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Starbase Bravo: The Homefront

Though the station is over 180 light years from the Deneb Sector, it has been charged with helping the fleet gear up for its response to the Lost Fleet Crisis

Mission Description

Starbase Bravo is the Fourth Fleet’s headquarters, its largest and most important base of operations. Though the station is over 180 light years from the Deneb Sector, it has been charged with helping the fleet gear up for its response to the Lost Fleet Crisis. Throughout March 2401, the following priorities have been identified:

Repair and Resupply

Complete repairs and resupply for any operational starships underdoing the last stages of their maintenance following the Blood Dilithium, Sundered Wings, and Century Storm events to get them to the Deneb Sector as soon as possible.

a) Engineering and Operations crew will be busy getting these ships the patch jobs, fuel, supplies, and other items they need to be operational and shoved out of the drydocks.

b) Everyone will have friends or at least colleagues who are pressed into service aboard one of these ships, but your own Starbase Bravo characters themselves should stay put—we have another option for that later.

c) While there are others, the USS Hippocrates (NCC-73020) is an Olympic-class medical ship that is in the final stages of repairs. Her warp drive and deflector are both still inoperable, and she is a priority for SBB’s repair crews. Fixing Hippocrates is a great JP opportunity.

d) Medical crews will be busy replicating and assembling the correct supplies to fit out a hospital ship for dealing with Breen and Dominion-caused casualties, such as disruptor and polaron burns.

Secure the Base

Enact enhanced security screening procedures following Security Directive Sierra-Bravo-Zero, including detailed scans of all arriving Starfleet and civilian personnel. This includes deeper biometric scans than normal, along with mandatory blood tests, as was common during the Dominion War. No information has been given about why these changes have been implemented.

a) As Starbase Bravo is now on a war footing, critical areas will need to be secured by security, though no changelings would actually be detected.

b) The lives of everyone will be impacted by tighter security procedures, making it take longer to get into crowded areas (like the promenade) and critical areas (like operations).

Prepare the Hospital

Prepare Starbase Bravo’s medical facilities and guest quarters for possible refugee or patient influxes which would be expected if the Dominion push further into Federation space. While no patients have yet arrived from the Deneb Sector to Starbase Bravo itself, other facilities closer to that section have seen their resources tapped, and so SBB is now taking on patient and humanitarian loads from those other facilities.

a) While the station normally only operates one of its two hospital modules, both will need to be brought online once again for this situation.

b) Medical personnel and counselors will be working longer hours and see much more exotic illnesses, injuries, and psychological ailments from areas further afield than they would normally see.

Get to Deneb

Provide emergency short-term junior officer and cadet staffing aboard three Fourth Fleet vessels.

a) USS Caliburn, Sagan-class light explorer, VADM Beckett’s flagship, which will take about a week to reach Farpoint Station from Starbase Bravo where it will deliver several dozen runabouts. Starbase Bravo personnel would supplement in flight control roles during the journey, and then run runabout missions from Farpoint. (Getting characters to Deneb at the beginning of the Fleet Action.)

b) USS Susan B. Anthony, Sovereign-class exploratory cruiser, ADM Dahlgren’s flagship, which will take about two weeks to reach Farpoint Station, where it will deliver supplies and additional medical and engineering personnel. (Getting characters to Deneb at the middle of the Fleet Action.)

c) USS Exeter, a Constitution II-class cruiser and Fourth Fleet Academy Training ship, carrying a full training crew of cadets supervised by junior officers, which will take almost a month to reach Farpoint Station, where cadets will help upgrade and maintain Farpoint Station’s defense grid. (Getting characters to Deneb toward the end of the Fleet Action.)

About the Mission

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17 July 2023

Guided Steps

Starbase Bravo: The Homefront

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