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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Phaesis: Beneath the Tattered Flag

The Phasis is tasked with the insertion of a Specialist team to disrupt the Lost Fleet's supply lines, but the young inexperienced crew of the Phaesis are not prepared for the horrors of war.

Mission Description

The USS Phaesis is ordered to assist Task Unit Alpha of SWORD Team 1 into enemy territory. However, along the way they bear witness to the the price of Conflict, opening up psychological wounds that will take a long time to heal.

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30 May 2023

Extreme Distress

USS Phaesis: Beneath the Tattered Flag

As the ship’s internal clocks struck 0600, Korrath Oshiro stirred from his rest, adhering to his unswerving routine. He committed himself to the intricate patterns of his morning Kata practice, simultaneously delving into Bunkai. This process of meticulous deconstruction of each Kata allowed [...]

26 May 2023

Whispers of Intent

USS Phaesis: Beneath the Tattered Flag

Rayana’s frustration mounted as she found herself in unfamiliar territory. In her previous experiences, men had typically taken the initiative once she activated what she referred to as her “flirt mode.” However, tonight seemed to be a departure from the norm. Korrath’s [...]

24 May 2023

The Stew of Unity

USS Phaesis: Beneath the Tattered Flag

In the soft light of the ship’s galley, Commander Korrath maneuvered the hefty wooden spoon to his mouth with an air of anticipation, skillfully emulating the methodical, precise gesture of a seasoned chef. His aged, dark eyes, as much a testament to his experience as his rank, had an [...]

24 May 2023

Heading? The Dominion

USS Phaesis: Beneath the Tattered Flag

Korrath called to the forward station, where his Executive Officer was sat, Cassana. She manned the Helm, but also took care of basic ship operations. Anything more complicated would be handed by Lieutenant Sirella, his Engineer. “Open a ship wide channel.” He called. Cassana opened up the [...]