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Part of Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

The USS Mariner is requested back to Federation space to help out on an important mission at the Klingon/Romulan borders.

Mission Description

A few weeks have passed after both Frontier Day and the Borg appearances. Many puzzles still remain unsolved, and Mariner is assigned to operate in Delta Quadrant to resume its scientific mission of exploring the unknown. However, while waiting for their new companion the USS Tokyo, the Mariner is requested back to Beta Quadrant to help out Task Force 86 in its fundamental mission, protecting the borders.

The newly colonized Mogotis near the Romulan and Klingon borders has suddenly become an unwanted location of attention. The House of Korath has made use of the chaotic situation within the Klingon Empire, and their sight is set on Mogotis as their prize. The Mogotis reaches out to the Federation for a call of aid in this situation, however it is in neutral zone and is to be treated delicate.

USS Mariner is sent to deal with the situation, but they will soon realize they are way over their heads when something unnatural interfere…

About the Mission

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21 June 2024

9) Pick Your Poison

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

A gasp of air, a heavy breath out, a pain emitting from somewhere that is surging through her body. Silina's blurry vision became clear, her hands grabbing to the source of her pain. Her hands slid over the metal piece that had impaled her as her eyes looked down at it, seeing the blood bubbles [...]

18 June 2024

8) The Pressure of Reality

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

Slowly opening her eyes, bright light emitted from every corner, but the shapes were familiar, yet strange. Sazra slowly rose and noticed herself sitting on the ground. She pressed her hand against the side of her head, feeling that piercing pain of a headache crawling up and coming to flourish to [...]

16 June 2024

7) Reality is not kind

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

Sparking consoles, panels, and relays were lighting up the dimmed Engineering. Groaning sounds of pain and confusion as the flickering red light illuminated the area. In a matter of a few minutes, the situation changed from a calming mission to a living hell. A piece of wall was pushed aside as [...]

15 June 2024

6) 2 minutes and 45 seconds (Part 2)

USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War

Mariner was lively as the ship was in orbit of Mogotis, and a female Romulan was on the screen at the Mariner Bridge; she smiled softly, “Thank you so much for responding to our call. We are glad that we can build on the Federation for their ongoing support in this matter,” she stated, nodding [...]