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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 7 – Wedding Bells

A Heart to Heart

July 2401
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USS Eagle, Observation Lounge

Iziraa stepped into the observation lounge, another person following her in.

“There’s someone here that wants to talk with you, Princess.”

Yari gasped, rising to her feet.

“Hello, Princess.”

“I’ll give you some privacy.  I’ll be right outside if you need anything,” said Iziraa.  She stepped out.

“What are you doing here, Jahk?”

“I’m here to ask you to come home.”

Yari stared at the Prince, her mind and heart in turmoil, like a sudden storm over the Fengard Sea.

“Why?” said Yari.  “You don’t want to do the marriage either.  This is your chance to get out of it.”

Jahk sat down, motioning for Yari to do the same.  Once she was seated, he continued.

“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since someone tried to kill me.”

“Wait, what?” said Yari, her stomach fluttering.

“Someone tried to kill me.  They sabotaged my glider.  Didn’t anyone tell you?”

“No, they didn’t.  I thought it was an accident.”

“Security knows who it was, but he’s missing,” said Jahk.  “No one knows why he did it.”

“Jahk, I’m sorry.  Are you all right?”

“I am now.  If it wasn’t for the Starfleet ship and their technology, I’d have been caught by an owalla.  Something like that changes you.”

Yari was truly relieved Jahk was saved, and she sensed he was sincere, but she was still overwhelmed by it all.

“Yari, I understand why you’re here, and I commend you for your courage, but if you hear me out, maybe this really isn’t a bad thing.”

USS Eagle, Ready Room

“I must say, Roger, having Prince Jahk come here to talk with the Princess, was a good idea,” said Kirby.

“Thank you, sir,” said Allen.  “It was getting old just sitting and waiting for something to happen.”

“Lori, what are you thinking?  Will Jahk be able to change Yari’s mind?” said Kirby.

“It’s hard to say.  She’s intelligent and strong-willed, but I don’t think she thought it through,” said Weaver.  “She asked for help in an act of desperation, but if we would have granted her request, where would she have gone and what would she do?”

“She did say she loves someone else and wants a family with him,” said Kirby.  “It sounds like she really doesn’t want to leave her people.”

USS Eagle, Observation Lounge

“The Starfleet people told me the same thing your uncle told you,” said Yari.  “I suppose going to Earth would be a thrilling experience.  Just look out that window.  Seeing Lenal from space almost brought me to tears.”

“Yari, I know we don’t love each other and I have quite a record with my partying and carousing….”

“You mean, Playboy Prince.”

Jahk chuckled.  “Yes,. but I really want to do this.  I want to help our people and our world.  I want to be remembered for something important, not for partying.”

Yari looked downwards at the table, a lump in her throat.  She truly wanted to stay with her people, but could she take Jahk seriously?  Could she believe him?  Did he actually change?  If she did marry him, could she move on with her life and forget Jorsio, the man she loved?

“I need time to think, to clear my head,” whispered Yari.

“Time isn’t something we have.  The wedding is tomorrow.”  Jahk got up, walked around the table and sat next to Yari.  He held her hand.

Surprised, Yari looked at Jahk, seeing genuine concern for her in his eyes.  She didn’t pull back her hand.

“I want you to come home.  I want to marry you.”

A tear rolled down Yari’s cheek.

USS Eagle, Outside the Observation Lounge

Izi was pacing, her antennae moving in irregular waves.  Whatever happened, she found herself wanting what was best for Yari, whether that was staying on the Eagle or going back to Lenal.  It wasn’t fair that she had almost no say in how to live her life.  So deep in her thoughts, she was startled when the door to the observation loung opened and Prince Jahk stepped out.

“Tell your Captain we have an answer.”

USS Eagle, Ready Room

“Iziraa to Captain.”

Before answering the call, the three officers looked nervously at each other.

“Fingers crossed that it’s good news,” said Allen.

“Kirby here.  Go ahead, Lieutenant.”

“Would you please come to the observation lounge?” said Iziraa.  “We have a decision.”

“I’m on my way.”  Kirby held up his hands.  His fingers were crossed.