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Devron Fleet Yards, Devron System
October 2399
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After arriving back to Devron Fleet Yards a few days prior to begin resupply, she learned that Lieutenant Rar would be leaving. Which didn’t surprise her after the incident which landed her in the brig which would under normal circumstances been a court marshall but ended up being a slap on the wrist and a reprimand on her record. 

Sitting in her ready room writing reports, signing supply deliveries, and other items that needed to be done. The door chime broke the silence as she looked up and raised an eyebrow “come in,” she replied as the doors opened to show Commander Kriia.

This was unusual for Kriia to visit her in her ready room, “what can I do for you, Commander?” Adams asked motioning for her to take a seat. “I’ll stand if you don’t mind, this will be quick.” She responded as the doors closed behind her, “I am leaving the Vesta effective immediately.” Kriia got straight to the point which took Adams by surprise.

“What do you mean you are leaving?” She said as she looked at Kriia who had been her friend and Assistant Chief Medical Officer before her promotion to Chief and assignment to the Vesta.

“I put in a transfer request, I can’t discuss why,” Kriia replied looking at the Captain.

“I expected Rar to leave, but not you too,” Adams replied looking at her with shock. “We have been through too much over the last few years.” Replied Adams as she let out a loud sigh.

“I know sir, and I am grateful to you and this crew,” she said shifting her weight. 

Standing up and walking around her desk she came up close to Kriia, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Is there anything I can do for you to change your mind?” Adams asked as she didn’t want to lose a good doctor.

Kriia smiled at the gesture shaking her head, “no sir.” Kriia replied, sighing she nodded. “We will miss you, Commander, I wish you all the best,” Adams replied as she looked at her for a brief moment. “Thank you, Captain, I better go pack I am due on a transport within the next couple hours,” Kriia said as they said their goodbyes, and Kriia walked out of the office.

Walking to the window, looking out she let out a sigh. “What’s bothering you, Captain?” Tajir said as he entered just as Kriia exited so Adams didn’t see him enter. After almost jumping out of her skin she looked back at him.

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to startle you, sir,” Tajir replied as she waved a hand dismissively before replying. “Well you know we lost Lieutenant Rar, which wasn’t all that surprising but, Commander Kriia just informed me she is transferring to another assignment.” Adams replied as Tajir looked shocked, “I wasn’t expecting that.” He replied as Adams agreed.

“Now we need to find their replacements,” Makayla replied as she sat down on the couch. “Do you have any suggestions?” She asked Tajir who walked over to join her, “well Lieutenant Atur who has been working under Lieutenant Rar now for a while and has shown the skills needed.” Tajir began looking at her who sat there and pondered what was said. 

“Alright, any idea about a doctor?” Adams asked as Tajir shook his head, “Lieutenant S’Ran has no interest in moving up, he is content to stay where he is at.” Tajir replied looking at her as she nodded, “he has said that numerous times in conversations.” Adams commented back, “well looks like I’ll be putting in a request for a new Chief then.” Adams said as she walked over to her desk and sat down.

She pulled up the file for Lieutenant Atur and began to glance it over before she spoke up, “have her report to my office.” She replied as Tajir nodded walking out onto the bridge. 

Just as she was finishing reading Jeesa Atur’s service record the door chimed causing her to look up, “enter.” Adams replied as the doors opened to reveal the Lieutenant, “you requested to see me, sir?” She asked as the doors closed behind her as soon as she walked in.

“Ah yes, please take a seat” motioning for the open chair in front of her desk. “As you know Lieutenant Rar has decided to leave the Vesta, which means we need a chief,” Adams replied as Jeesa sat down in the chair but didn’t say anything but just nodded.

“After careful review, I am promoting you to take over as Chief Science Officer effective immediately.” Adams said looking up from the report to see the shocked look on Atur’s face, “uh thank you sir I wasn’t expecting that.” Jeesa replied still stunned, “you proven you have what it takes and your smart, and I need someone like you on the senior staff.” Adams said reassuringly as she stood up, “I would take this time to check in with your staff and settled. If you need anything my door is always open,” shaking her hand before dismissing the Lieutenant who walked out, trying to keep a cool face but one could see the smile on her face as she exited.

Sitting back down she sighed as she leaned back the chair, events replaying in her mind. “Captain you have a message coming in from Captain Dex,” Tajir replied over the comm channel which was unusual but Odan was off the bridge making sure things were in check with the intake of supplies. 

“Patch it through to my office,” Adams replied as a moment later her computer changed from the Federation emblem to the face of Azras Dex. “Ah, Captain what can I do for you?” Adams asked as she looked at her, “good morning to you too Captain,” she chuckled for a brief moment but could tell something was bothering her.

“Could you come to my office, there are some matters I want to speak to you about in person rather than this.” Azras replied as Adams raised an eyebrow, “understood.” Adams responded as the communication ended as quickly as it started. Getting up from the desk she headed out of her ready room heading to the turbo lift.

“I’ll be in a meeting with Captain Dex on Devron,” Adams said as the turbo lift doors closed behind her leaving Tajir in charge making sure things continue to run smoothly. He wondered if they were getting new orders, what kind of situation would they face next.