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Part of USS Odyssey: This Far, How Further?

USS Bellerophon (Archive): This Far, How Further?

Watch As Your Future Ends

Mission Description

After being heavily damaged during the Lost Fleet incursion, the Bellerophon has been sent to Avalon Fleet Yards for a series of repairs, while the USS Triton has to deal with not having a captain. How will the two crews cope together?

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12 August 2023

This Far? How Further? - 14

USS Bellerophon (Archive): This Far, How Further?

“Captain’s log stardate – it feels like everything has merged into one. The unexpected Borg uprising during Frontier Day caught us all off guard, even with the warnings provided. For a day meant to be one of celebration, the Borg and Changeling infiltrators certainly knew how to hit us [...]

1 August 2023

This Far, How Further? - 9

USS Bellerophon (Archive): This Far, How Further?

“To distant friends.” “Hear, hear,” Jarata and Corben said in unison, agreeing with Jirani’s sentiments as they all raised their coffee mugs into the air.  “Cheers!” Hilgan added.  “Indeed,” T’Penni stated. They all then took a swig of their drinks, and an [...]

27 July 2023

This Far, How Further? - 4

USS Bellerophon (Archive): This Far, How Further?

“The True Blue is disengaging tractor beams, commander,” announced Lieutenant Jarata from the helm. “We’re being pulled into the drydock now.” “Steady as she goes, Rubon,” Lieutenant Commander Jirani ordered. She looked over to the engineering station on the bridge. “T’Penni, are [...]