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Part of USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Horizon and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

The Long and Lonely Dark

Location: Gamma Quadrant - A few days outside of Angelikós USS Heracles
Stardate: 74510.65 Time: 0852 hours
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Stardate: 74510.65


Time: 0852 hours


Location: Gamma Quadrant – A few days outside of Angelikós


USS Heracles


It has been several weeks since the crew of the Heracles had been in orbit around Megara. Vausees had contacted Thý’ella a few days ago and asked her if they could use the Angelikós system, which Zozzak, her Chief Science Officer, had designated. He made sure that it was logged into the ship’s memory banks.


Thý’ella had given Vausees permission; she even liked how Vausees crew member had named the system. That had been a few days ago. Vausees sat in the Command seat and her focus was on the main viewscreen. The darkness was vast before them as they moved through it, under impulse. 


A hand came down on her shoulder and she looked over and saw Debrah. She cocked her head to the side.


“Captain, Zozzak, has informed us that he has decoded only a portion of the data that we collected from Megara.”


Vausees nodded as she returned her attention to the viewscreen. She did not like how long it was taking to decode the information this time. “Thank you Miss Fergouson,” she said, “Let him know that I am proud of his work and to keep it up.” Debrah nodded as she relayed the message before she called for her assistant.


Debrah stood in front of her Captain. “Vausees.”


Vausees looked away from the viewscreen. Her light blue eyes looked into Debrah’s bright green eyes. She stood up knowing exactly what Debrah wanted. She looked at Cody who had been sitting next to her. “Cody the bridge is yours, inform me immediately if Zozzak completes the decoding.”


Cody looked up from the holopad that he had brought with him and nodded to her. “Have fun you two.” he said as they left the bridge.




Vausees and Debrah sat cuddled in their quarters. Vausees had her arm’s this time around Debrah as they sat together. Debrah looked up at Vausees.


“Penny for your thoughts?”


“I am not sure what it is but I feel like something is off.”


Debrah raised up and turned to look into her eyes. 


“What do you mean?” She asked as she continued to look at her.


“I am not a very patient person, babe,” she said as she caressed the side of Debrah’s face.


Debrah closed her eyes to the touch, “You’re waiting for something to happen. Like what happened on Archanis V.”


Vausees nodded; she had a bad experience with relationships, let alone romantic ones. She knew that Debrah knew about them and that she was glad that she was accepting about her past.


“You don’t have to be so worried about us, Vausees,” she said as she lowered herself back into her body. 


Vausees closed her eyes and thought to herself, ‘I hope you are right.’




Zozzak had lowered his head a few hours ago as the dull hum from the Warp Core lulled him to sleep. He had just started to dream when the computer chirmed at him. He cracked his eyes open and looked up at the holographic display. His head snapped up as he looked at the display. An excitement consumed him as he read the displayed information. Reaching over he tapped the controls next to the display.


“Lieutenant Zozzak to the Bridge.”


Cody had been looking over the day shift logs when the intercom on the bridge sounded. He listened for a moment and responded. 


Zozzak was in such excitement that he stammered over his findings, and Cody had to have him take a couple of deep breaths before he could repeat what he had found on the data that they had recovered from Megara.


Cody smiled from ear to ear as he listened to what the Lieutenant had to say. He then ordered Zozzak to report to the Conference Room. As the intercom disconnected he tapped a white glowing holographic icon on the armrest.


“Captain Vausees.”




Vausees and Debrah had been under the covers when the chime came through to their quarters. Debrah had heard it and with her eyes still closed answered for Vausees. “She is asleep, Commander, what can I do for you?” she asked. 


Cody was caught off guard for a moment, “I have some news for her,” he stated as he leaned back in the Command seat.


Vausees placed a hand on Debrah’s back, “Zozzak,” is all that she said as she laid there in the warmth of their bed.


Cody nodded as he confirmed. “Seems like he might have found something of great use to the Federation,” he said as he sat there, “I have ordered him to meet in the Conference Room.”


Vausees sat up and looked at Debrah, her bright green eyes glowed in the dim lighting of their room. A smile crossed both of their mouths as they sat there for a moment.


“We will be there shortly, Commander,” Debrah said as she closed the intercom in their room.




Vausees sat in her comfortable leather bound chair as she listened to her Chief Science Officer explain his findings. On a holographic display was a hovering upper torso of Thý’ella; she had been contacted via the newly established hyperspace communications network that surrounded the Angelikós system. Debrah had moved one of the seats away from the table and into a slightly darkened corner. She had chosen to remain silent during this conference. 


Zozzak explained how another map was hidden in the data that they had recovered and how the computer had found it using the information that Thý’ella had given them. He also stated that it appeared that each outpost had a small portion of a larger map. He brought up his findings on the room’s main display.


On the display, a rotating image of the Gamma Quadrant came into view. It showed all of what the Federation had discovered so far, as well as Angelikós, which was surrounded by a lot of lonely darkness. Zozzak then tapped on a PADD and the two maps that had been discovered, one from Thý’ella and the other from the away team that had been on Megara. A flight play could be seen as soon as the two maps were displayed. 


“It seems as if these two maps coincided with each other,” he stated in an excited tone as he had been waiting to state this to his Captain.


Vausees looked over the Chiefs findings and then up at him. “Chief, pardon me, but I do not see our next destination,” she stated as she looked at him.


He shook his head as she stated this to him. “I know,” he stated, “but I am confident that the computer can extrapolate the course that this person had used,” he said as he once more tapped on the PADD. Sure enough the computer came up with several possible course plots. One of which passed near a system that had one “M” class planet in its system.


“Good work, Lieutenant,” she said as she stood up. “Thý’ella, we will have ourselves a peek into this system and if anything comes up I will contact you.”


Thý’ella nodded and the holographic image of her disappeared. Vausees looked at the group that was at the table. Her excitement showed on her face. She looked over at Trever, “Set the course Lieutenant.” He nodded as he sat there.


When no one moved she nodded, “Dismissed.”