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Part of USS Triton: Volleyed and Thundered and USS Odyssey: Volleyed and Thundered

Volleyed and Thundered – 10

USS Artume (NCC-83017), Hatelon system, Deneb Sector, Alpha Quadrant
Stardate: 75218.04 (March 2398 - Two Years Ago)
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A volley of phaser fire and a spread of quantum torpedoes illuminated the dark void of space. Unleashed from the USS Artume, their targets were the Breen raiders they were now facing off against. The exchange of fire was intense, with both sides expertly manoeuvring their ships to gain the upper hand. The Artume’s phasers were firing non-stop, the bright beams of energy smacking into each of the Breen frigates. Attempting to defend a remote trading outpost in the Hatelon system, the USS Artume would not give up. The battle between the two factions was intense, with both sides sustaining significant damage. Despite sustaining considerable damage to its hull and shields, the Artume held its own against the Breen frigates. The crew worked tirelessly to keep their ship operational. Suddenly, a Breen raider made a daring move and rammed into the Artume’s hull, causing severe damage and leaving the ship vulnerable. The situation looked bleak, with only one Breen ship left in the fight and the Artume losing power to its weapons. The captain had sustained severe injuries and was taken to sickbay, while the senior staff were either incapacitated or dead.

In the face of this dire situation, Lieutenant Junior Grade Thaustin found himself in command. He quickly assessed the situation and worked with the remaining junior bridge crew to devise a plan.

“We need to act fast and decisively,” Thaustin stated. The young lieutenant was not the best when it came to interstellar tactics. He was only the Gamma Shift Officer of the Watch (where nothing rarely happened), and when he wasn’t doing that job, he was the assistant chief diplomatic officer. However, the latter had changed since he had just seen his department head be thrown across the bridge as their station blew up in their face. Walking over to the tactical station, Thaustin knew enough to be able to read what the sensors were telling him. “The remaining Breen ship has lost power to its engines but still has weapons. We need to disable it before they can do any more damage.”

“But how can we do that without our weapons?” Ensign Patel asked from the helm.

Thaustin felt his hands shaking as he continued to work out the best way forward for them to win this day. So many people were counting on it. If the Artume were lost, Breen mercenaries would overrun the outpost. He wasn’t prepared to allow that to happen. 

“We’ll have to send a computer virus into their systems,” Thaustin replied after he noticed that the Breen’s defences were also heavily damaged.

“But their systems are highly advanced,” Ensign Patel added. “Breen’s” We’llHow can we create a virus that can penetrate them?”

“We’ll have to work together and come up with a plan,” Thaustin said. “We don’t have much time, but I know we can do this.”

The crew worked tirelessly to create a virus that could penetrate the Breen’s computer systems. Finally, after several tense moments, they succeeded. The virus took hold, and the Breen raider was disabled, allowing the Artume to take its crew into custody. The moment Patel announced that the Breen ship was powerless and they could start beaming them into their brig, Thaustin gave out a massive sigh of relief. 

USS Bellerophon (NCC-74705), en route to Divinum, Deneb Sector, Alpha Quadrant

Stardate: 78194.2 (Present Day)

“And that’s the first time I found myself in the centre chair in the middle of a battle,” Thaustin shared with a smirk. “I vowed on that day never to let my lack of experience be a barrier to being able to deal with any crisis I found myself in.”

“Remarkable,” Commander Kazlaf muttered in a dry unimpressed tone. The Elaysian science officer had not diverted her attention away from her console while the first officer shared his incredible tale. Though she had nothing against Thaustin personally, she didn’t think much of anyone who used a lot of bravado to impress others.  

Hearing her comment, Thaustin looked over to Kazlaf. “Come on, Belire; you must have a treasure trove of moments in your career that you can share with the rest of us?”

“Yes, please, commander, I’d be most interested in your recounts,” spoke Ensign Andar from the helm. One of Andar’s scarlet-eye stems moved to show they were now focusing on the helm readouts and his superior officer.

“Did you serve in the Dominion War, commander?” Lieutenant Lonar asked from behind Thaustin. The young Cardassian woman was standing at the tactical station that arched around the command pit. 

Kazlaf shot a look at the lieutenant. “I’m not that old, Natima,” she replied, emphasising that she was much younger than presumed. “I joined Starfleet almost a decade after the war ended. I was only eleven when hostilities ended. Thankfully, my homeworld was not affected by it.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am, I didn’t mean to suggest that you were-” Lonar started to stumble out with her words of apologies but was interrupted by Thaustin.

The first officer had suppressed a chuckle at the exchange between the science officer and security/tactical officer. “I’m sure Commander Kazlaf wasn’t insulted by that, lieutenant.” He looked at Kazlaf with a look that said, ‘I get you’re pissed at her, but let’s keep morale in a good place before we go into battle’.

Getting the hint and realising having their security and tactical chief nervous before a possible huge battle ahead was not a good idea, Kazlaf sighed and told the Cardassian woman to forget it before returning to her readings. She adjusted her exoskeleton support frame before tapping away at the holographic controls. 

The captain’s ready room door then opened. Captain Rio Canção stepped out with Counsellor Naef-Oron behind her. The tall, bulky Brikar appeared to swap quiet pleasantries with his superior as they moved across the bridge towards where Thaustin was sitting in his chair. Thaustin enjoyed spending time with the counsellor. He found Brikars so fascinating. Their unique exoskeleton structure was one notable physical attribute that made them stand out against other races. In addition, their rugged, chitinous exterior provided exceptional protection against physical harm, making them a formidable force in battle. They were also known for their incredible strength and agility, which allowed them to move quickly and efficiently in any environment. With their keen senses and sharp mind, the Brikarians were a force to be reckoned with. However, Oron’s personality was the complete opposite of his actual physical prowess. Though he was sharp-minded, his soul was gentle. He was kind and caring. It was rare not to see him without a smile. Everyone on the ship adored him for his generosity and devotion to his job. Many sought his wisdom; he knew how to make someone feel safe—the perfect counsellor. 

“Report?” Canção asked as she stopped just before her chair.

“We’re almost in the Divinum system, ma’am. All hands report ready,” Thaustin replied.

Carefully she sat down, and at the same time, so did Oron. “Okay, everyone, listen up. The moment we drop out of warp and come into contact with whatever awaits us, I want you to keep your focus, keep your heads in the game and ensure you’re ready for anything.” She looked at Oron and smiled before finishing her little pep talk. “You can do this; I know you can, so let’s ensure we remain calm and do our best.”

A series of ‘ayes’ rang through the bridge from everyone else. 

Thaustin leant into Canção, “Great speech, ma’am; it almost gave me a shiver.” He whispered.

Oron did the same on the other side, “Thaustin’s right, very moving, captain.”

“Oh shut up, you two,” She murmured as she straightened her back, ready for Andar to announce their arrival.


  • Never presume a lady's age. Never had that been more true that with a Cardassian. It was a nice lighter moment wedged between the trials of war and the nerves of what is to come. The highlight of this post was definitely the flashback though. Intense odds and intense moments, with a creative solution. Gives us a hint of the multi-faceted way in which Thaustin solves problems, as well as some backstory to how he got his first moment in the big chair. I appreciate the flashbacks every time you do them.

    May 21, 2023
  • Thaustin is something else, he seems like the bragging type which seems to annoy Kazlaf. She was trying to do her work and with everyone bugging her she snapped at someone presuming her age, though it wasn't intended how it sounded though it did come across that way. I like how Thaustin just gave her a look and she somewhat apologizes even if she actually didn't say the words. Great Job at painting the scene here!

    May 31, 2023
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