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Part of USS Phaesis: Beneath the Tattered Flag and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Extreme Distress

Phaesis Bridge
16th March 2401
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As the ship’s internal clocks struck 0600, Korrath Oshiro stirred from his rest, adhering to his unswerving routine. He committed himself to the intricate patterns of his morning Kata practice, simultaneously delving into Bunkai. This process of meticulous deconstruction of each Kata allowed him to understand its real-world application in self-defense. This demanding physical regimen was both a mental and physical trial, pushing him until his skin was slick with sweat and his muscles clamored for a pause.

One of the unique features of Korrath’s quarters was the inclusion of a personal sonic shower, a compact yet efficiently adapted space that accommodated his formidable build. He stepped into the resonating wash, allowing the ultrasonic vibrations to cleanse his skin of sweat and lull his strained muscles into relaxation.

Emerging from the rejuvenating currents of the sonic shower, Korrath methodically applied his deodorant, arranged his hair in a suitable style, and dressed himself in a freshly replicated uniform. Each task was a significant fragment of the complex mosaic that comprised his daily ritual, setting the stage for the challenges and opportunities of the day ahead.

At precisely 0745, Korrath departed his quarters, embarking on the familiar journey along the length of the corridor that would lead him to the ship’s command center, the bridge. Upon arrival, he acknowledged the Night Watch Officer, a Grazerite by the name of Lieutenant Yarvi-Enesh, with a respectful nod. “Good morning, Lieutenant,” he greeted cordially. “Trust the night shift was uneventful?” He cast a questioning glance towards the Grazerite.

Rising from the command chair, Lieutenant Enesh met Korrath’s gaze. “Indeed, quite uneventful, Sir,” he confirmed, a slight smile curling his lips as he added, “Though, had we not been on such a tight schedule, our Benzite Helm Officer, Ensign Doya and I would have been thrilled to investigate a nascent star we passed.”

Korrath returned Enesh’s smile, an understanding flicker in his eyes. “The nature of our mission, unfortunately, means that exploration must sometimes take a back seat,” he acknowledged, looking wistfully out the viewscreen. Though he was fully aware of their obligations, the lure of unknown wonders was not lost on him. He resolved to review any sensor data or imagery captured during their passing.

Anticipating his thoughts, Enesh chimed in, “We managed to collect some sensor data and capture a few images as we passed by.” The Lieutenant’s words mirrored Korrath’s thoughts, demonstrating the crew’s shared commitment to seize every opportunity for discovery, however fleeting.

In the midst of their conversation, a sudden beep interrupted, signaling an incoming message. Korrath turned his gaze towards Ensign Doya, who had already launched into action, his fingers dancing across the console. “Incoming distress call,” he reported, pressing a few more keys before continuing. “It’s a merchant freighter. They’re claiming to be under attack by the Jem’Hadar.” As Doya turned to face Korrath, he delivered this news with a mix of urgency and concern.

Without missing a beat, Korrath moved to Doya’s side, even before the ensign had finished speaking. His voice took on a crisp, businesslike tone, “What’s our ETA at maximum warp?” “One hour,” Doya replied gravely, his attention shifting back to his commanding officer.

A question hung in the air, its weight pressing down on Korrath. “Is there another ship in closer proximity?” He asked, the gravity of the situation reflecting in his tone. Their vessel, the Phaesis, a nimble Raven Class starship, could MAYBE disable a Jem’Hadar fighter in a one-on-one encounter. However, time was of the essence, and every second could mean the difference between a successful rescue or a grim loss.

Anxiety gnawed at Korrath, twisting his stomach into an uncomfortable knot. He met the silence on the bridge with his own, contemplating the next move. Finally, he broke the silence, “Ensign, plot an intercept course, and engage when ready.” With his order delivered, he pivoted and moved towards the central command chair, sinking into it with the weight of responsibility.

He pressed the comm button embedded on the chair’s armrest, his voice cutting through the silence, stern and commanding. “=/\= Commander Gardner, Lieutenant Orzal, report to the bridge, please..=/\=.” He promptly ended the communication, letting the silence return to the bridge.

Leaning back into the chair, the seconds stretched into an eternity. In reality, it was only ten minutes before the doors to the bridge slid open to admit Daniel Gardner and Orzal Nejem. As they stepped onto the bridge, Korrath rotated his chair to face them. “Our mission will need to be postponed,” he began grimly. “We’ve received a distress call from a merchant freighter under attack by the Jem’Hadar. Lieutenant, awaken your security team and assume your station. When we’re 15 minutes out, initiate Red Alert and continuous sensor sweeps. Commander, I would appreciate your team preparing themselves for possible engagement.” His words hung heavy in the air, echoing the seriousness of their new mission. The SWORD team were not directly under his command, so all he could was ask.

Nejem responded immediately, nodding to show his understanding before briskly walking to his console. His fingers moved quickly across the controls, sending the command through the ship’s systems to rouse his security team. Daniel, on the other hand, merely offered a curt nod of acknowledgment. “Of course. I’ll see to that now,” he assured Korrath before turning on his heel and exiting the bridge. Their respective actions reflected the severity of the situation and the commitment to their duties.


  • From the meticulous practice of Kata to the precise adherence to schedule, the opening of this post gave me quite an understanding of Korrath’s inner personality. I could very much imagine then, when that distress call came in, the discomfort this deviation presented him. There was also of course the reality that the Phaesis is not exactly the most equipped vessel to fight off the Jem’Hadar. It’s going to be a very anxiety-filled hour as they work their way towards the merchant freighter. I will add I also very much liked the nascent star interlude. It was absolutely the sort of thing you could imagine Starfleet officers doing, and it added to the ambiance of the quiet, normal morning they were just about to be pulled out of.

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