Part of USS Sarek (Archive): Sea Lion Cave

USS Olympic (Archive): Sea Lion Cave

Following her refit, the USS Olympic was launched with a twin sister, the USS Sarek. Togther, they're drawn into the spiral of mystery inside the Dyson Sphere!

Mission Description

Before Blood Dilithium, before the USS Briagdoon, before the Olympic‘s fateful Encounter at Ullho, Captain Taes was entrusted with command of Sarek Squadron.  While the USS Sarek has embarked on solving science mysteries, the USS Olympic served as a mobile academic conference and embassy for the Romulan Free State scientists who served across both ships.

In their first joint mission, Sarek Squadron has been assigned to explore the Dyson Sphere first discovered by Starfleet in 2369.  They weren’t the first Starfleet explorers to search the sphere, nor will they be the last.

“Sea Lion Cave” is a Sarek Squadron mission told through stories occurring across the USS Sarek and the USS Olympic.  The complete story order, with their associated command, is in the links below:

Prologue (Sarek)

Part One (Olympic)

Part Two (Sarek)

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About the Mission

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4 February 2023

Sea Lion Cave - 1

USS Olympic (Archive): Sea Lion Cave

There was a certain catharsis that came from falling off the roof of the runabout. She should have anticipated the fall.  Her ankle had threatened her with a wobble all morning.  Draia’s footing had felt uncertain from the first step out of the runabout’s hatch.  Her bones could [...]