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Part of USS Saratoga: Is there Hope? and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign


Meronia System - Archanis Sector
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Things seemed to be moving slowly as they traveled, though time was moving just the way it always had, it seemed to drag. Worried what they might find when then they arrived, the crew was busy preparing. The engineering crew was still working on the repairs from their attack protecting the USS Hope. They had gotten lucky, but they might not get so lucky the next time.

“Engineering, what is the status of the repairs?” Adams asked Jheria over the comm channel.

“We are about done, we got lucky Captain,” Jheria replied as she was working. “I know, but there will be a next time and I want us fully ready Commander.” Adams replied as she knew there was, “I know Captain, that is what I am worried about.” Jheria replied as Adams just nodded as she remained quiet for a moment, “don’t worry she’ll be ready.” Jheria said breaking the silence before the comm channel ended.

She had seen reports about the USS Odyssey as well as the USS Endeavour, she turned to Tajir, who also just read them and shook his head for a brief moment. “It’s like they are trying to attack our larger ships, they are up to something we really need to stay on guard,” Tajir replied as Adams nodded, though the Vesta had the advantage she was still worried.

They had finally arrived in the Meronia Cluster, “sir we have arrived.” Airje replied before Odan spoke up, “sir the USS Devastator is already patrolling the area as well sir.” He replied as Adams nodded, “take us out of warp and take us to Meronia III.” Adams ordered as Airje nodded and the ship dropped out of warp and headed towards the planet.

“Captain Adams to Ensign Vakai, we have arrived in the Meronia System above Meronia III.” She said over the comm channel as she also sends word to the away teams taking two of their shuttles down to assist the colonies on the planet below.

Vakai and his team were just filling up on grub in the Mess Hall when the communique came through the intercom. Vakai gulped down the last bit of water he had in his cup before standing up from the table. “You heard the lady. Let’s get to the shuttle and gear up.” He told them, having left everything on the Type 11 Shuttle they came in on, all they really needed to do was just get back into it.

He placed his tray in the replicator and hit the button to de-materialize it, or whatever it was it did, he forgot about that part in the Academy already. As his team was doing the same, he tapped his badge as he led the way back to the shuttle bay. “Hazard Team Delta Squad is heading back to our craft, Captain. Again, we appreciate the ride.”

“Anytime Ensign, and again if you run into trouble please contact us and we will assist.” She reminded him of the offer, “save travels.” Adams replied over the comm as her own team was getting ready and the shuttles were already loaded with the supplies.

“And Like I said Captain, I’ll keep it in my back pocket. We have no clue where we are going from here once we nab what we need to nab. But first, the safety of the colonists is our top priority, of course.” He smirked as his team took a lift to shorten their distance to the shuttle bay.

Ryker spoke up as Vakai did not tap his badge to end the commlink in time. “Personally I’d like to take a trophy home. Maybe a ship or a prisoner, eh?”

Adams raised an eyebrow, “be careful with that.” She replied before the comm channel ended as she looked at Derohl who just shook his head and shrugged.

Vakai slugged Ryker in the shoulder, not too hard of course, as they made their way to their shuttle. “You just had to push it, didn’t you?”

Ryker took the lead since he had to get the shuttle prepped for launch anyways. “Who would I be if I didn’t?” Ryker smirked.

Gomo, a Cardassian holding rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class, caught up to Vakai’s side. “You know, we could just sic him onto the Klingons and this whole conflict would be over.” Rest the of the team behind them snickered.

Vakai shrugged his left shoulder. “Tempting, really. But unfortunately, that might just piss them off even more.”

Once the hazard team left the ship, “what is the status of our away team?” Adams asked as she looked over at her executive officer. “They are preparing to launch,” Tajir replied looking back at the Captain.

“Sir, the shuttles are requesting permission to disembark,” Odan replied as she gave the go-ahead and the shuttles began to move out of the shuttle bay. “Sir, they have cleared the ship and are making their way towards the planet below,” Odan replied as they watched them descend.

After a few tense moments, “sir they have landed.” Odan replied as she nodded, “alright helm move away from the planet and begin our patrol of the system.” She ordered as Airje tapped a few buttons and the Vesta broke orbit and began its movement away. “Open a channel to the USS Devastator,” she replied as Odan nodded in response.

Once the Captain came upon the view screen, “Hello Captain, I am Captain Makayla Adams of the USS Vesta. I have just sent my away team to Meronia III, and noticed you were also in the system.” She began looking at him as he began to talk.

Scotto adjusted himself in the command chair. “Roger that, captain. How can we be of assistance?” He asked.

“Could you give me a status report?” she asked wanting to know what she was walking into or if they had run into any trouble that they could assist with.

Pulling down on his right sleeve, Scotto shot a quick look at his first officer who looked back at him with an equally knowing glance. “Well, we’ve got a dead Klingon hunter in our morgue. And, we didn’t do it. Turns out they’ve got some kind of fail-safe device implanted in their cheek or something. Didn’t turn up on our scans.” He explained.

“Is there anything we can do to assist?” She asked as she looked at him through the viewscreen.

He shook his head, “Not unless you’ve got a spare hunter.” He quipped. “All I would say is keep your head on a swivel out there, captain. We lost a runabout earlier today to a group of hunters. Tracked their cloak here, but haven’t run into them yet. They did a number on the colony on Meronia II.” Scotto said, waiting to hear if there was anything more.

She nodded, “will keep our eyes out, we’re still repairing damage from our encounter with a couple of Klingon birds of prey responding to a distress call from the USS Hope, lucky we got there in time.” She replied looking at him, “we have your back Captain.” She replied with a soft smile she had mustered in light of the grim circumstances they were all facing with these Klingons.

Scotto returned the nod. “Roger that, Vesta. Devastator out.”

With that, the comm channel ended and she looked at Tajir who just nodded in return. They began their patrol with consistent scans of the area, trying their upgraded sensors in hopes they can flush a ship out that might be sitting cloaked waiting to strike. So far they were coming up empty, the whole bridge crew was sitting on the edge. Shoot the whole ship was for that matter.

JP between Ensign Vakai of the Hazard Team, Captain Charles Scotto of the USS Devastator, and myself