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Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

Honey, We’re Home

USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
October 2399
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Makayla looked around the room, they were still waiting on the two security officers to arrive. Jeesa and Damir were talking with each other as they waited while Jheria just stood there quietly waiting. Adams herself kept playing different scenarios around in her head of both things that could possibly go wrong or smoothly. After a few moments, the doors to the transporter room opened and the two security guards walked in.

“What are you doing here Lieutenant,” she said as she noticed Dazra was among the security team. “I decided that I would be one of the lookouts Captain,” Dazra said as the other security officer just shrugged and joined the group.

Letting out a frustrated sigh she replied while looking at her sternly, “alright but I expect you to follow orders Lieutenant, I don’t want a repeat of the incident on the bridge.” She warned Dazra as she was not happy about the continuous insubordination that she has a habit of doing. “Aye sir,” Dazra replied as the Captain spoke up again while pressing a button on the padd to bring up the holographic image of the planet below.

“We will beam down here,” she pointed to the spot on the map before continuing. “As you very well know we will have to walk to the entrance of the cave due to the damping field that is in place. Dazra you will lead the away team up the mountain while Ensign Morgan tails behind making sure we have not been spotted or are being followed.” She said as everyone started to listen to the instructions.

“This will be a long journey so I hope you all packed water to drink to keep yourself hydrated. From our scans, it seems that they are in what Earth would call their mid-summer and the temps can be as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit.” Adams paused for a moment before continuing.

“Once we reached the cave, the two security officers will remain at the opening while Commander Jahraus leads the way to where the Tkon technology is supposedly located according to our sensor readings. Once we have located the tech we will begin to see if we can move the equipment to the ship if so we will tag it for the transporter to get a lock on, or if we have to examine it from where it is. Jheria will be the one to determine that.” She replied before Jeesa spoke up and asked a question.

“What if it can’t be moved what will we do then?” She asked.

“We will try accessing the information where it is with the help of Jheria, we will download anything we can to be examined more onboard the Vesta. But, be prepared as we don’t know what we will be dealing with. Tkon technology is tricky and there might be some protection that we don’t know about that can cause issues accessing the information. Hopefully, Jheria can bypass those if they are any.” She replied looking at Jeesa who nodded.

“Once we got what we came for, we will return to the Vesta.” She finished looking at the officers that were present. “Any more questions?” she asked looking at them, they looked at each other and shook their heads. Adams nodded and shut down her padd placing it in her backpack. “Alright, well we better get going.” She said as they all stepped onto the transporter padd and looked at the chief.

“Energize,” Adams ordered as the Chief nodded pressing a few buttons on the console and the away team had started to disappear from the ship only to appear at their coordinates on the planet below. Taking a moment to gather her surroundings and pulling out a small tricorder she scanned the area.

“Alright were clear no signs of the inhabitance anywhere near this large mountain,” Adams said as she looked at the size and where the trail would start. “Well, let’s get moving.” She said as Dazra started to lead them up the mountain to where the opening of the cave was. Adams was right behind her followed by the rest, ending with Ensign Morgan trailing behind them keeping active scans of the area.