currently playing.


She was the one smiling face on the Tesla that every crew member seemed to trust. The day had been productive and rather enjoyable she never really liked closing the bar, but also knew she needed to sleep. She was just cleaning up for the night when her comms beeped. 


She sighed and accepted the message on her wrist comm hearing a familiar voice. “Hi Felicity how’s tricks” came the smooth voice.


Felicity chuckled and shook her head before replying “Michelle, what are you doing calling me at this time of the evening.” She had quieted her voice not wanting anyone to hear who was calling her. Felicity knew why she had been contacted, but did not really want to let Michelle know she wasn’t being completely truthful.


“I just want to make sure the Tesla is still on course? You know I can’t be too careful.” Oliver retorted almost smugly.


Felicity had a secret, but she acted just as she always would when Michelle called her. “On course and expected to arrive as we had discussed.” 


A solitary reply of good came and the line was disconnected, which seemed to be Michelle’s goodbye no matter when she was talking to Felicity.


“Real personable there Michelle.” She muttered to herself as she made a not of the time of the call and the information that had been asked.” She had been trying to decide how to approach Michael with the information that Michelle wanted to cause some problems for the Tesla. She and Michael hadn’t spoken since the awkward goodbye when he graduated from the Academy. She was thinking maybe she needed to talk to Savik first, but she was trying to decide. The deep thought of seeing Michael had been eating at her and she wasn’t sure she would be able to not talk to him for much longer.


She was cleaning off the bar table and putting things away when a face appeared at the bar entrance. One she had not expected to see at least not at this time of the evening. It was Michael the one person she had wanted to see. 


She smiled and waved him in “Captain Ryder what can I do for you?”


Michael had been hammered with work throughout the day dealing with evaluations and reports. He had been dealing with a fight between himself and his wife and he just felt like he needed to let off some steam. He had thought of an adventure in the holodeck and was thinking that would be the plan. He was heading that way when he saw the bar and noticed Felicity hadn’t closed it yet. “Felicity” he thought. He hadn’t really said that name in a long time, but it had never really ever been forgotten. He started walking towards the bar.


He had been avoiding going to the bar because of his past feeling for Felicity, but he didn’t give it much thought tonight. He heard Felicity’s voice and the past started flooding his vision of the many countless nights there talking to her about everything and trying to hide the true feelings he had for her. He had not talked to her since that night he told her he was leaving. The look on her face was not something he ever forgot and seeing her now made those memories flood back stronger than he had ever expected them to.


Felicity looked back at Michael and noticed he had not moved “Uhh Captain are you ok?”


Michael snapped back to reality as he heard her voice and shook his head “Felicity your not a member of the crew just call me Mike as you always did in the past.”


Felicity smiled slightly and motioned for him to come closer to the bar laying a napkin down indicating a spot for him. “Well, it’s nice to see you, Mike. What brings you here? I haven’t seen you come here since I opened the bar…at your request.”


Michael sat down and nodded “I apologize for that Felicity probably not the best way to show you gratitude for coming and boosting the ship’s morale.” He looked up at her and continued talking “In truth Felicity, I wasn’t quite sure how I could face you after what happened when I finished the Academy.”


Felicity paused and couldn’t speak for a moment. She had not expected Michael to bring up a subject that had seemed to be like a forbidden subject. “Well, if I can ask what do you mean? You seemed to make it very clear where we stood.” She said as she finished his favorite drink a Long Island Iced Tea. She set it down in front of him and wiped her hands waiting to see what he was going to say. In all honesty, Felicity had never truly known his feelings, but she felt she was about to find out.


Micheal grabbed the drink and took a sip, as the drink hit his throat he could feel the warm burn as it went down. He smiled and looked at the glass than at Felicity. “Just as good as always Felicity.” He saw a slight bow from her than a chuckle. As Michael sat there he looked at Felicity seeing her bright hair and that face that had been in his mind since the day he left the bar making the decision he made.


“ Well, I never truly could admit my feeling to you because of Sophie and I am not quite sure if I should do so now, but after today I am to the point I don’t really care. What have I got to lose?” He said as he consumed the entire glass. “My guts if I keep drinking these.” He laughed “You want to join me?”


Felicity shook her head the same old Michael when it came to drinking. He could hold his alcohol, but he seemed to try and outdrink her, which never ended well for him. She poured two glasses of drink and moved to the front of the bar before sitting down beside Michael.


“What kinda life is it if we can’t regret the decisions we make? Cheers!” She said with a small laugh before taking a drink of the beverage. She wasn’t going to push the question she asked it was Michaels choice, but she figured that it was going to happen soon if he kept downing the drinks like he currently was.


Michael took another long drink and began to feel the buzzing which he hadn’t felt in a long time. Sophie never let him drink, but she wasn’t here in fact she wasn’t even on the ship. He looked at Felicity “So you asked me what I meant by trying to face you after the Academy.” He paused and took another long drink his judgment was still there and he wondered if he should tell her the truth. Sophie had been good to him…well most of the time, but things had just seemed to spiral after she decided to not stay with Michael upon his posting on the Tesla. She wanted to be able to work and a long-distance relationship wasn’t seeming to work so well. Michael was lonely and their talks had just been increasingly more volatile just like tonight. 


He looked back over at Felicity and realized it was time, to be honest regardless of the possible issues it could cause in the future. He took another drink and looked back over to her. “I always liked you, but I could never admit it. At the time I was torn if I should admit it to you. I mean that sounds stupid knowing how you looked at me and talked to me at the time.” 


Felicity could feel herself blushing and she quickly tried to look away but realized this was not the time to hide the truth she had wanted to hear for so long “I mean your not wrong I did try to make it pretty obvious to you that I had feelings. The notes to you while you sit there in front of me every night.” She took a long drink and realized that she could possibly get more information. “Hell, I even did it when you came in with Sophie and tried to ignore me.” She smirked and laughed.


Michael laughed and shook his head “You know how difficult that was to try and hide when you were telling me those things in notes that I had to read when she left the table.” Michael looked over and smiled “You knew how to make me catch feelings.” 


He took another drink and heard his stomach growl “Hey Felicity could you get me my regular?” 


Felicity nodded and headed to the replicator behind the bar and put in the order for Michael. She was currently happier than she could express though she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. She grabbed the plate and set it in front of Michael standing there smirking as she took a fry and ate it. It was something she did back in the days of the Academy. 


Michael stared her down as she took the fry off the plate, but wasn’t serious. He looked at the food and realized he hadn’t eaten this since the last time he had seen Felicity. He grabbed the burger in front of him and took a bite before taking another drink and looking back over at Felicity who was taking yet another fry. “You know I now know why I never had any fries left after looking away so many times from my food.” Michael knew the reason, but he had to pick on Felicity about it because it happened everytime he came around.


Felicity laughed and took another fry. “So what made you want to be honest with me about this after many years Mike?”


Michael stopped and indicated he needed another drink before he would continue and motioned for Felicity to come and sit back beside him again. After the drink was poured and another long drink added to the already somewhat intoxicated Michael he continued. “Sophie and I have not been doing so well and it just seems like each day gets worse. I have tried everything and it seems I can never make her happy. In the Academy she was different, but now…it’s always my fault and she never wants to come and see me.”


Felicity listened as she took another fry and drink listening to what Michael had to say knowing that what he was telling her wouldn’t be normal if he wasn’t so drunk. She was getting pretty drunk herself. She smiled and put an arm around Michael.


Michael finished the food and downed the drink in front of him. He had lost all judgment and was now to the point where he didn’t care he had told Felicity he had always liked her. He however didn’t expect for the words to come out of his mouth that did. “I think I always loved you, Felicity.”


Felicity stopped and was speechless it wasn’t that she didn’t feel the same way, but she had never expected Michael to admit that to her. She looked at him and gave him a kiss on the lips. It was something she had wanted to do for so long but never expected for this night to end the way it was seeming to go. Felicity had never admitted to anyone she liked Michael and she had never really liked anyone as she did him. It was a silly notion to some, but for her, it was everything she ever wanted and the patience had seemed to now pay off. Michael was the one person she joined Tesla for and the only person she wanted in her life long-term.


Michael felt the warmth of Felicity’s lips on him and he liked it.”How about we finish up here and go to your quarters?” He said after being planted with the kiss.


Felicity smiled and nodded cleaning up the bar and closing it before grabbing Michael’s hand and leading him towards her quarters.