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Part of USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War and Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

16) Clean Deck, Clean Mind

USS Mariner - Shuttlebay
September 2401
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The shuttlebay was a complete mess. The impact of the rough travel had thrown most equipment around, and certain parts of the bay collapsed, damaging a few shuttles currently unavailable for the crew to use. A few people, including the Captain, were there to estimate the situation. 

Throwing a name board bent to the side, Sazra shrugged while looking around in a squat position. “It is a mess….kinda expected,” She muttered, looking at the damage. “Report,” She stood up, looking at the other officers. She brought into this mess. Both Asipa and Aakif were available to help out. Asipa would logically be helping on the bridge, but that was now more of a headache for the engineering teams, so she would be in the way. Aakif had been running around, so a rest would do him good.

Looking over his shoulder toward his captain, “Sumatra, Java is not going to work….they are buried either in metal frames or damage to severe.” Aakif shrugged at the damage that he was seeing. “Komodo is available if needed.” He saw the Type 12 shuttle having little to no scrap on it and would function perfectly if needed. “It needs a check-up just to be sure.”

“Flores is also out of commission,” Asipa added. “The impact pushed the shuttle on its side; I presume the clams didn't hold her. But the Merapi is available and seems to have no damage,” Asipa concluded her report, walking back to the captain. “What would you want to do next, Captain?” 

The reports were not great, but one shuttle and a runabout working was better than nothing. Sazra took a deep breath. “Chief, help me with the drone system. Commander Valerio requires them for outside operations. I have not yet been able to scan the system for its condition.” Seeing Aakif nod and walk toward the drone system, Sazra looked back at Lieutenant, “Could you check the shuttlebay doors and their safety? I need to know if it's operational.” With Asipa nodding and walking toward the shuttlebay doors, Sazra walked to Aakif, who was already doing a check.

“The system seems to be generating errors, but we can work around that,” Aakif concluded while tapping the console and investigating the system reports. “Captain, should I go fix the panels….?" 

Shaking her head, Sazra smiled at him. “No, I will do that. I think I have a tad more engineering experience than you do. Just point me in the direction of what needs to be done and where." Sazra stood there looking at the panel. “I will go to section 35-A-104,” she said, pointing at the bleeping root block, walking to the Jefferies Tube, and opening the hatch. She crawled into it and disappeared from view.

Aakif could appreciate the captain's gesture of getting her hands dirty, but she seemed distracted. He looked at the panel, seeing her on it moving in that direction, and placed the mapping of the tubes next to the drone system. “ It should be the right panel. Open that, and you should see a blue cable that needs to be relocated.” He spoke after establishing a private link. 

Jefferies Tube

Crawling through it brought up some old memories of her time as Captain of the Jaxartes. That ship always had an issue in the beginning. Sazra smiled as she saw the panel that Aakif mentioned and opened it up. Some sparks came from the console behind it. “Well, found the problem…” She shrugged, slowly removing the broken panel and seeing the cables. “Where does it need to go…” 

To the side, marked number 1453

She took the blue cable out of the broken circuit board and put it in the port labeled with the designated number “In…how does it look?” Sazra leaned back and waited for a confirmation on the panel's functionality. 

“Give me a brief second……. The reroute complete next is 37-A-131. It should be further on to your left. So, Captain, what made you a Captain? I mean, we have to fill in the silence, right?

She continued her crawl through the tubes, and she smiled. “Scientific interest honestly….due to my grade, I got elected for the Raven Reach Program; it was meant for the brightest students that excel in their field to go out there and prove their thesis. I just didn't read the small letters.” Sazra remembers her day arriving at Deep Space 17. 

“Oh, that program got stopped recently, right? If I were an officer, I would also be interested. But what did you expect from it?”

Arriving at her new destination, she opened the panel and saw the broken parts, nodding, “What do I need to do here?” 

Remove the card and place it in input 478-C, then reboot it.” 

I started to remove it and try to find the input: “I honestly expected a large scientific starship to help with my ambition. However, the station operation commander gave me a bare Raven-class ship. Its entire bridge was empty, so we had to reinstall everything.” She clicked it into the board and tapped a few buttons as Sazra sat back, seeing the system getting rebooted. The RRP was an excellent opportunity, and I was able to prove my thesis. But I never expected it to jumpstart me into a command seat for the long term." 

You regret becoming a Captain?” 

Seeing the bar fill up as it was loading, Sazra thought briefly, “Not really. I might make different choices in certain situations that would involve not being a total headache for me. But at the same time….it formed me who I am today. I don't know what lies ahead of me….just looking at the present.” Sazra saw the bleep of the system coming alive and smiled. “How does it look?”

It is looking good. The drone system needs a reboot.” 

Crawling back out of the tube and into the shuttle bay. Sazra stretches, walking back to Aakif. “Well?” 

“Still rebooting, sir…” Aakif looked at the system as it started to come alive. “Do you have any plans for the future? Are you staying with us?” 

Sazra looked at him as if the question was a rather personal one. This pathfinder had given her the chance to explore the unknown. “Perhaps, but you never know what the future brings, right?” Sazra gets a chirp from her comm badge as she taps it.

Commander Valerio to Captain Kobahl….we have an issue. There is a Mat'Ha class ship at drift near our location. The Klingon ship is quite battered, as I see a lot of damage and nearly no energy.

A Mat'Ha? Sazra blinked and looked at Asipa. “Any indication of movement, or are they trying to fix it?” 

Not that I can see from this distance….but I presume that they were cloaked when the event happened.” 

That would make sense. Even a cloak ship would be in serious trouble; perhaps they were there to investigate their operation. Sazra momentarily thought, “Asipa, get to the bridge and see if communications systems work for external use. See if you can get an emergency broadcast from them. Aakif, I will help you get the Merapi going. Is the drone system active?” 

Aakif nodded in her direction as Asipa took her leave. “Alright, Commander, you got the drone system. Work on your task, and I will work on the Klingon problem as soon as I get more insight." 

Understood, Valerio out

With that the communication from the outside broke off as Sazra followed Aakif to the Merapi to get her ready for launch “If we get this runabout ready, we might be able to know more from what is happening outside” Sazra concluded as she started to clean the runabout.