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Part of USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered

USS Themis: Volleyed and Thundered

An old enemy returns and nothing will be the same again!

Mission Description

Ordered to return home ahead of the Frontier Day celebrations, the Odyssey Squadron are surprised by their new orders. After successfully completing a highly prolific diplomatic mission within the Delta Quadrant’s Swallow Nebula region, the deep space explorers are now turning back to the start. A trip through the Barzan Wormhole, some upgrades installed and noticeable crew changes leave the squadron feeling vulnerable as they are ordered to begin patrols of the Black Cluster. However, deep into their new mission, the squadron soon finds themselves face-to-face with an old enemy on the very doorstep of the Federation. With only one choice, Fleet Captain McCallister must lead his squadron to victory over the Dominion!

About the Mission

USS Themis
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17 June 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 27

USS Themis: Volleyed and Thundered

Banfield appreciated that it was Doctr Slyvexs who was now treating her. Since the Themis had arrived and started to beam the Bellerophon survivors over, she had been one of the last ones left. When they had been transported on board, she was pleased to see that Slyvexs had remained on the Themis [...]

13 June 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 22

USS Themis: Volleyed and Thundered

The sickbay research lab had never appeared so busy since Cambil took command of the Themis. Having quite a few of the other doctors in the squadron assembled here to assist in developing the ‘antidote’ was quite a sight. It hadn’t taken them that long to create it. Most of it was there based [...]

2 June 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 17

USS Themis: Volleyed and Thundered

“Gul Jacet, please meet Captain Cambil Bexa,” Hunsen introduced their guest to his commanding officer when she entered the observation lounge. Jacet, who had been seated at one end of the long table, rose to his feet and crossed the distance between the two of them and extended his hand towards [...]

28 May 2023

Volleyed and Thundered - 13

USS Themis: Volleyed and Thundered

Captain James Preston McCallister felt the weight of responsibility on his shoulders as he stood on the bridge of the USS Avenger, a Defiant-class starship. He had always known that being in command of a ship was not easy, but he never thought he would face a situation like this. The Avenger was in [...]