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Catching Up

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Waiting for subspace connections, at least on personal channels, was often expected even for those scheduled calls. But this was down time and a long time friend would soon be on the other end, so Eviea found a way to a happy relaxing place. 

While the terminal sat on the coffee table, she clad in a lemon yellow top with white loose three quarter pants. Had pressed herself about as far into the corner of the couch as it was possible without being a cushion herself. Waving her head slowly, as the sounds of a scratchy-voiced Andorian singing in the Terian country style, complemented by the twang of a steel guitar and the energy of a tin whistle, filtered through the living area of her quarters.

She was currently amusing herself with a bowl of nuts, in particular throwing up and catching in mouth. To aid herself she had her head tilted right the way back. Her success rate was about fifty fifty judging by the nuts scattered across the back of the extra cushions, on the floor and probably behind the couch. She launched another one, this was miss judged aim,  bouncing off her nose and landing somewhere else entirely.

I see you still suck at that…” a voice called out, followed by a light chuckle. On the screen, the woman she had been waiting for had finally arrived, albeit dressed far less casually.

Bringing her head forward with a rather cheesy smile. “Amazing given the amount of practice I still manage to get in. How’ve you been Noli?” Glad to finally have the chance to catch up, jumping straight in with a broad but genuine question.

On the screen, the blonde Bajoran let out a sigh of epic proportions. “Oh, you know. I’m just great,” she lied. “Lots of changes in the squadron right now, so its been manic,” she confessed.

“Yeah, that would have been tonnes more convincing without the sigh.” Eviea responded with a smile, that was more sympathetic than outright cheerful, in an effort to be supportive. “Are we talking ship changes, personnel changes? Don’t tell me both?” She pushed gently, ready to catch any unload that might follow.

You can’t even imagine what we’re changing,” Noli laughed, shaking her head as she collapsed back into her chair. “Enough of that though. Hows things where you are?

“To be honest we were mostly dropping off or deploying probes.” She started with a wry smile, then added playfully. “But add in the Romulan Republic and the interest factor jumps a bit. Anyway we’re headed back and I have it on good authority, a certain god is dropping into Starbase Bravo. You game?” She teased with a smile, having a little nibble at her lower lip with anticipation and hope.

At the mention of Farpoint Station, Noli’s face lit up. It had been ages since the two had had a get together, and it would be great to meet up in person and catch up on all things Starfleet. “Starbase Bravo, you say? How exciting! I’m in.

“Yeah Noli!” She exclaimed, genuinely happy things seemed to be coming together this time. “You, Me, a gig. It’s about time.” At this point, an idea crossed her mind, probably not her best but not being able to resist throwing it out. “We’re about a day and a half from Bravo, and the gigs in three days so, I’d offer a you race back, but the little Roo might be outclassed?” She ended with a grin.

We’d wipe the floor with you,” Noli’s smug expression demonstrated her pride in Lakota’s engines. It wouldn’t be fair to pit the far superior Excelsior II against the California-class Rubidoux, but normally such a competition wouldn’t stop her. “We could always give you a head start,” she grinned coldly.

“That sounds like fighting talk, right there.” Was her grinning response, while considering how to make it happen, without actually saying they were racing. The Betelgusains first thought was the old, ‘the engines need a long quick run’, but she was operations manager the last time that particular excuse was used.

Is it fighting talk if it is the truth?” Noli mused somewhat playfully, always enjoying the competitive nature of their friendship. It was refreshing for many who felt friendship meant getting along smoothly. “Let me know if you can convince your people that a bit of friendly rivalry is worth the challenge.

“I got two and a bit engineers in senior positions, so I’m covered on that score.” Eviea responded, throwing both arms over the back of the couch, it was her turn for a bit of smug in her response, confident it would be taken the right way. “Give us six hours, then come at us with all you’ve got, usual penalty. Last one in the dock, confirmed by the dock master, gets the first and and last round.”  She threw out her terms for the start of their impending challenge.

The game’s afoot!” Noli grinned, nodding her head at the screen. “I’ll see you at Bravo for my drinks,” she told smugly.

“You wish! Although it’ll be great to see you in person.” Eviea called back. “Better go stoke them engines, bet it takes a lot to get that big ship moving. Bye now.” She continued the playful ribbing, adding in an exaggeratedly dainty wave as she signed off.

Catch you on the flip side,” Noli winked at her friend, and then disappeared from the screen.

Eviea sat for a moment alone, starting to chew on her lip, she considered actually having to follow through on all the talk. “Merrova to Engineering, Chief you know that quick run we’ve talked about…..”

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