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Part of USS Phaesis: Beneath the Tattered Flag and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

Heading? The Dominion

Bridge, USS Phaesis
15th March 2401
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Korrath called to the forward station, where his Executive Officer was sat, Cassana. She manned the Helm, but also took care of basic ship operations. Anything more complicated would be handed by Lieutenant Sirella, his Engineer. “Open a ship wide channel.” He called.

Cassana opened up the appropriate sub menu quickly. The tell-tale sound of the internal channel opening sounded. “Channel Open.” She responded.

“All Hands, prepare for departure.” he called out. Cassana didn’t need to be told, she closed the internal channel down.

Korrath glanced at Cassana, impressed by her efficiency. As the ship-wide channel closed, he surveyed the bridge, taking in the familiar faces of his crew members.

To his left, Lieutenant Junior Grade Nelot Mazar, one of an increasing number of Cardassians serving in Starfleet occupied the Science station. Beside him, Lieutenant Sirella, the skilled Engineer, prepared for their departure. On his right, Lieutenant Orzal Nejem, the Bajoran Chief Security and Tactical Officer, stood ready at his console. They were a cohesive team, each playing a crucial role in the ship’s operations.

Just as Korrath was about to initiate departure preparations, a figure entered the bridge, catching his attention. He turned his chair to face the newcomer.  “Permission to enter the bridge, Commander?”. Recognizing his old friend and the Officer in Charge of Task Unit Alpha, Commander Daniel Gardner, Korrath greeted him with a warm smile. “Permission granted, Commander Gardner. Please, join us,” he said, motioning towards the vacant chair next to Lieutenant Orzal.

Daniel nodded, returning the smile, and settled into the seat. Korrath shifted his focus back to the task at hand. “Commander, request clearance from Starbase 72 dock,” he instructed.

Cassana swiftly established a direct line to Docking Control. “=/\= Starbase Control, this is the Phaesis, requesting clearance for immediate departure.”

The response from Docking Control came promptly. “Phaesis, Docking Clearance granted,” the voice on the other end confirmed.

“Thank you, Starbase Control. Phaesis out,” Cassana acknowledged, closing the channel with practiced ease.

Korrath acknowledged the clearance with a nod, and his focus turned to Lieutenant Sirella. “Lieutenant, release all moorings.” He instructed. Before turning his gaze to the front. “Thrusters at station keeping, Commander.” He added to Cassana.

Lieutenant Sirella deftly manipulated the controls, overseeing the release of the docking clamps that held the Phaesis firmly in place. Once Cassana had confirmed the docking clamps had been released, she engaged the thrusters, directing the Phaesis out of the now open portal, leading into space.

The Phaesis glided through the expansive space dock doors, departing from the safety of its berth with a seamless grace. As the ship ventured into the boundless expanse of space, it maintained a steady course, its sleek form a testament to its impeccable design and engineering. Cassana, stationed at the forward station, relayed the reassuring news, her voice projecting confidence. “We have cleared the station perimeter,” she reported, her tone steady and composed.

Korrath leaned back in his chair, anticipating the mixture of apprehension and surprise his next order would evoke among the crew. Except for Commander Gardner, who, as the Officer in charge of the ground team, possessed more knowledge of the mission ahead. The rest of the bridge crew would likely be taken aback by their destination. Nonetheless, Korrath’s voice resonated with unwavering authority.

“Lay in a course,” he commanded. “for the Ciater Nebula. Maximum Warp.”

As he had anticipated, the mention of the Ciater Nebula sparked a mixture of excitement and trepidation among the crew. According the latest reports from the Fourth Fleet’s Intelligence Department, it now sat on the border of Dominion Controlled Space. Glances were exchanged between them.

Cassana’s heart skipped a beat as she contemplated the implications of their destination. The Ciater Nebula, shrouded within Dominion Controlled Space, carried a reputation for danger and uncertainty, at least according to the last reports that had circulated within the Fourth Fleet. The tension in the air was palpable, but Cassana knew that hesitation was a luxury they couldn’t afford. She took a deep breath, channeling her resolve to carry out her duties with precision and determination.

With swift keystrokes, she expertly inputted the course coordinates and adjusted the ship’s speed accordingly. The console displayed the calculated path, a daunting line stretching through the vast reaches of space toward the heart of the Ciater Nebula. Her fingers danced across the controls as she confirmed, “Course and speed laid in, Commander.”

“Engage.” Korrath said, giving the final command. Cassana tapped into the required key commands and the Phaesis responded, jumping into warp.

The silence that now enveloped the bridge felt unnaturally heavy, as if the air itself held its breath. The palpable tension was a reflection of the crew’s apprehension and unspoken questions. Sensing the need to address this mounting unease, Korrath spoke up, his voice cutting through the silence.

“Commander Gardner and I will be holding a briefing at fourteen hundred hours,” he announced, his gaze sweeping across the room. A quick glance at the wall chrono confirmed that the briefing was a couple of hours away. “Until then,” he continued, his tone steady and authoritative, “please keep your speculation to a minimum. It won’t help.”

The crew nodded in acknowledgment, their expressions a mix of curiosity, concern, and respect for their captain’s directive. The bridge returned to a state of controlled readiness, each crew member turning their attention back to their respective stations, their thoughts and questions momentarily set aside as they focused on the tasks at hand. The impending briefing would provide the answers they sought, and until then, they trusted in their captain’s leadership to guide them through the uncertainty that lay ahead.


  • And here we go! Getting to know the crew. I am VERY curious to see/know how the Cardassian officer and the Bajoran officer are going to relate to each other given the double whammy of Bajor occupation AND the Dominion War history. Korrath is very much all about building anticipation with his crew but also about holding them to a standard when it comes to speculation and rumors. Given the size of the Raven this crew is a good mix in a small area for some continued storytelling. Looking forward to more!

    May 24, 2023
  • Nice to see yet another Raven on its way to the frontline and look forward to seeing what challenges this small and diverse crew have to face both on board and from external threats.

    May 24, 2023