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Michelle Oliver

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Oliver


Enemy of the Neptune
USS Neptune


Michelle has one goal in mind and that is personal vengeance against the Captain and Crew of the USS Tesla. After the foiling of her plans to ally with the Klingons Michelle is now focusing on Captain Ryder. Michelle’s past in Starfleet Intelligence makes her someone to be wary of. Michelle is cunning and has many connections to help her in her quest for vengeance.


Michelle was born into a family of wealthy shareholders, which made her a spoiled child from the start. She grew up being fed everything on a silver spoon so to speak. Her life was pretty easy, but she hated having no friends. Time and time again her parents would yell at her for trying to make friends, as they wanted her away from everyone they couldn’t monitor, which made Michelle even angrier. On a family trip to Monte Carlo, she met someone who would become a friend and that was Michael Ryder. Micelle would sneak away from her parent’s super boring events and meet Michael for times she would never forget.

Michelle kept in close contact with Michael through the years without her parents knowing about it. She had begun to realize there was more to her life than being a spoiled brat with all the things in life she could ever want. She and Michael had both of these things in common and it made talking to him a lot easier than it did with most other people she met. She took her spare time and learned the art of analyzing information on her computer. She found out that she liked it and made programs to help hold information for her to retain. She also learned how to shoot guns and loved the time away from her parents, which was not something her parents liked.

She finally realized she wanted something different and after talking to Michael decided she would take the entrance exam for Starfleet. After her parents many hours of trying to convince her not too she finally had enough and left home taking the bulk of the families assets leaving her family to see what life was like without all the comforts of the money they had hoarded for so long.

After which she enlisted in Starfleet and began her training in the Academy for Intelligence. Michelle excelled at the training for Intelligence while struggling at other classes like Engineering and Medical. She would have failed if not for some help from Michael and a group of his friends. Michael spent time in the holodeck with her training her in tactics and security, while shooting was a pastime for them as well. After four years she graduated and became an Ensign assigned to Starfleet Command as an Intelligence Analyst working to gather information on the Cardassians and the threat they could pose for the Federation.

Her work was top grade and she was noticed by many for the exceptional work she performed. She comprised many reports that helped in the fight against the Cardassians, which earned her Lieutenant Junior Grade. Michelle was asked to move into the area for information on the Delta Quadrant. She was then asked to go undercover in Starfleet due to a possible traitor in the midst of Command. After two years of investigation and getting close to the traitor Michelle had enough to charge them with treason.

As she went to confront the traitor they made her a counteroffer giving her the information they had and showing them the corruption of Starfleet. Michelle refused and they were arrested. The whole encounter was something that Michelle kept in the back of her head, but did not report.

Michelle was made a Lieutenant after two years of being undercover and moved from Starfleet Command to a Space Station she was made the Lead Intelligence Analyst on the station. Michelle worked hard to show she was worth putting in the new position. She was making progress on new reports when she was sent information that changed everything after many faithful years in Starfleet.

The report stated her family had been killed in an accidental raid to find undercover agents of the enemy. Michelle knew at that moment she could not be a part of the Federation any longer. She was promoted to Lieutenant Commander a year and had already begun the dark descent into the underground. Michelle took all the information she could including that of the traitor which she had hidden in her system and she left Starfleet.

She had commissioned the building of a high-tech state-of-the-art facility on a fringe world, which with the money from her parents she could afford. The planet was covered by oceans and made for perfect cover from detection. The base was built underwater and housed all Michelle would need including the servers that hid her information and the databases she had created. It also included an AI and security measures that were not to be messed with. Michelle began brokering information she had gathered, but only in small amounts that yielded no help to those who requested it.

Michelle had begun to broker an alliance with the Klingons at the time of the Archanis Campaign and had encountered Michael who she had not talked to in a long time. She tried to trick him, but the attempts did not work and the alliance with the Klingons fell through after the destruction of the fleet escorting her to destroy a Federation outpost. She escaped with her life and from then on vowed to make the life of Michael Ryder a living hell.

Michelle is currently in hiding but will return and when she does the life of the Tesla will not be the same.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2389 Intelligence Analyst Starfleet Command
2389 - 2391 Undercover Officer Starfleet Command
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2391 - 2395 Lead Intelligence Analyst Deep Space 25
2395 - 2397 Lead Intelligence Analyst Deep Space 25
Lieutenant Commander
2397 - 2399 Independent Spy and Broker IKS D'Kara
2399 - Present Independent Spy and Broker Unknown