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Part of USS Hathaway: Episode 1: Breathless Skies

A Clumsy End

USS Hathaway - Holodeck & Sickbay
Prior to Launch
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Ay’dar and Ephriam had been in the marksmanship simulation for over an hour now and Ephriam felt as though it might as well have been ten with how he was feeling. Ay’dar seemed to be in his glory and as though he could keep going forever. This whole session though had confirmed for Ephriam that he did not hit up the gym nearly as much as he should. 

“I think I’ve been killed enough for one day, haven’t I?” Ephriam asked a bit short of breath as the two had finished another sprint for cover. 

Ay’dar glanced at Ephriam, a low growl escaping him before he uttered, “Who dares wi…”

“I know–I know–the SAS would not be giving in this quickly.” Ephriam grinned and then looked around the edge of the large cement block they were using as cover, one of the holodeck’s enemy creations was in visual so he quickly held his phaser out and fired hitting the enemy with success. The modified gripping technique Ay’dar had suggested for him certainly improved his aim.

Ay’dar’s gaze lingered on Ephriam, his expression softening imperceptibly as he witnessed the scene. “Your strides speak volumes,” he noted quietly.

“Helps to have a good teacher,” Ephriam gave Ay’dar a nod and a grateful expression. Certainly, the session had been grueling but he believed fully that it had already paid off. That – and he had quickly grown to enjoy the company of the gruff and stern giant of a man. 

“Alright. Let’s keep moving!” Ephriam stated with enthusiasm and began to run forward now that the way had been cleared by both of them. Despite the holodeck safety protocols in place, Ephriam managed to twist his right ankle and fall to the ground mid-sprint. After he hit the holodeck floor, he groaned in discomfort as the pain started shooting up his ankle and leg.

Computer, freeze program,” Ay’dar’s command sliced through the air, his words carrying authority. With a fluid motion, he turned to face Ephriam, his steps deliberate, eyes scanning for any hint of discomfort. “Adrasin,” he said softly, his concern palpable in the furrow of his brow and the gentle urgency in his tone, “do you require medical attention?”

Ephriam’s face flushed with embarrassment. “I-I don’t think it’s broken, I didn’t hear anything snap. Did you?” He shouted out again in pain as Ay’dar palpated the area. He wanted in this moment to somehow dig a hole in one of the nearby sandbars and just crawl into it to be forgotten.

“I did not,” Ay’dar’s voice held a quiet resolve as he extended his hand towards Ephriam, the muscles in his arm tensing with the effort of lifting him.  Ay’dar adjusted his stance, his frame leaning slightly to accommodate Ephriam’s weight, every movement deliberate as he prepared to navigate them both towards the exit, his determination etched into the lines of his face.

Computer, end program,” Ay’dar’s voice sliced through the air, yet again, commanding authority resonating in each syllable. Obeying his directive, the surroundings dissolved into shimmering pixels, fading away into the digital abyss.

Sickbay, for the most part, was relatively quiet. A few minor things came in, usually resulting in a quick resolution and dismissal from care. Selara began whistling a tune while she reviewed data on her last patient. “That silly song again,” she chuckled at her absent-mindedness. 

Ephriam leaned into Ay’dar, perhaps a little closer and harder than he needed to. He had been thankful for the man’s help as they finally arrived in Sickbay. Despite being down a foot and leg, Ay’dar had been a fine replacement and he felt an odd and welcome sense of securement. That securement however certainly was overshadowed by his embarrassment. Ephriam’s face had remained a blush crimson red and he had apologized profusely the entire trip to Sickbay. 

“I’m so sorry Ay’dar.” Ephriam added once again for a fifth time.

“This marks the final instance,” Ay’dar uttered as they made their way, their steps faltering, into the medical facility.

“Over here,” Selara guided the two men to a nearby biobed. “Ms. Sukal…” She called out, the Vulcan nodded and joined the group at the bed. She stood awaiting orders.

“Doctor.. I’m glad it’s you.” Ephriam’s face looked grateful as he greeted the physician. He was grateful it was one of his direct peers and a fellow member of senior staff that was present. 

“I twisted my ankle. It’s difficult to weight bear on it without pain. We didn’t hear anything snap, right Lieutenant Ay’dar? I don’t think its broken. Is it?” Ephriam’s grateful expression was replaced with an anxious one as he began to ramble.

Already running the tricorder probe over Ephriam’s ankle, Selara nodded. “It’s not broken, Lieutenant,” she confirmed without looking from her tricorder. “Nothing’s torn… just some strained tendons, which is good.” She spoke to Sukal, “Let’s start Mr. Adrasin on some RICE therapy.” Sukal nodded and left the bedside.

“I’m giving you 2cc of terakine. It’ll start kicking in when your adrenaline wears off. You’ll be thankful for it,” she chuckled, pressing the hypospray to his neck. “We’ll start with some ice and compression to reduce swelling,” she moved Ephriam to a lying position and elevated his leg. “We’ll monitor for a couple of hours and see how things progress.” She spoke to Ay’dar, “Are you injured as well?”

Ay’dar fixed his gaze on the Denobulan doctor and replied with a characteristic gruff “No.”

“Very good,” Selara nodded, unmoved. She turned to Ephriam, “Let me know if you need anything else.” She walked away. Sukal arrived with ice packs and wraps. Wordlessly, she wrapped the ice packs around Ephriam’s wounded ankle. She paused a moment to examine her finished work and left the bedside.

Ephriam nodded in thanks to both Selara and the officer who dressed his ankle. He sighed in relief once it was just him and Ay’dar once more.  “I was hoping they’d let me retreat to my quarters right away but guess I’m stuck here for a little bit.” He looked up at Ay’dar and continued, “you don’t need to stay here Ay’dar, I’m sure there is something more important you want to do with your time. Thank you for helping me get here and for taking the time to mentor me on my marksmanship.”

Ay’dar nodded solemnly and walked towards the door, which hissed open as he neared. Pausing at the threshold, he looked back over his shoulder. His gaze softened upon seeing Ephriam still resting. “I’ll begin preparing the next course once you’ve recovered, Effie,” he whispered, his words a warm promise in the cool air as he finally stepped through the doorway.