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USS Sarek (Archive): Can’t Pakled a Horse to Water

While studying gormaganders in the Typhon Expanse, the USS Sarek is besieged by a Pakled clumpship!

Mission Description

Since the earliest days of 2401, the energy readings from spatial anomalies across the Typhon Expanse have increased far beyond all of Starfleet’s sensor logs.  Solar winds have whipped up a hurricane of alpha particles, attracting hungry, hungry gormaganders into a feeding frenzy.  The crew of the USS Sarek have taken this opportunity to study these endangered beings and to ferry them to a sanctuary.

However, the Sarek soon finds herself positioned between the gormaganders and a pack of hungry, hungry Pakleds.  Only Task Force 17’s own USS Reliant can come to rescue!

“Can’t Pakled a Horse to Water” is a crossover mission between USS Sarek and USS Reliant, and stories occur between both ships. The complete story order, with their associated command and links, are as follow:

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

5 April 2023

Can't Pakled A Horse To Water - 3

USS Sarek (Archive): Can't Pakled a Horse to Water

Previously on USS Reliant: Diplomatic Whales   “Captain’s Log, Stardate 78171.5   “Our distress call has been answered by the USS Reliant, a starship with far greater tactical capabilities than our own Sutherland-class research cruiser.  As soon as Captain Walker came to the [...]

8 March 2023

Can't Pakled A Horse To Water - 2

USS Sarek (Archive): Can't Pakled a Horse to Water

“–by combining the sensor logs from eleven starships in Task Force 17, I was able to analyse the macroscale changes in solar winds patterns across the Typhon Expanse,” said newly-promoted Lieutenant Junior Grade T’Kaal.   Standing at the mid-point of the conference table, the science [...]

5 March 2023

Can't Pakled A Horse To Water - 1

USS Sarek (Archive): Can't Pakled a Horse to Water

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 78170.9,   “In light of every stellar phenomenon across the Typhon Expanse radiating energy at record-breaking levels, the USS Sarek has been enlisted to aid the Zakdorn’s Altaremma Refuge in the protection of non-atmospheric organisms.  To aid us in this [...]