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Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon


USS Vesta, Devron Fleet Yards, Devron System
October 2399
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The conference room was large and spacious with one large table in the middle of the room, a large screen on the wall nearest the head of the table where the Captain usually sat. There was a small kitchenette area where fresh pastries were laid out, as well as drinks ranging from coffee, water as well as teas for her senior staff. Chief Petty Officer Katie Niko had finished laying out the padds at each seat. Once finished she left the conference room.

Tajir Derohl was the first to enter, noticing that there were drinks and pastries he helped himself before he took his seat next to where the Captain would be sitting. Taking a sip, he sat there lost in thought before being brought back to reality when the doors opened to reveal Deza Airje. She nodded to him as she took a seat, she did notice that there were refreshments but just had her cup of tea for the morning already.

Chon’al and Odan were talking to each other as they entered the room, nodding to both Tajir and Airje they grabbed what they wanted and took their seats. “Any idea of what this meeting is about Commander?” Chon’al asked looking at Tajir who just shook his head as he had no clue, “the Captain has not shared any details so we will all be finding out together.” Tajir replied before taking a bite of his pastry before setting it back down on the napkin.

“That seems to be the theme lately,” Odan said as he took a drink.

Dazra quietly walked in followed shortly behind was Jheria who both took their seats after grabbing a drink. “I thought you got lost down there in engineering I haven’t seen you in a few days,” Odan replied with a chuckle as Jheria just rolled her eyes at the Bolian. “I could have stayed in there too if it wasn’t for this meeting,” Jheria replied in annoyance as she had work that needed to be done.

Dazra looked at the Andorian, “I am sure you will get back there soon enough.” She had served with Jheria onboard Guardian Station though they really never spoke with one another she remembered her from their time on the station. Jheria just rolled her eyes and sat there quietly as the doors parted again revealing both Jeesa Atur and Teila Zoran.

They both looked at where the food and drinks were, grabbing what they wanted they grabbed their seats. Tajir nodded at the new arrival, “welcome aboard Commander.” Tajir replied with a smile as Teila nodded a thank you before they started talking again while waiting for the briefing to start.

Other than the Captain, James was the last one to arrive as he just finished talking with Adams before coming here. Nodding to the rest of the senior staff he just quietly took his seat and waited for the Captain to arrive. James didn’t really see the need for him to be at the briefing as it really didn’t have much to do with him, or at least it usually never involves a counselor just that he was on the senior staff.

While they were waiting they sat amongst each other and chit-chatted, Tajir was the quieter of the bunch looking at the time. Wondering where the Captain was as it was unusual for her to be late to a briefing. Deza noticed that Tajir had a concerned look on his face and decided to speak up.

“What is bothering you Tajir?” She asked as she shifted in her seat to face him which caused him to come back to reality and look back at the Bajoran woman. “Just thinking, and wondering why the Captain is late,” Tajir replied back before looking down at his coffee for a moment before picking it up and taking a drink.

James overheard and decided to speak up, “she was about to come when she was stopped by another officer in blue though I am not sure who it was it seems she knew who he was.” James shrugged causing Tajir to raise an eyebrow, “it seems like the Captain is popular today” came the response from Teila with a bright smile.

“So it would seem,” he replied back before going quiet again.

After a short time, the doors opened up to reveal Adams and another newcomer Lieutenant Commander Damir Jahraus walk in. He quickly took a seat at the empty chair while Adams took her seat at the head.

After a brief moment of silence, she spoke up, “as you are all aware we did lose two crewmembers both Lieutenant Rar and Commander Kriia.” She said as she looked at the new arrivals as well as the one she promoted. “Lieutenant Jeesa Atur has stepped up to be our Chief Science Officer.” She said as Atur smiled and nodded to everyone, “Commander Teila Zoran has been assigned as our Chief Medical Officer and Lieutenant Commander James Wright has been assigned as our Chief Counselor.” She introduced the two new people aboard the Vesta as everyone nodded to them as a welcome.

Adams didn’t introduce Jahraus yet but would in a few minutes after she briefed them on their new mission. “Who here has ever heard about the Tkon Empire?” She asked which caused some glances. “Weren’t they a race that went extinct some thousands of years ago?” Dazra spoke up trying to remember what she read during her academy years. 

Adams nodded as she went on to explain about the Tkon, what information they did know which was very little. “There is something going on within a system that is beyond the Galactic Barrier though I can not explain those details with you as that is classified,” Adams added looking at them as they seemed to be following the best they could.

“What does that have to do with us?” Jeesa spoke up more out of curiosity as to where this was going. 

“Command wants us to hunt down Tkon technology, archives, anything that we find that would give us more clues as to who they were.” Adams began as she paused for a brief moment looking at everyone. Now was a good of a time to introduce their guest that has all but sat there quietly. “This is Lieutenant Commander Damir Jahraus who is an Archaeologist who will be joining us for this mission,” Adams said as Damir stood up to take over part of the briefing.

Walking up to the screen he tapped a few buttons to show the scans from Kepara, “while the USS Lune was in orbit of Kepara he uncovered something of interest within what seems to be a giant cave within the mountain found here.” Pointing to the spot on the screen. “It is reasonable to believe that there is technology down there that are from the Tkon who once inhabited the planet, or believed to have inhabited,” Damir said looking at everyone.

“What does that have to do with us?” Tajir asked as Damir looked at him but before he could speak up Adams chimed in. “We will be heading back to Kepara to find this technology and bring it onboard the Vesta,” Adams replied as everyone shot a look at the Captain.

“You got to be joking,” Tajir replied looking in shock at what was just said.

“We will be breaking the Prime Directive,” Airje paused before continuing on with the last part of the sentence “again.” 

“All known directives have been rescinded due to the nature of the mission that part of it is still classified.” Adams instructed her crew yet again about the need to trust her, “We got lucky the last time Captain, but do you really think we can come unscathed this time especially by going down to the planet? Do you realize what we would be risking?” Tajir added to the conversation.

“Commander Kriia and her medical team were able to get a full medical workup while they were asleep.” Adams said as she pulled up another screen, “They look exactly like humans, and only myself, Damir and Jeesa will be going down to the planet dressed to blend in with the populace.” Adams said as she could tell Tajir and the others were apprehensive.

“Do you really think it is wise for you to go down Captain?” Tajir questioned, though she was expecting it. “Yes, and I am not debating this” Adams replied as Tajir was going to speak but she held up her hand. “I need you here on the Vesta, to keep an eye on things above the planet.” Adams said looking at him as he sighed in frustration, “fine” he replied before Damir spoke up again.

“We will beam down here just behind this mountain where it will be less likely to be seen, we will hike to the entrance of the cave which is about a good two hours,” Damir replied looking at everyone.

“Couldn’t you get them closer?” Jheria spoke up after being quiet.

Damir shook his head, “there seems to be a scattering field in place that is going to cause issues beaming directly down close to the entrance.” Damir replied, “Then how will we beam anything up if you find what you’re looking for?” Jheria asked though she just asked a dumb question but just asked it anyway.

“We will bring pattern enhancers down with us where we can set up to beam anything we find including ourselves out.” Damir replied as Dazra spoke up, “shouldn’t you bring a security detail with as lookout in case you get seen and are followed?” She asked as Adams pondered that, “very well pick out two from your team to go with, Commander Teila will do any coverups if needed.” Adams replied looking at the Doctor who just nodded in return.

“Once we are inside we will search for anything Tkon, set up the enhancers, and tag the equipment to be brought back on board in cargo bay one.” Adams replied looking around, “Commander Jahraus, myself, and Lieutenant Atur will be the only ones to have access to this technology once onboard.” Adams replied, “we are hoping this will be an in and out operation where the inhabitance is none the wiser.” Adams looking at her senior staff who were still in disbelief as to what they were going to be doing. 

“I don’t like this at all Captain, but will follow if it’s that important.” Tajir sighed looking at her, she really didn’t like it as much as Tajir but, she had been given orders she was going to follow.

“Any questions?” She asked looking at them as they shook their head.

“Very well, Airje set a course back to Kepara at maximum warp.” Adams ordered as Airje nodded, “aye sir.”

“Dismissed,” she said as everyone stood up and headed out of the conference room as Adams stayed behind looking at the screen behind her lost in thought. She could tell that no one was happy about this mission and how unordinary it was. She couldn’t get past the ethical part of all this, but what she knew and her crew didn’t she knew what they had to do.

After a few moments, Katie came back in to clean up noticing that the Captain was still in there. “Sorry, I can come back” Katie replied as Adams looked at her and shook her head. “No, no I am just leaving,” Adams replied as she got up and headed out herself and headed out onto the bridge and took her seat in her chair as they departed Devron Fleet Yards and headed back to the Kepara System.