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Part of USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Omega and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Seek and Destroy

Location: Gamma Quadrant - Hunter Sector USS Heracles
Stardate: 74428.17 Time: 1330 hours
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Stardate: 74428.17


Time: 1330 hours


Location: Gamma Quadrant – Hunter Sector


USS Heracles


Trever began a countdown from ten as he hovered his fingers over the holographic console warp controls that were in front of him. As soon as his countdown hit zero he slid his fingers over the glowing icons that indicated the warp core and brought them down to the impulse portion of the Heracles’ propulsion. The Heracles dropped out of its warp bubble just inside of the Hunter Sector, as its impulse engines took over.


Trever turned to Vausees, “We have arrived at the location. Welcome to Hunter Sector, Captain,” he stated as he turned back to the main viewscreen.


Vausees had returned to the bridge over an hour ago and had sat patiently as the Heracles flowed through space in its warp cocoon. She smiled as the ship had appeared in the sector that she had ordered. She looked at Trever, “All stop and hold here,” she ordered as she stood up and turned to look at Jonton for a moment. Her eyes then ventured to Zazzuit and she nodded as she turned to look back at the main screen.


“Jonton, scan the area for Federation ships,” she ordered her Chief Operations Officer.


“Aye, Captain,” he responded to Vausees, as his fingers flew over the console before him as he issued commands into the sensor array. Immediately he got a return. He looked up at his Captain. “One ship just on the edge of our sensor’s range, Captain,” he stated as his eyes also took in a second ping. “There is something else out there as well,” he informed her as he looked up at Vausees from his post behind her seat.


“Define something, Lieutenant?” she asked, her eyes still on the man.


Jonton shook his head, “Sorry, Captain,” he said as he looked up, “I am unable to, as we are too far away.”


“Are we close enough to hail that ship?” she asked Jonton.


He looked again at his console, “No, Captain,” he stated. “We are just outside of our hailing range.”


Vausees took her seat as she thought about what she could do at this point.


“Zazzuit the bridge is yours,” she stated as she stood up and moved toward the main lift.


Zazzuit looked at Vausees as she moved toward the lift, “Captain?”


“Zazzuit, you are starting to annoy me with your constant questioning my movements.” Vausees stated as she looked back at her friend. 


Zazzuit bit her lip and nodded, “Aye, Captain,” she acknowledged toward the shift of command to her. 



Location: Gamma Quadrant – two sectors past Hunter

UFP Freighter Torgus

Fergouson had her eyes glued to the pulsating Federation symbol on the Navigation console that she found herself at. 


“What are you waiting for?” she said to herself as she looked at the distance between both ships. “So close yet just out of range of hailing,” she stated with a sigh. 




Location: Gamma Quadrant – Hunter Sector


USS Heracles


Vausees sighed as she walked out of the lift, having come from the Engineering Deck. She was slightly disappointed with the progress that Charles and the Specialist had made in the twenty- four plus hours that it had taken them to get to where they were. Charles had told her that they both would need another three hours before all of the torpedoes and the resonating chamber would be ready. 


Now here she was in the main hangar. She was heading for one of the shuttles that was on board. As she neared the shuttle her eyes settled on the four remaining valkyries that she had requested to remain on board, and a pair of legs that were sticking out of the bottom of one of them. 


Vausees paused for a moment, “Computer, what time is it?”


“1340 hours,” the computer replied.


This confused Vausees as no one was supposed to be in the main hangar at this time. Taking a step toward the legs she stopped just short of them and cleared her voice. 


“I know it’s you Captain Vax,” came a soft voice from under the valkyrie as the legs started to move toward Vausees, showing more of the person underneath.


Suddenly four pips could be seen and Vausees immediately knew who had been under the ship before her face could be seen.


“Captain Roberts.” Vausees acknowledged as she held out a hand for the woman. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you,” she said as Kelsie took her hand and with Vausees help pulled herself onto her feet.


Kelsie looked at Vausees, for a moment and nodded her head. 


“I can see that you are busy, Captain,” she stated as she turned her back toward Vausees.


Normally this would have infuriated Vausees at the sign of disrespect that this woman had just shown her. However, right now she needs to contend with a matter of utmost priority.


As she turned and walked toward the shuttle she stopped and with her back to Kelsie she spoke, “Captain, stop what you’re doing and join me,” she ordered.


Kelsie placed her hands on the edge of the open cockpit and squeezed as she slowly let out her breath. She turned and picked up a rag and wiped off her hands, and joined Vausees on the shuttle.


Once the shuttle left the Heracles, Vausees contacted the bridge, “Zazzuit, don’t blow my ship up please,” she said jokingly.


Zazzuit lowered her shoulders as she realized who was on the shuttle. “Captain, next time can you please let me know what you are up to,” she said with a slight annoyance to her voice.


“Sorry Zaz, Captain’s prerogative,” she stated as she closed the communications and looked at Kelsie. Who was in deep concentration. 


“First time?” she asked her copilot.


Kelsie smirked as she adjusted their heading. “Not at all Ma’am,” she stated, “Just been a while.”


“Computer, autopilot.” Vausees ordered as she turned to look at Kelsie. She looked hard into the eyes of this woman, trying to judge her. 


“Is there something I can help you with?” Kelsie asked as she looked back into the light blue eyes of her Commanding Officer.


“Computer, Authorization Pi Omega 0001,” Vausees suddenly said. 


The console in front of Kelsie suddenly changed to the rotating Omega symbol. Kelsies eyes widened a lot as she turned her eyes to look at Vausees, who was nodding.


“Are you telling me Captain, that we are one a priority one Omega Directive mission,” she said in a questioning manner.


“That we are Captain.”


Kelsie looked out into the void of space as she suddenly realized the severity of their mission.


“Captain,” she says as she continues to look into the void, not wanting her emotions to cloud her thoughts, “Are you suggesting that the federation ship that we are heading toward is monitoring an Omega situation?” she asks


‘She quick,’ Vausees thought to herself. “You’re correct in that assumption, Captain,” she stated to Kelsie. “However, we are not going to that ship, directly,” she stated, “I am going to get us closer to that ship and contact it’s Captain and establish a dialog to figure out just how bad this Omega situation is,” she continued to look at the the CAG Captain as she spoke.




Fergouson sighed as she looked away from the navigational console. A soft chime from that console brought her attention back to it. A smaller federation icon left the larger one. She tapped the icon and after a couple of adjustments she realized the smaller icon was a shuttle and was on an intercept course to her ship. ‘What are you up to,’ she thought to herself. 


As she watched the shuttle she realized that it was starting to slow its speed as it neared the edge of the sector that it was currently in. Suddenly there was a beep coming from the console and she realized that the shuttle was hailing her. ‘This is Captain Vausees of the Federation Starship USS Heracles hailing the federation ship near our vicinity.’


Fergouson sat there for a moment as she was surprised by the voice on the other end of the hail. She had heard of this Captain, during the conflict in the Archanis Sector. With a tap on the glowing holographic hailing icon she responded. “Captain Vausees this is the Captain of the United Federation of Planets Freighter Torgus. I hear you loud and clear.”


“Well that was easy,” thought Vausees as she looked over at Kelsie, who was studying the mission profile on the Torgus. She turned her attention back to the Torgus’ Captain. “Captain, what’s your current status?” she asked the person on the other side of the hail.


Fergouson thought about the question for a moment, and thought it best to inform her of what she had done since receiving the Omega lockout. “So as you can see Captain, we have been sitting here waiting for the team that Admiral Ross sent to relieve us of this situation,” she stated as she leaned back in her chair. She hoped that she would be able to leave this forsaken part of space soon.


Vausees was about to respond when Kelsie tapped the mute on the hail. She turned to look at the Captain with an irritated look until she saw that Kelsie had the Torgus’ Captains file open. 


“Captain, it appears that our Freighter Captain is a Former Captain herself,” Kelsie stated, “Which would half explain why she…” She paused when she saw the specs on the Torgus itself. She whistles out loud. “That Freighter is about as sophisticated as some of our ships.”


Vausees turned the console further toward herself as she looked over the Torgus and its crew. Most of them had combat skill sets or command level experience. She had to admit that the Torgus itself was a well put together ship, and that most of its navigation, communication, and sensors were from Federation components. She shook her head as she turned the console back toward Kelsie.


Vausees tapped the mute button, deactivating it, “Captain Debrah Fergouson,” she had used the Captain’s full name, which she was sure would surprise her. “I need you to hold tight where you are for the time being,” she stated as she started to punch up the necessary authorizations for a connection between the shuttle and the main computer on the Heracles. “I also need you to transmit your current sensor logs to the Heracles via this shuttle,” she ordered. 


Fergouson was indeed shocked at the use of her name by someone other than her first officer, “Under whose authority,” she asked as she sat back further into her chair. Her tone held irritation at being kept from her duties and being ordered around like a first year cadet.


Vausees was shocked at this reply, but shrugged it off. “Well that would be Admiral Ross as well as my top brass from the Fourth Fleet,” she stated.


Once more Fergouson was stunned. “Did you say the Fourth Fleet,” she questioned.


Vausees confirmed what she had questioned with an affirmative. She sat there confused by the sudden tests that this Captain was giving to her.


“Aye, Captain,” Fergouson said to Vausees as her hands flew over the holographic console in front of her as she began to transmit the sensor logs to the shuttle.


Vausees looked over at Kelsie who gave her a nod without some much as a sideways glance. Her focus was on ensuring that the data being transmitted was being rerouted to the computer aboard the Heracles.


“Captain Fergouson thank you for keeping up the monitoring of this Omega Particle,” she said in a tone that spoke tremendously about Fergouson’s skills as a Captain.



Charles wiped his forehead with a dirty rag as he leaned against a now empty rack that had once held 12 torpedoes. He looked over at the Xindi-insectoid, as they were sitting beside him. Obvious exhaustion could be seen on the exoskeleton, as it vibrated every so often. 


“Are you hungry, Specialist?” He asked as he became concerned for them. 


The Xindi-insectoid looked up at Charles with their complex eyes and nodded, “I could use a moment to rest and feed,” they stated to Charles as another wave of vibrations flowed over their body. 


Charles nodded as he offered a now slightly clean hand down to the Xindi-insectoid, “So could I,” he stated.


They both exited out of the forward magazine and headed for a lift that would take them to the deck and ultimately the main mess hall. When the Specialist took a seat in a corner that was mostly darkened Charles stood up from the table that he was sitting at and moved over next to the Xindi-insectoid.


“May I join you?”


The Specialist looked up from their food and nodded, “Please do.”


Charles took the seat across from the Specialist, “Do you prefer the dark?” he asked the Specialist.


The Xindi-insectoid set the fork that they had had in their hand, next to the plate on the tray, and looked at Charles. “It does help me with my eyes,” they stated as they folded their clawed hands.


Charles nodded to their response before he stated that the lights in engineering could be lowered if it would help. The Xindi-insectoid nodded and thanked Charles for offering. Not much in chatter was said after that point as both of them needed to relax and refuel. Just before the two stood up the Specialist placed a clawed hand on the Chief’s.


“Master Chief Charles. If I had offended you before, it was not my intention,” they started as they looked at the Chief, “I like your Captain, are restricted from giving out the information of the mission that this ship and its crew are involved in,” they stated as they continued to look at the Chief, “I just wanted you to know that before we continue with the instructions that your Executive Officer gave us.”


Charles listened to what the Xindi-insectoid had said and nodded, “One thing to know about me, and I am certain I can vouch for the entire crew on this point, is that we do not harbor grudges or hard feelings for those around us,” he stated as he looked into the dark inkwell hue of the complex eyes of the Specialist.


This made the Specialist feel a ton better at knowing that even though they had been ordered by Starfleet’s top brass to not divulge any information about the mission that the man that they were working with would not hold them in any kind of ill manner. They then stood up and joined the Chief as the two left the mess hall and headed for the lift and back down to the Engineering Deck.




Vausees tapped the button on the console in front of her and hailed the Heracles. Zazzuit nodded to Jonton who opened the communication with their Captain. The image of Kelsie took the main viewscreen for a moment before it was turned to face Vausees.


“What can I do for you Captain?” Zazzuit asked as she sat in the central chair. 


Vausees smiled for a moment, “That looks good on you Commander,” she stated and then got to business, “Can you tell me how far along Charles and our guest is?” She asked as she looked at her XO in her greenish-yellow eyes.


Zazzuit sat for a moment as she looked at the console on the armrest, “As for as the Chief’s report states they have finished with the modifications to the dozen torpedoes and have about ten minutes left on the resonant chamber,” she stated as she looked up at the viewscreen, and her Captain.


Vausees nodded and then turned her attention to Trever. “Mister Nief set a course to me,” she ordered


Trever nodded to her as he locked onto the Shuttles beacon and plotted a course to it. “Course laid in Captain,” he stated.


Vausees looked at Zazzuit, “Make it so Commander,” she stated before closing the communication with the Heracles and opened it up with the Torgus, this time with its viewscreen.


“Captain Fergouson, my ship is on her way, and should be here in about five minutes,” she stated. 


Fergouson visibly relaxed at this news as she looked at the Navigation console and confirmed that the Federation icon that represented the Heracles was indeed moving. She looked up at Vausees and smiled, “Thank you, Captain,” she stated in an overly joyous voice. “When this crisis is finished I would like to invite you and your Bridge crew to join me about the Torgus to celebrate,” she requested as she looked into the light blue eyes of Vausees.

Vausees looked over at Kelsie for a moment and then back at Fergouson. Kelsie shrugged as she saw her Captain’s eyes.


“I accept Captain, but let’s deal with this crisis first before we celebrate.”


Fergouson nodded her head as she sat there on that silent bridge. She could not wait to be rid of this situation but she also felt as if something else kept her there, or rather someone else. She looked once more at Vausees.


“If you will excuse me Captain, there is something I need to take care of before your ship arrives,” she stated as she stood up.


The view on Vausees side changed as Fergouson stood up and showed her entire feminine frame. Vausees swallowed hard as her eyes took in this Captain. Lucky for her that she was able to hide it and make it seem like nothing had happened. She nodded to Fergouson as the comms were closed.


Fergouson walked over to the door of the bridge and tapped her authorization code in. A moment later the door hissed open and she stepped through to see her second in command sitting close by. She looked down at the man for a moment as she thought about what she was about to do. The door hissed shut behind her, “Computer, seal the bridge,” she ordered. A soft beep confirmed the order as she took a step toward him.


“Walk with me, Major,” she ordered


Fir nodded to Fergouson as he stood up and matched her stride step for step. He could see that something was on her mind as he followed her, and he had a good idea what it was, but needed her to confirm his suspicions. 


“Something on your mind, Debbie?” He asked as she hadn’t said anything and they had already done three laps around the cargo hold.


Fergouson stopped in her tracks and placed her hands on the railing that was on the second deck of the hold. She closed her eyes as she felt Fir lean against the railing. With a slow exhale she turned her head and opened her eyes as she looked at the man.


“This is my final run, Captain,” she said as she stood up and looked into Fir’s eyes. 


Fir looked at her with confusion as this was not what he had thought she was thinking, when she had exited out of the bridge. Fergouson saw the confusion and placed a hand on his broad shoulders.


“When we make it back to DeepSpace Nine I am placing you in Command of the Torgus,” she stated. She could see Fir was about to object when she continued, “I can’t do that right now. I have a message that needs to be placed and a Second Officer to promote to Second in Command.”


“But Captain, the Torgus is your ship,” Fir stated as he stood there in complete shock.


Fergouson smiled as she lowered her hand from his shoulder, “That she is, but I know that you will take care of her for me. Of that I have no doubt. So that when I return I know that she will be there,” she stated as she turned once more to the ship’s hold. “There will be a couple of things that I will need to do before I hand over command but you needn’t worry about what they are.”


This statement caused Fir to cock his head to the side, but he knew that this ship wasn’t any normal Freighter, and that it in fact housed a lot of the Federations Fleet equipment on board. What he didn’t know and realize was that all of the equipment was registered to Fergouson’s former Starfleet register, and would need to be locked out so that if something like this should happen again that he would not be accused of stealing Starfleet equipment.


Fergouson turned and looked at Fir, “Do me a favor and inform the crew of this news once we arrive at DS9, would you?” she asked him as she stood there.


Fir could not object as he stood there looking into the bright green eyes of his friend and soon to be former Captain; so all he could do was nod and accept the last order of his Commanding Officer and his first command as the Torgus’ new Captain, when they reached Deep Space Nine.


Fergouson had returned to the bridge after finishing with her second in command. She knew that her next step was to play a card that she had kept and see if the Heracles had an opening for a person like her. As she connected with the relay on DS9 she swallowed hard as the image of Admiral Ross came into view.




Vausees and Kelsie sat in silence as they waited for either the Heracles or Fergouson to appear before them. They didn’t however figure that Admiral Ross would appear on the viewscreen that faced Kelsie.


“Captain Roberts?” His voice could be heard full of surprise and confusion as he looked at her. 


Kelsie looked up at the sound of someone calling out to her and when she saw the Admiral her eyes widened, “Admiral!” She said in equally surprise and confusion.


“Where is Captain Vax?” He asked her, “And why are you on that shuttle and not on board the Heracles?” he questioned.


Kelsie swallowed hard as Vausees reached over and turned the viewscreen to face her. As she looked at Admiral Ross she could see anger in his eyes, but she smiled as she looked back. “Admiral, what a shock to see you calling. I honestly…”, but she was cut off as she was about to continue speaking by a rather angry tone. 


“Captain, have you gone mad?” He asked her as his eyes bore into hers.


His gaze and tone confused Vausees for a moment as he looked over at Kelsie and then back at the Admiral, “Sir I am not sure where this tone let alone this anger is coming from,” she stated as she looked into his eyes.


“How stupid are you, Captain?” he once more questioned her. “You have a member of your crew in your shuttle during a crisis di…” he was cut off this time by Kelsie, as she turned the viewscreen away from Vausees to her.


“Admiral, with all due respect, I am a Captain, yes granted to a Combat Air Group that is apart of the USS Heracles,” she stated, and could see that the Admiral was about to object to what she had said and continued on with her own objection to his statement about her being just apart of the Heracles’ crew and not letting him speak, “however, Sir, and again with all due respect, I was briefed on the Federations policies and directives when I became a Captain of my own ship, and then of my CAG, when I was deemed unfit to Command a starship, however it states that Omega Directives are to be viewed by starship captains, flag officers, and specialists, and the last I checked a Valkyrie, Sir, is a Starship,” she stated, “Plus if that is not enough, Admiral, I am still classified, per my clearances, to Command a Starship should anything happen to the entire Bridge Command as my Rank alone would place me in command per the command regulations and policies that the ships main computer is programmed to follow.”


This caught Ross off guard as he looked at the console before him to confirm her statement. She was, after all, correct. He looked up to the viewscreen that was in his office and his eyes narrowed. “Captain Roberts, I will accept your statement this time, however, do not ever cut me off again,” he stated in a tone that meant she had been close to insubordination. 


Kelsie nodded as she recognized the tone in his voice and returned the viewscreen back to Vausees, who had a look of surprise on her own face. Vausees apologized for her fellow officer’s objection, but was told to not worry about it this time as there was something else that needed to be discussed at this time.


After Admiral Ross informed her that Zazzuit was going to be given her own ship and that a former Captain, who was returning to the fleet under the rank of Commander would be joining the Heracles’ crew. She was also ordered to find a replacement for Zazzuit before returning to the Gamma Quadrant. When she inquired as to who this new addition to her crew was she was informed that that information would be passed on when she returned to Deep Space Nine with the Freighter Torgus.


“Admiral, am I to escort the Torgus to Deep Space Nine?” She asked as she looked into his eyes.


“If you need it to be an order, Captain Vax, then consider it an order.” He stated as he sat back in his chair.


“Order received loud and clear, Admiral.”


“Good, now finish this mission.”


With that the viewscreen slipped back to the screen that had inhabited it prior to the call. Vausees looked at Kelsie for a moment, who was looking back at her. Just then the viewscreen once more activated, this time the image was of Fergouson.


“Captain…” Vausees was cut off by a hand that was raised by Fergouson.


“I know, I was briefed by Admiral Ross,” she stated, “You have orders to escort me back to DS9.”


This time Vausees and Kelsie were caught off guard as they were not aware that Admiral Ross had contacted Fergouson.


“This is unusual for a civilian to be contacted by a member of Starfleet’s brass,” Vausees stated to Fergouson.


Fergouson could not help but grin as she looked at Vausees, “My dear Captain, I have not always been a Freighter Captain, let along a civilian, as you put it,” she stated as she looked into Vausees eyes, “I was once where you are sitting Vausees, a Captain of a Federation Starship.”


Vausees became flushed when Fergouson mentioned her name and then shocked when she informed her that she used to be part of the fleet. 


“What happened Captain?” She asked Fergouson.


“That is for another time, Vausees,” she said as she looked down at her navigation console, “By the way Captain your ship is about to drop out of warp,” she stated as she looked up from the console.


A bright flash appeared as a ship exited out of warp right behind the shuttle. A second screen appeared on the viewscreen, splitting the screen in two, and Zazzuit appeared.


“Captain, we have arrived.” Is all that she said.


“Thank you Commander.” Vausees responded and the viewscreen returned to normal.


“Captain Fergouson, my ship will be at your location in three minutes. I hope that nothing has changed before then.”


“See you then Vausses.” Fergouson then tapped the glowing communication icon on her console and the screen returned to the darkness of space.




Charles growled and flung the spanner across the engineering deck. It impacted into the bulkhead of an empty part of the deck and bounced back and onto the floor where it slid to a stop a few feet from him. A cheeky grin crossed his face as he looked over at the Xindi-insectoid. His voice held humor to it as he spoke.


“I almost smacked myself with that tool,” he said as he bent down and picked it up.


For the past five minutes both he and the Xindi-insectoid had been waist deep inside of a resonant chamber’s guts trying to get the last piece of the puzzle placed in. Every time it seemed to fall into place it would dislodge itself from where it had been placed, as if it had a mind of its own.


The Xindi-insectoid raised its clawed hand, “Take it easy Chief,” they said before ducking back into the chamber. “Hyper-span.” They said with a clawed hand sticking out behind them.


Charles sighed and placed the spanner into their hand. As it disappeared the Xindi-insectoid started to inform the Chief as to why he was frustrated. As soon as they finished they slipped out of the chamber and pointed.


“There you go, Chief.”


Charles bent over and inspected the work and smiled as he looked back at the Specialist, “You trying for my job Ensign?” He said in a joking manner.


“If you do not want it, then sure.” The Xindi-insectoid jokes back.


Charles shook his head and reached up to tap his ComBadge, “Engineering to the Bridge.”


Vausees had returned to the bridge a moment before the intercom had chirped in and Charles’ voice had come over it.


“What you got for me, Chief?” She asked


“Twelve modified torpedoes, and a resonant chamber, fully assembled and powered up,” he stated as he tapped a button on the console.

“Good work Chief,” she replied as she looked over at Jonton.


“Thirty seconds until we drop out of warp.” Jonton stated as he looked down at his console


Trevors hands were hovering over the controls as he watched the timer on the navigation portion of his console. He then started to count down as the time neared zero. When it hit zero his fingers slid over the controls and the viewscreen was suddenly filled with a ship.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the UFP Torgus.” Vausees stated as she stood up. “Jonton, if you would please contact, Captain Fergouson for me,” she ordered


Jonton tapped a glowing holographic communications icon and the main viewscreen changed from the Torgus to Fergouson.


“Good to see you, Captain Vausees.” Fergouson said as she lifted a mug to her lips and took a drink.


“Likewise Captain Fergouson.” Vausees replied as she turned to Cody. “Commander would you please scan the location around 246 mark 045,” she ordered as she turned back to Fergouson, “Captain please start heading to the Wormhole if you would.”


Fergouson nodded to Vausees as she engaged her impulse drive, “Captain, be safe and see you in hopefully a few minutes.”


Vausees nodded, “Let us hope that things do not go sideways, Captain.”


Fergouson nodded again and tapped the communications icon on the console as she pulled away from the Heracles. As soon as she had cleared far enough away she engaged her warp engines and disappeared into a flash of light a moment later as she entered into warp.


Vausees watched as the Torgus slipped into warp before she turned to Cody.


“What do you have for me Commander?” She asked.


Cody shook his head and blinked a couple of times. He knew exactly what he was looking, and was sure that Vausees knew that, but he played it off, “Not sure Captain, but my sensors are picking up some sort of fluctuation in space.”


Vausees smiled at how well he had just lied to the crew. She took her seat and turned the console on the armrest and loaded up the sensor logs. “Okay,” she thought to herself as she saw that the molecules were just inside the range for use of the modified torpedoes. Tapping on the console she brought up the weapons console. “Commander Bettencourt, I will take it from here.” She selected two of the modified torpedoes and locked onto the Omega molecules. “Fire.” she said to herself as she tapped the launch holographic icon.


Two torpedoes left out of the front of the Heracles and soared away into the darkness of space. As they flew toward their destination, Vausees looked at Trever, “Mister Nief, if you please get us the hell out of here, warp 9,” she ordered.


Trever didn’t question the order as his hands had a mind of their own. He heard the tone that Vausees had given him and punched the Heracles into Warp 9, from a dead stop. As soon as the Heracles flashed into a bright warp bubble the torpedoes impacted on the Omega molecules, and the eighty isoton warheads destroyed the particles of Omega.


Fergouson had dropped out of warp just outside of where the wormhole was, the nose of the Torgus was pointed to where she hoped to see a flash of light. She bit the bottom of her lower lip as she waited. While she waited she dropped the lockout for the bridge but did not inform her crew just yet.


Just as she was starting to get worried that something had happened a bright flash appeared a ways away and she looked at the navigation console. A nice big Federation icon showed on the monitor. She tapped it to confirm if it was the Heracles but was greeted on her view screen by the image of Vausees.


After a brief congratulations, Fergouson closed the comms and fell in formation with the Heracles beside them. The Heracles entered and exited the wormhole first followed by the Torgus a second later. Fergouson aligned the Torgus beside the Heracles as she followed Vausees to Deep Space Nine.