USS Endeavour: Valley of Dying Stars

A new assignment. New leadership. Endeavour squadron must contend with more than internal politics, but the question of their true purpose, their true duty: to hunt enemies in the shadows, or light a beacon in the darkness?

Mission Description

The eyes are not here
There are no eyes here
In this valley of dying stars
In this hollow valley
This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

– ‘The Hollow Men,’ T.S. Eliot

A month after Endeavour was assigned to the squadron under Fleet Captain Jericho’s command, much has changed. Their duties have turned far more to shoring up Federation borders than reaching beyond them, and however much Jericho pushes, Captain Rourke seems only to fold and take it. How far will the crew bend before they break?

‘Valley of Dying Stars’ is a mission for Endeavour Squadron, and stories occur across the multiple commands and ships. The complete story order, with their associated command and links, are as follow:

Chapter 1 (Endeavour)
Chapter 2 (Triumph)
Chapter 3 (Endeavour)
Chapter 4 (Nighthawk)
Chapter 5 (Endeavour)
Chapter 6 (Triumph)
Chapter 7 (Nighthawk)
Chapter 8 (Endeavour)
Chapter 9 (Triumph)

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About the Mission

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30 April 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 8

USS Endeavour: Valley of Dying Stars

‘…and he cared more about getting some old friend off the hook than I’ve seen him care about anything to do with the people living in this sector!’ Kharth knew she was in danger of wearing a hole in Endeavour’s deck as she stalked back and forth in her office, but the idea of calming down [...]

14 April 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 5

USS Endeavour: Valley of Dying Stars

With Cortez gone, even with Valance gone, Kharth had nobody to complain to she trusted to listen or sit still long enough, so she ambushed Airex at breakfast in the Safe House, pulling up the chair opposite his with a curt, ‘I’m joining you.’ He looked up from stirring his tea and blinked. [...]

1 April 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 3

USS Endeavour: Valley of Dying Stars

One of Shepherd’s first acts aboard as XO had been, in Kharth’s opinion, a gross overreach. ‘I’m asking to ride shotgun on some shifts and training, Commander,’ Shep had said in bemusement at the resistance. ‘Not take over the department.’ ‘What this department doesn’t need, [...]

21 March 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 1

USS Endeavour: Valley of Dying Stars

The roaring descent of the shuttle Lancelot tore the clear blue sky in two with heat and flames and metal. ‘We’re coming in way too hot.’ Kharth’s grasp on the control panel turned white-knuckled as she watched the readings spill on the shuttle’s sensors. ‘We’re supposed to come in [...]