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Part of USS Jaxartes: Children Of A Lesser God

Part 4: Bow Down And Worship

Vasileio / USS Jaxartes
29th July 2401 22:40
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The first thing that came into Tholakath’s mind was that only a Ferengi would be that devious and cunning, not that it felt of much consolation.  He was glad it had been the Lieutenant and not himself who’d jokingly boasted about being stealthy.  Whatever he’d inadvertently triggered had set off alarms elsewhere within the building and only mere moments passed before guards came rushing in from either end of the corridor.  There were five in total two had helmets and protective metal breast plating and each carried Pikes a little longer than their height; the other three dressed in leather-like jackets all had drawn swords, which were longer and less decorative than the one he’d removed from the shuttle, but no less sharp and deadly.

One of the three Vasileian with a sword spoke and waved it in the Tactical Officers Direction, Tholakath had no idea what the male had just said.  “He wants you to surrender.” Ensign Cho informed him.  The Cardassian carefully lowered the club and handed the burning torch to the nearest guard carrying a Pike.  The one who had spoken had to tiptoe and stretch to reach Tholakath’s hood in order to pull it off.  When he did though revealing the Cardassian’s features, he reeled back in terror letting out a ghastly screech of shock. Eventually regaining his composure the evident leader of the group of guards spoke again.

“He orders to follow him.”  Cho told the others, omitting the part about ‘foul creatures of the night’.  The leader opened the door nearest them and stepped inside saying something as he did so, but the Communications Officer was unable to catch what it was.  The three crewmembers were ushered inside the room at the point of the Pikes.

Standing before them a single figure stood resplendent in red and gold silk robes.  The Vasileian barked out another order. “Bow down and worship….our God!”  The last word the young Korean wasn’t completely sure of.

“I would advise you to follow the advice of the fee-male.” Came the distinctive voice of a Ferengi male. “My people will not hesitate to kill you if you do not obey.”

“DaiMon Talr I presume?” Asked Lieutenant Stewart. She did however bow, and her two companions followed suit.

“The one and only.” Talr smiled devilishly.  “And now with my very own planet with which to rule over.” 

“There’s no one coming to rescue you.” Tholakath informed their capture.

“Star Fleet will take anyone, won’t they?” The Ferengi sneered.  “Besides, who say’s I need rescuing?” 

Talr said something else in the locals native language and the three officers were forcefully removed from his room.  The DaiMon didn’t much care for the situation he’d found himself in.  What was the point in power and wealth if you couldn’t use it to your advantage? No the stupid Cardassian was right; no one was coming to rescue him.  But he was too tired right now to deal with that, and besides he had two female Vasileian’s keeping his bed warm just through another door in his private chamber.


Ensign C’Rren the Caitian Science Officer aboard the USS Jaxartes noticed something was up.  The three dots representing the away team where now heading back the way they had originally come; which was not part of the plan.  “Sir, we may have a problem!”

Devron jumped up out of his seat and rushed round to join the Ensign at the bridge science station. “What is it?”  The Caitian’s right index finger pointed and highlighted the progress of their fellow crew members.

“Should I get them pulled out?” C’Rren asked glancing at his captain.

“No, not yet.  Just keep monitoring.” Replied Jason. “Somethings gone wrong but Lieutenant Stuart hasn’t activated her distress beacon, so for now we wait.” 

More waiting, now he’d said it; He just hoped that it was the best course of action.  This was going to be a long night!


The three crew members found themselves back on the level were they had started, but being ushered in the other direction to what appeared to be a cell.  The place was dark, dank and smelled none too pleasant either. “You’re not expecting us to go in there?” Stuart protested; but it was clear that was exactly what the guards were expecting.  The door slammed shut, keys rattled and the door locked.  Footsteps moved away.

“I’d say one guard possible two standing outside.”  Tholakath whispered.  “So now what?”

“Well now no one is looking I can activate the beacon and we’ll get transported out of here, and those guards will just find an empty room in the morning.” The First Officer smiled reassuringly, not that in the near total darkness anyone could tell. She tapped the hair slide and prepared herself.  Seconds past, with nearly a minute gone her finger tapped again.  After a fourth attempt she unceremoniously dropped down onto one of the beds in the cell. “Slight problem.”

“It’s not working is it?” Cho asked sitting down next to her.  The Lieutenant shook her head.

“Sorry I got us into this mess.” Muttered The Cardassian dropping on to the other bed. 

“We’ll get out of this.” Replied Stuart.  “Just keep your head together and your wits about you.  Tomorrow is another day.”


Devron gave a startled jump as he felt a hand touch his shoulder.  How long had he been asleep, what time was it?  A quick check revealed in was 3am ship time.  The hand that had woken him belonged to Doctor Andrianakis.  She smiled at him, then with a slightly sterner expression. “Bed doctor’s orders.” He tried to protest but she waved a hypo-spray in his direction. “You either go willingly and grab a couple of hours in bed or I knock you out for six. The choice is yours”

Jason stood up a little unsteadily, his left leg not having been so eager to wake up with the rest of his body.  The ships systems had mostly been set on automatic; other than himself and Phoebe only crewman N’Quith, who had apparently volunteered to stand in for C’Rren whilst he took a nap.  He took one last look at the doctor, wondering whether a last desperate protest was worth it; but soon dismissed that idea. “I leave the bridge in your hands doctor.” He conceded. “The slightest thing and you wake me, understand?”

“Crystal.” Was her one word answer.  Andrianakis carefully sat herself down in the Captain’s chair.  Under normal circumstances she would have never had the opportunity to sit here; she was after all still a civilian with no formal ‘Bridge Officer’ training.  This wasn’t a normal situation and on a small ship like a Raven class Corvette carrying 17 Officers and crew; everyone was expected to do their bit, which sometimes meant taking on extra roles when needed.