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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 7 – Wedding Bells

Another Option

July 2401
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USS Eagle, Bridge

While Captain Kirby was speaking with the Prince and Princess, Haia Ohtani was studying the laws, traditions, and customs of Equamar and Canbolla.  If there was a way to bring about a wedding, she purposed to find it.

Something caught her eye.

“Commander, I believe I found something,” said Ohtani, turning in her chair to face the XO.

“What is it?” said Allen.

“The two countries have a law called the Line of Succession,” said Ohtani.

“Yes, Earth monarchies had something similar,” said Allen.

“Yes, sir, but here, it’s so strict, there can never be another option.  No politics.  No deals.  No negotiations.  No exceptions.  A strict following of the law.”

“Okay,” said Allen.  “Maybe you should give me more details.”

“Prince Jahk is the oldest child, with a younger sister, so he’s in line to be king,” said Ohtani.  “Princess Yari is an only child because her mother died when Yari was very young.  However, King Randus remarried, a duchess from one of the other Royal Houses.  This is also her second marriage, as her first husband died.  She has a son from that other marriage.”

“That’s interesting, Haia, but what’s the point you’re trying to make?” said Allen.

“If Prince Jahk were to die, his sister and Yari’s step-brother would be next in line.”

There was a heavy silence on the bridge.

“Haia, I hope you’re not implying what I think you are,” said Allen.

“I am, sir,” said Ohtani.

“I need to tell the Captain,” said Allen.

USS Eagle, Observation Lounge

“Is Haia certain?” said Kirby.

“Of course she is. It’s Haia,” said Allen.

Kirby frowned.  “This makes things worse.”

“What are you going to do?” said Allen.

“Have my XO inform the Kings?”

“I need to get back to the bridge.”  Allen scurried away.

Chuckling, Kirby stepped into the observation lounge where Doctor Weaver and Iziraa were with Jahk and Yari.  “I have troubling news.”

“More troubling than Yari refusing to return home?” said Jahk with a scowl.

“Yes, and it might change everyone’s minds,” said Kirby.

“I doubt it,” said Yari.

Kirby ignored the Princess’ comment.  “Jahk, who has the most to gain if you were to die?”

“What do you mean, Captain?”

“If you wouldn’t have survived your glider crash, who would benefit the most?”

That seemed to strike a nerve in the Prince, as he went silent, his face wrinkled in thought.

“My step-mother and her son,” said Yari.  “If Jahk were gone, my step-brother and Jahk’s sister would be next in line to marry and unify our nations.  They would be the ones remembered in history.”

“My sister and I were never close, but she wouldn’t try to kill me,” said Jahk.  “Captain Kirby, you’re being ridiculous.”

“How do we know which one it was?” said Weaver.

“None of them,” said Jahk.  “It was probably some other country that doesn’t want us to join the Federation.”

“It’s all of them,” said Iziraa.

“What?” said Jahk and Yari at the same time.

“They’re all in on it together,” said Iziraa.  “It’s a brilliant plan.”

Jahk pounded his fist on the table.  “This is outrageous!  Captain, you and your people are being insulting.”

“No, Jahk, it makes sense,” said Yari, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Send me back to Lenal,” said Jahk.  “My father needs to hear about your insolence.”

“Iziraa, escort His Highness to the transporter room.”

“Yes, sir.”  Iziraa looked at the Prince and motioned towards the door.  “This way, please.”

Jahk stood up and glared at Yari.  “You’ll regret this.”

Everyone else remained silent until they were gone.

“Captain, if what you’re saying is true, what are you going to do?  How will you prove it?” said Yari.

“I think all we need to do is present our suspicions to your families and let them do the rest,” said Kirby.

“Jahk will have already told them,” said Yari.

“Bridge to Captain.”

“Go ahead, Roger.”

“You’re being summoned by Kings Limmar and Randus.”

Weaver chuckled.

“Tell them I’ll beam down,” said Kirby.

“Aye, sir.  Allen out.”

“Captain, I’m sincerely sorry you’re caught in the middle of this, but I’m not sorry about my decision,” said Yari.

Kirby looked at her and nodded.  “Lori, stay here with the Princess.”

Weaver started to say something, then paused.  “I will, sir.”

As Kirby was walking out of the lounge, he tapped his comm badge.  “Lieutenant Iziraa, meet me in the transporter room.”