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Part of USS Endeavour: Valley of Dying Stars

USS Triumph: Valley of Dying Stars

Newly assigned to the USS Triumph, Isa Cortez begins to realise the tight-knit crew has skeletons in their closet. But just how dark are they, and how far back do they stretch?

Mission Description

The eyes are not here
There are no eyes here
In this valley of dying stars
In this hollow valley
This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

– ‘The Hollow Men,’ T.S. Eliot

A month after Endeavour was assigned to the squadron under Fleet Captain Jericho’s command, much has changed. Their duties have turned far more to shoring up Federation borders than reaching beyond them, and however much Jericho pushes, Captain Rourke seems only to fold and take it. How far will the crew bend before they break?

‘Valley of Dying Stars’ is a mission for Endeavour Squadron, and stories occur across the multiple commands and ships. The complete story order, with their associated command and links, are as follow:

Chapter 1 (Endeavour)
Chapter 2 (Triumph)
Chapter 3 (Endeavour)
Chapter 4 (Nighthawk)
Chapter 5 (Endeavour)
Chapter 6 (Triumph)
Chapter 7 (Nighthawk)
Chapter 8 (Endeavour)
Chapter 9 (Triumph)

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About the Mission

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3 May 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 9

USS Triumph: Valley of Dying Stars

‘I’m not trying to be an asshole here.’ Jericho paused, bottle of beer halfway to his lips, and raised a finger. ‘I know. Folks who’re being assholes are the ones who say that.’ Dimitri Isakov grinned toothily and shrugged. ‘I was not going to say a word.’ ‘People died. The [...]

26 April 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 6

USS Triumph: Valley of Dying Stars

‘That’s good. That’s very good.’ Chief Engineer Commander Isakov gave a toothy smile as the pool-table display in main engineering lit up with positive diagnostic results. ‘The hull took a pounding, but there she is, good as new.’ Cortez, however, sucked her teeth. ‘On a basic [...]

29 March 2023

Valley of Dying Stars - 2

USS Triumph: Valley of Dying Stars

‘Looks good from here.’ Runabout cockpits weren’t designed for people like her, thought the five foot-and-a-sneeze tall Commander Cortez, leaning across the control panel to get a better look at the sensor reading. She could have adjusted her chair, but she’d only moved to this station to [...]