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USS Olympic (Archive): Encounter at Ullho

The crew of the USS Olympic has been assembled, but are they the best and the brightest or are they Captain Taes' island of misfit toys?

Mission Description

Following a refit of the starship’s deflector and holographic systems in 2400, the USS Olympic was assigned to Sarek Squadron in Task Force 17.  At the tail-end of the Olympic‘s shakedown, the Starfleet operational crew are gradually assembled for their inaugural mission.

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7 March 2023

Go back whence thou camest

USS Olympic (Archive): Encounter at Ullho

Dashing out of his retreat in the captain’s ready room, Holmgren was still brushing crumbs out of his goatee when his boots were trodding across the purple carpet.  He held a small espresso cup and he slurped the last of its ambrosia, hoping not to burn his tongue in his haste. Urgently, [...]

21 January 2023

In Awe of Its Size and Complexity

USS Olympic (Archive): Encounter at Ullho

The countdown had begun.  On the holographic LCARS display projected from the curved workstation, numerals began to count down from ninety.  In the systems monitor room, especially, the red and grey holo-interface was eye-catching in its brightness.  Beyond the workstation and [...]

29 December 2022

The Great Unexplored Mass of the Galaxy

USS Olympic (Archive): Encounter at Ullho

The dress uniform did something to him.  Lieutenant Commander Ache almost didn’t recognize him until he approached within ten metres of her.  Something about the red and black formal-wear gave Lieutenant Calumn an extra sashay to his hips as he closed the distance between them. Given [...]

27 December 2022

Short in Several Key Positions

USS Olympic (Archive): Encounter at Ullho

The impatient chiming from an incoming hail were already waiting for Holmgren when he stepped into the ready room.  On this morning, that noise sounded like a crying baby and, just like a crying baby he knew to be safe and well-fed, the sound gave Holmgren no impetus to hurry. Holmgren [...]