Part of USS Triton: Volleyed and Thundered and USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered

Volleyed and Thundered – 21

USS Triton (NCC-80106), Deneb Sector, Alpha Quadrant
Stardate: 78195.5
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Jonarom had never stepped onboard a Luna-class ship before (in fact, he hadn’t stepped on board many different classes), and as a result, he was highly impressed with the facilities on board the Triton. Compared to the Bellerophon, it was like a scientist’s true dream had come true. The young science officer, who had devised the squadron’s theta-band detection system, was now working with the others from across the squadron to develop a method of delivering the antidote for the metagenic weapon. 

Using one of the many laboratories on the Triton, the ‘Odyssey think tank’ (named to the group by Lieutenant Commander Jen) were assembling for the first time. They had met the night before for preliminary introductions and presented with the information they had so far on the antidote released by the Breen vessel. Feeling quite timid by those who were assembled, Jonarom wasn’t sure why he had been selected. He had even been told by Odyssey’s chief operations officer that Fleet Captain McCallister wanted to put him in charge of the project; however, concerns about others and their seniority were being shunned. Jonarom had been glad he hadn’t been nominated as the group leader. There were so many here that were experts in their fields. He was timid by them all.

First were those from the Triton: Commander Belire Kazlaf, the ship’s chief science officer and second officer. The Elaysian woman, who was currently bound to an anti-grav chair, was quite fierce in personality. She came across as stern, very professional and wasn’t too keen on engaging with Jonarom when they met the night before. She looked him up and down, almost inspecting him to see what made him so important to be considered by their squadron commander to lead this project. Jonarom soon realised that he wasn’t the only one who noticed that about her after hearing a few of her subordinates grumble about her in the mess hall while he was getting his breakfast.

With her was also Lieutenant Commander Jayshon, the ship’s chief engineer and one of the few Tamarians serving in Starfleet. He seemed friendlier than his colleague, but as he was the first Tamarian that Jonarom had met, he had yet to fully understand all of the metaphors he used in his speech when the universal translator was too slow to keep up. 

Another two members forming the think tank were Lieutenant Commanders Trev Brashlend and Abbej from the Themis. These two seemed more straightforward to get along with than their Triton counterparts. Abbej, the Boslic, was more approachable, and her relationship with Jen was apparent. The two had served on the Odyssey for a long time. Trev, on the other hand, wasn’t as argumentative as most Tellarites were. Instead, he was more interested in the problem and would use his focus on the issue instead of insulting someone. Jonarom had wished that T’Penni had joined him, but apparently, she wasn’t needed. 

“Okay, good morning, everyone. I hope you all have had time to review the data and are prepared with ideas on how we can replicate the Breen delivery system for the antidote,” Jen said, starting the meeting. They were all assembled around the flat-top cone-shaped console in the centre of the room. Holographic images were floating near to them of the various pieces of information that had been shared. 

“Without a doubt, the one thing that failed on the Breen’s system was them not preparing for them being so backlash against their organic components,” Kazlaf stated. “So whatever we develop, I would suggest we consider how we ensure every ship that uses bio-neural computer circuitry is protected.”

Trev agreed with a steady nod. “Yes, yes, that’s a good point, commander. Even if one part of the antidote is released onto any of our ships, we don’t know what it could do to the gel packs. A lattice network of force-fields around each compartment containing gel-packs would protect them from unnecessary exposure.”

Jen liked that idea and wrote it down on the PADD he held. “I think we would need to consider the other organic component to our ships,” He looked at Kazlaf. “Our crews.”

“Well, of course, that goes without saying, commander,” Kazlaf said as she crossed her arms. “I’m just not sure we have the time to build a theta-band device prototype that could deliver the antidote.”

“Why can’t we use the one we salvaged from the Breen?” Abbej asked the group. “Surely, we can repair it and adapt it to one of our ships?” 

Jayshon shook his head. “Gramble, his throat slit by his mistress,” He waved his hand off at that idea and took a moment to slowly respond so the translator worked. “That will leave us at a tactical disadvantage with only one ship using it.”

“Jayshon is right,” Jen said as he looked at the information before them. “If we want to use such a device, then any ship in the fleet should be able to use it, even our Cardassian allies.”

“Cardassian technology can be clumsy at being compatible with our technology, let alone Breen,” Trev stated as he scratched one of his tusks. 

“Wait,” Jen said as he pulled up a report from the Themis. “Didn’t we discover that the Cardassian ships with us have several systems of Dominion origin?”

Abbej confirmed his question. “You’re right, Lukiz; they may be able to adapt their system easier than we thought.”

“So, that still brings us back to the original problem,” Kazlaf stated as she pointed to the schematics of the Breen device they had recovered. “How do we go about building our own one that doesn’t kill our crew, our computer system and can be adapted for the Cardassians? I mean, none of us have ever built a theta-band device, and it would appear that’s the only way to deliver the antidote so quickly.”

Jonarom frowned and then taped something in his PADD. “Who’s to say we must use a theta-band device to deliver the antidote?”

Everyone turned to look at Jonarom and stared at him as if he had said something controversial. 

Jen smiled at him. “What do you mean, ensign?”

“Well, why does the delivery have to be theta-band based?” Jonarom almost repeated.

Uknare pointed to the hologram of the device. “As that’s how the Breen effectively delivered it.”

“And?” Jonarom questioned again. “None of us are experts on them, and from the sound of it, they cause a lot more issues for us.”

“So what would we use?” Jen challenged.

Jonarom pressed something on his PADD and activated his own floating hologram. “We use photon torpedoes.”

“Torpedoes?” Jayshon repeated. He then nodded. “Sokath, his eyes opened.”

Pleased he had one ally in the room, Jonarom continued his explanation. “The antidote is loaded into the warhead of our torpedoes, and the moment we believe a metagenic weapon has been released, Use the concussive force to start the reaction of counteracting what’s happening in the atmosphere.”

Jen smirked. “Our ships would have to adjust our shielding and structural integrity fields as they would have to fire them in a low orbit, and it would require multiple detonations.”

“It would work,” Kazlaf agreed reluctantly. 

Everyone else agreed too. They would still need to do some more work, but it was undoubtedly the safest way. Jen tapped his combadge. “Jen to the bridge.”

“Go ahead, Lukiz,” replied Commander Thaustin. “How’s it going down there?”

“We think we may have an idea, Thaustin,” Jen answered before realising how he had addressed the ship’s first officer in such a formal tone. He cleared his throat. “If you don’t mind, commander, informing Captain Canção, I would be grateful.”

“Certainly, commander, I will tell her, and that’s great news. We just heard from the Themis that the antidote is ready. It would seem Doctor Slyvexs and her team have worked throughout the night to prepare it. The captain will be with you shortly,” Thaustin said, noticing the change in Jen’s tone and use of his rank. 

“Thanks, Jen out.” The joined Trill tapped his combadge. “Okay, we may need a few more experts with us, but let’s get started with this plan.” He looked at Jonarom. “Ensign, lead us through your thoughts.”

Grinning, the young science officer started to share his idea on how they could adapt their torpedoes to deliver their rescue plan in case the Dominion Death Task Force took another swipe at one of their worlds.