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Part of USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Omega and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Promotions, Celebration, and Relationships

Location: Alpha Quadrant - Deep Space Nine USS Heracles
Stardate: 74428.94 Time: 2050 hours
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Stardate: 74428.94


Time: 2050 hours


Location: Alpha Quadrant – Deep Space Nine


USS Heracles


Vausees looked up from the now closed monitor to a woman dressed in a yellow tunic. She turned to her replicator and punched in her Command code. A trio of solid gold colored pips appeared out of a material stream. She reached in and picked them up, she then turned and looked at the woman.


“Commander Fergouson,” she said to the woman that was now standing at attention in front of her. Vausees looked into the bright green eyes of her new Chief Security and Tactical Officer. On the outside Vausees was calm cool and in control but on the inside she was a mess as this woman was making her inside feel like jello as she stood there in a perfectly pressed uniform, no doubt done by the replicator on the Commander’s request. “I am authorized by Admiral Ross, of Starfleet Command,” she stated as her hand started to betray her and shake.


Debrah saw the shake for a split second and placed her own shaking hands on Vausees. She leaned in and whispered, “I know what you are feeling, Vausees,” she said using Vausees name instead of Captain. She was lucky that the two had been alone as this meeting was only designated for them. 


Vausees pulled back slightly so that she could look into Debrahs eyes. The usual bright green that she has seen on the viewscreen was lighter than usual. She made a mental note of that as she gently slipped her hands out of Debrah’s. Taking a deep breath she slowly let it out as she placed the pips onto Debrah’s chest. “Welcome aboard, Commander Fergouson,” her voice hitched slightly as she spoke, which caused her cheeks to flush slightly. 


“Thank you, Captain.” Fergouson replied as she stood there.


“Report to the Officers Lounge for further events, Commander.” Vausees ordered as she took her seat.


“Aye, Captain.” Fergouson replied as she faced and headed for the door. “See you there?” She asked Vausees as the door hissed open onto the bridge.


Vausees looked up from the log that she had to finish and smiled before she nodded.




Vausees smiled at Zazzuit as she announced that she had been given her own command per the request of Admiral Ross. This caused Zazzuit to relax as she now realized why Cody was now the Executive Officer aboard the Heracles and not her. 


“I will do my best Captain.” Zazzuit said as she stood there with four gold pips on her chest. 


“I know you will my old friend,” she said as she shook her hand, “Don’t be afraid to call me if you need advice, not that you do,” she stated as she let go of Zazzuit’s hand.


Vausees then turned to the Specialist. “Ensign Skirak, will you please step forward. Master Chief Charles will you also please step forward,” she ordered to both of them.


This caught both of them off guard as they had both had their faces buried in plates of food. Charles looked at Skirak, having learned from his new Xindi counterpart that he had spoken to Admiral Ross and requested to stay aboard the Heracles, and their name. Skirak had also chosen to self-identify as a male even though his species did not self-identify.

After they both wiped off their hands they stood up and walked over to Vausees. Vausees looked at Charles and indicated that he needed to stand next to her, he did as requested. Vausees then turned and faced the group in the lounge.


“As you all know, other than Commander Fergouson, our newest addition to our family is one that had been on loan, so to speak, to us from Starfleet command,” she stated as she looked around the room coming to a rest on Skirak, “I have come to learn that he has requested to stay aboard the Heracles and had joined Chief Charles in Engineering,” she smiled at Skirak as she turned to face him. “I have been authorized by Admiral Ross to add a pip to your chest, Sir,” ste announced to Skirak, “However, I believe it would be most honorable if Master Chief Charles Tanner would do the honors.” Vausees stated as she turned to Charles and held out a single solid black pip.


Charles looked at Vausees for a moment in bewilderment and then smiled as he reached into her hand and removed the pip from her palm. He then took a step forward and then turned to Skirak. “Ensign Skirak, it’s my pleasure and honor to present this black pip to you,” he stated as he attached the pip to Skirak’s chest, and next to the single gold pip. “Welcome aboard Lieutenant J G Skirak to the USS Heracles.”


Everyone in the lounge then began to clap as Charles placed a hand on the Lieutenants shoulder as he should his hand. Vausees then took a step away from the two and turned in a slow tight circle as she looked at everyone.


“Now let us celebrate with all of those here and those that are about to leave us,” she said, “that’s an order.” She grinned as she stepped away and toward a table that was covered in a white tablecloth and adorned with a variety of foods.