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Aboard the USS Olympic, Starfleet and the Romulan Free State climb the unknowable heights of scientific innovation through collaboration and competition!

USS Olympic (Archive)

Fourth Fleet

As a research cruiser assigned to Task Force 17 of the Fourth Fleet, the USS Olympic conducts independent research, hosts academic conferences, and publishes the Olympic Journal. Given the constant flow of academic visitors to the starship, it offers the experience of an interstellar cruise ship, with wide corridors and an extensive array of lounges and holosuites. As a founding member of Sarek Squadron, the Olympic’s primary mission is exploring avenues to a lasting peace between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Free State through scientific exploration. To this end, more than half of the starship’s science department are civilian scientists from the Romulan Free State.

Given the high level of sophisticated automation aboard the titular Olympic-class starship, Commander Elbon Jakkelb commands a relatively-small, relatively-inexperienced Starfleet operational crew. The commanding officer of Sarek Squadron, Captain Taes, offers mission oversight to the Olympic in joint consultation with Science Minister Flavia ir-Llantrisant of the Romulan Free State.

Mission parameters include:

– Independent research across every scientific speciality within its science labs and sensor analysis suites

– Hosting and curating academic conferences between the United Federation of Planet, the Romulan Free State and other scientific agencies across the galaxy

– Providing ferry and escort service to Romulan Free State scientists crossing Federation space to access the Typhon Frontier

– Serving as the editorial board of the Olympic Journal publication

– Limited missions of scientific exploration in the Typhon Expanse, with oversight from the USS Sarek, or within the Romulan Free State, with oversight from the relevant government agencies

Content on this command is rated at 222 on the RPG Ratings Scale, per the Bravo Fleet Content Policy. Limited swearing, violence and sexual content may be present. It is intended for audiences aged 17 and up.

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25 April 2023

Diffuse Memory - 2

USS Olympic (Archive): Diffuse Memory

The sound of the life support systems was all Holmgren could hear.  Most days, it offered a soothing, if forgettable, white noise.   On this day, the sound of cycling air washed over Holmgren with all the intensity of river rapids.  His gaze had become lost somewhere in the middle distance; the [...]

15 April 2023

Diffuse Memory - 1

USS Olympic (Archive): Diffuse Memory

An opportunity to showcase one’s credentials as a leader rarely came as swiftly as this had for the newly minted executive officer of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 17. But here he was, marching through the corridors of power aboard the headquarters for the group, absentmindedly tapping a data [...]

7 March 2023

Go back whence thou camest

USS Olympic (Archive): Encounter at Ullho

Dashing out of his retreat in the captain’s ready room, Holmgren was still brushing crumbs out of his goatee when his boots were trodding across the purple carpet.  He held a small espresso cup and he slurped the last of its ambrosia, hoping not to burn his tongue in his haste. Urgently, [...]

4 February 2023

Sea Lion Cave - 1

USS Olympic (Archive): Sea Lion Cave

There was a certain catharsis that came from falling off the roof of the runabout. She should have anticipated the fall.  Her ankle had threatened her with a wobble all morning.  Draia’s footing had felt uncertain from the first step out of the runabout’s hatch.  Her bones could [...]