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Part of USS Bellerophon (Archive): This Far, How Further? and USS Odyssey: This Far, How Further?

This Far? How Further? – 14

Cape May, New Jersey, United States of America
April 14, 2401
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“Captain’s log stardate – it feels like everything has merged into one. The unexpected Borg uprising during Frontier Day caught us all off guard, even with the warnings provided. For a day meant to be one of celebration, the Borg and Changeling infiltrators certainly knew how to hit us where it hurts.  Nothing is scarier than seeing comrades having to open fire on one another for survival. What has transpired will most likely scar Starfleet for a generation, but we owe it to those whose lives were lost to not allow it to take away what makes Starfleet Starfleet.”

“Moving forward, the wounds sustained to our squadron are now being felt. Fortunately, Captain Cambil was able to gas out the Themis, rendering the entire crew unconscious. Though the Themis was still used to inflict damage to Spacedock via the Fleet Formation mode, at least she was able to minimise the number of souls that were injured or died in the line of duty.”

“The Odyssey, on the other hand, wasn’t as lucky. My brother was nearly able to set the ship’s auto-destruct when Fleet Formation mode denied his command codes. Though the Odyssey crew did put up a brave fight in an attempt to retake the ship, they were unable to do so. Instead, my brother has described how the entire senior staff and other more experienced crew were forced to lock themselves in rooms or hide away in Jeffery tubes. It’s not the most flattering impression for one of Starfleet’s premier vessels. At least they survived. That said, I’m pleased to hear that my nephew has recovered from his partial assimilation.”

“The Triton and Bellerophon, however, have not endured as well. Though we were able to subdue some of those who were taken over on the Triton, thanks to the ship’s advanced environmental controls, during the battle above Earth, the Triton was heavily damaged when the Titan used our prefix codes against us. Multiple hull breaches and the loss of our sensor pod disabled the ship. After Fleet Admiral Duncan created an ingenious plan, we bypassed the Fleet Formation lockouts long enough to launch the ship’s escape pods. We ended up landing on Earth to take shelter. During the commotion, we were able to pinpoint the location of where the admiral and commander had been detained by the Changelings. We discovered it wasn’t the only place captured Starfleet officers were being held. Still, we were able to rescue others, including Captain Zack Marshall-Bennet. We determined that the captain was taken before his promotion to commodore in twenty-three-ninety-nine. My sister-in-law’s records show she was kidnapped before the Century Storm. I know James and my nephews are over the moon to have her back. I’ve not seen my brother so overwhelmed with joy before.”

“From Earth to Avalon, earlier on, I spoke with my crew who were on the Bellerophon. Their reports have been the most heartbreaking news for me. The Jupiter signal reached as far as Avalon. During the uprise, it was discovered that the Borg had planned to assimilate what ships were at the fleet yards. Lieutenant T’Penni and Counsellor Hilgan began to use the Borg nanites within them to infect the ship. As the Borg systems started to come online, Lieutenant Commander Jirani, Lieutenant Jarata and Doctor Corben sabotaged the ship in a bold attempt to prevent the Bellerophon from becoming a Borg ship. From blowing up a number of EPS conduits that obliterated four decks to overloading the bio-neural computer circuitry and using plasma charges to destroy the entire computer core, it suffices to say the Bellerophon is completely out of action for now.”

“Repairs to the Odyssey and Themis are proceeding well; both ships should be operational within two weeks. However, the significant damage sustained to the Triton and Bellerophon will take much longer. And they are not the only ones. It would seem that Starfleet has a lot on its hands.”

“A solution to the Borg infection and Changeling infiltration has already been discovered and is being implemented. At least this should be the end of both of those threats against the security of the Federation.”

“For me and those who have survived from the Triton and Bellerophon, my brother has shared that he will make positions available to us within the Odyssey Squadron, that said I am not sure it is such a good idea that he and I are on the same ship together. We may get along with one another, but I’m not sure either of us are prepared for that. Though I appreciate the gesture, I am not sure what the next chapter includes for me.”

“So if this is to be my last log entry as Interim Captain for the Triton and Captain of the Bellerophon, then let the record show that both crews served with distinction and valour. I only hope I get to work with them in some form or another.”

Horatio McCallister sat back in the chair he was in. He was currently in his old bedroom in the house he grew up in. Coming home after what had happened seemed like a good idea to him. Looking out onto the balcony, he saw the sun rising over the harbour. Deciding to go for a morning run, he got out of his chair but was stopped by a sudden knock on his door.

“Yeah, come in,” He replied.

His mother walked in. “I know it’s early, sweetheart, but you’ve got a visitor waiting for you downstairs. A Fleet Admiral Luke Duncan? He said he is here to show you something.”

Intrigued by his guest, Horatio checked himself out in the mirror first to ensure he was presentable. Seconds later, he rushed downstairs to find the admiral standing in the hotel’s entrance.

“Good Morning, Sir. Is everything okay?” Horatio asked with concern.

“Captain McCallister, I’ve got your next assignment ready for you.” The admiral said with a smirk as he passed the PADD. “It’s something I think you’ll like.”