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USS Jaxartes: Children Of A Lesser God

A Ferengi up to no good.....

Mission Description

As the crew of the USS Jaxartes continues their latest patrol, they stumble across a seemingly abandoned shuttle craft.  On closer examination the mystery deepens and echoes of a previous mission are not far from the Captain’s mind.

Right now though their biggest concern is for a Ferengi by the name of  DaiMon Talr; who has managed to take full advantage of a bad situation, in a way only a Ferengi could ever hope to achieve. But it’s a situation Jason Dervon and his crew must get the DaiMon out of, before he creates any more problems than he already has.

The fate of a planet may depend on it!

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

14 March 2024

Part 7: Sign From Above

USS Jaxartes: Children Of A Lesser God

Even in the bright sunlight of a near cloudless sky the Vasileian had seen the flash of light.  A sign from above; a sign from their God and they knew what they must do.  He had commanded them, and they would obey.  His will would be carried out. The first indication that something [...]

13 March 2024

Part 6: Farewell My People

USS Jaxartes: Children Of A Lesser God

By taking it in turns to scrap away at the mortar around one of the stone blocks making up the walls of their prison cell using the handle of a metal spoon, Lieutenant Stuart along with Ensigns Tholakath and Cho; had finally managed to dislodge it.  The young Cardassian who’d done a large [...]

12 March 2024

Part 5: Escape Plans

USS Jaxartes: Children Of A Lesser God

DaiMon Talr had been up long enough to shower and put on clean fresh clothing; now he was enjoying a breakfast fit for a king.  Well a God in fact, for that’s what the people of this planet regarded him as, right now.  He had absolutely no intention of setting the record straight, [...]

9 March 2024

Part 4: Bow Down And Worship

USS Jaxartes: Children Of A Lesser God

The first thing that came into Tholakath’s mind was that only a Ferengi would be that devious and cunning, not that it felt of much consolation.  He was glad it had been the Lieutenant and not himself who’d jokingly boasted about being stealthy.  Whatever he’d inadvertently [...]