Part of USS Odyssey: The End Of All Our Exploring

The Enigma

USS Odyssey NCC-80000, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76036.64
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Approaching the turbolift, Commander Duncan was pleased to have finished his breakfast and start today’s duty shift. Pushing out any creases he had in his uniform jacket, he waited patiently for the cart to arrive. Eventually the doors parted open and he saw Odyssey’s security and tactical chief standing there with his arms crossed against his chest, wearing a black vest and short. He appeared exhausted and the sweat around his chest made it apparent he had just finished a round of exercise.

“Morning Cline.” Max said as he entered the lift and spoke to the Tiburon man.

“Hiya Max, sorry I’ve just finished a workout in the gym. I’m heading home for a shower.” Lenjir remarked. “Where are you heading?”

“The bridge.” Duncan explained and then ordered the computer to take him there. “I’m in charge of alpha shift today.”

“Ouch.” Lenjir winced. “I thought Commander Cambil was on duty today?”

Shaking his head as the lift proceeded upwards, “I owed her a favour.” the counsellor said. “What are your plans today?”

“After this morning, I’m planning to meet up with a few others in the security department for a round of velocity.” Lenjir said as the lift stopped. It was his deck and as the doors opened he turned to the counsellor, “enjoy the bridge!”

Max smirked at him back as the doors closed and he entered the bridge. The entire alpha shift was on duty, well not the normal alpha shift but those that had been put on so the rest of the crew can have some down time. Walking towards the centre of the room, Max made his way over to sit in the captain’s chair. “Report?” He asked aloud to those around him.

“All is quiet for now.” Spoke Ensign Chet, the Boilan at the helm.

Getting comfortable, Max looked at the man. “Let’s make it so.” He took out a PADD and started to read the contents of it. In it was a letter that his late father had written to him. It was just before he had died and Max had yet to read it, until now. In it his father had written how proud he was of his son with his accomplishments and the type of man he had become. As always the late Fleet Admiral Duncan always finished his letter asking when was he going to be made a grandfather. Max felt bitter that he had never given his father the chance to enjoy the responsibilities of being a grandparent. He knew that he would have made an excellent one.

His thoughts were interrupted when Ensign Chet cleared his throat. “Sorry to disobey you sir, but we’ve got a craft along our flight path that appears to be adrift.”

Snapping out his reading straight away, Duncan looked at the Bolian officer. “What type of craft Mister Chet?”

Returning to his console for further clarity, he answered the question swiftly. “It appears to be a civilian ship sir, a Kaplan F-Seventeen Speed Freighter to be precise.”

“Life signs?” Duncan asked.

“None, the ship appears to be badly damaged. I am detecting a hull breach on the port side. No power at all.” Chet added.

Not surprised that his shift would not be a quiet one. “Slow us down so we can approach them. I want full sensor scans completed now before I get the captain.” Duncan commanded to the bridge crew. So much for a break from the norm.

  • Max Duncan-Court

    Executive Officer

  • Cline Lenjir

    USS Themis
    Chief Security & Tactical Officer
    Third Officer
    Former Chief Security & Tactical Officer